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Simple dashboard for analytics and reporting on social media

social media analytics
Competitor tracking

Learn about
your competitors

LiveDune enables you to understand competitors’ performance on social media from multiple angles. Learn their successes and mistakes and move faster.
top social media sites
Boost content

Make your posts
work harder

LiveDune is a comprehensive toolkit for measuring the impact of your content. Benefit from competitor analysis, find the right influencers, and come up with fresh ideas.
social media monitoring
Improve reports

Create beautiful reports
to your team or clients

Improve the way you report on your social media performance. Customise, schedule and automate your social reports in PowerPoint, Excel, and PDF at the click of a button.
More features

Other functions
in analysis app

User-friendly graphs
With descriptive guides and intuitive controls, you'll understand every metric on our user-friendly interface.
Paid posts
Understand how your promoted posts impacted your performance across metrics.
Tags and Mentions Analytics
Understand how your brand
or profile is being mentioned
on social networks.
Cross-network analytics
Aggregated data across all your accounts in all social media in one simple dashboard.
Engagement insights
Understand how your posts impact your engagement and grow your brand presence.
LiveDune is completely secure, officially connecting with social networks and never requesting passwords.
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Analytics by network

Optimize your social efforts for greater impact

Track trends in followers, engagement or hashtags. Measure impact from stories and paid posts. Compare your performance with your competitors.
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Study views and followers and improve your engagement. Understand category trends and compare your performance with your competitors.
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Check reactions to your posts and identify the most effective tweets. Analyze and plan your campaigns with LiveDune data.
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Analyze growth of your subscribers, their views, demographics and engagement. Improve your content and your results.
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Our clients say

We use LiveDune dashboard every day for analysis of top competitive posts. With nice visual graphics for every metric it is a great tool for our social marketing.
Sarah Martinez
With LiveDune we markedly improved performance of our Instagram marketing. We get more active followers, more likes and comments and more clicks on our shop.
Liz Harris
General Manager
LiveDune competitive reporting dashboard produces great analysis for my clients.
William Normandy
Head of Growth
I use LiveDune analytics tool for competitive monitoring and reporting.
Robert Candor
Social Media Specialist
The monitoring, analysis and reporting optimizer tool for own and competitive accounts helped us to get to the top of our category.
Robert Jones
We work with LiveDune analytics for monitoring and reporting competitive activity and use tools to bring our posts to the top by key metrics.
Charles Johnson
Digital Marketing Manager
LiveDune optimizer tracks every important metric and produces great graphics to identify top posts.
Nathan Blues
Account executive
A great social media optimizer with a dashboard for monitoring and analysis.
Hannah Mercia
Social Media Specialist

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