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About us

LiveDune is a multi-purpose social media management platform designed to consolidate analytics from across your social networks and make life that little bit easier. Not only that, but using official social media APIs, LiveDune is completely secure for every account.

We have been collecting social media statistics for our clients since 2014 and serve thousands of clients from bloggers and e-shops to big agencies and brands.

How we work

There are many professionals working behind the scenes at LiveDune, helping you to make social media magic. Here's an idea of how our teams work:

• Programmers: our tech wizards work hard to deliver a smooth service with regular platform updates.
• Tech support: working with our developers, this team is always on hand to solve any user issues.
• Content team: our writers keep our users informed with creative blog articles on social media.
• Accounts: this department is dedicated to monitoring your transactions and ensuring total security.
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