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Applications for captions on Instagram photos

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June 18, 2020
A carefully chosen phrase in a photo will allow any image to stand out from the rest, and emphasize and briefly outline the essence of the account so that the user is interested and read the posts. This is used by many bloggers and commercial accounts, filling out their feed and stories for Instagram.
swag captions for instagram
The word or phrase you choose depends only on your imagination. The appearance, font and other design elements - from a well-chosen application for adding text to photos - will evoke feelings of beauty.
We made a handpicked selection of the 3 best apps: each of them is unique and not similar to the previous one, so you can choose ones that suit your needs the best.

Word Swag App

Has In-App Purchases

You can apply standard edits to the text in the app: change the font (the number is limited for the Cyrillic alphabet), tilt, colour, colour saturation (make it translucent). Word Swag additionally offers many stock images that you can use for the background instead of your own photos.
The application word swag has its own filters, which allow you to adjust the image, including lightening or darkening the picture and apply blur. You can choose different formats based on the placement of the text. For example, for an Instagram feed a square format is required, for stories 9:16, other formats for pins on Pinterest, or posts on Facebook, etc.
swag captions for instagram
The main drawback of the Word Swag app is that it is paid for Android users and is limited by free functionality for iOS. For example, the largest number of unique fonts is available only in the paid version of iOS. Also, you cannot remove the application watermark or add your own. One of the main disadvantages is that in the free version you can add only one item of text for a signature. The free testing period is 7 days.

Over App

Has In-App purchases

The app Over specializes only in adding text to photos. The standard version has a limited tool package. The extended (paid) version of the Over application includes filters, a large font library, the ability to customize blend modes and layer styles.
Over App

Desyne App

Has In-App purchases

The Desyne app differs from others in that in addition to adding text to the photo, you can use various templates that add a twist to your layout. Additionally, you can use stock images. As well as adding text to the photo, you can choose a ready-made text, for example: Happy Birthday or Have a nice day! The text can be changed in size, font and color. The application has ready-made icons and stickers that can also be added to the layout for free.
Desyne App
The downside of the Desyne app is that most templates must be paid for. The free trial period of the full version of the application is 3 days.

Front Candy App


In the application Front Candy, text can be added to the photo without restrictions, and you can change its size, tilt, color and font (for the Cyrillic alphabet the number of fonts is limited), as well as for signature for captions. Additionally, in the application many elements for text design are available: ready-made thematic labels, arrows, geometric shapes, icons, etc.
The Front Candy app also allows you to use many stock photos for free. Images can be edited: darkened and lightened, blur applied. The format can be selected for the chosen publication, including for Instagram (post and stories).
Front Candy App
The main drawback of the application is its inconvenient interface and lack of templates that work with non-latin alphabets.

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Why does the text on an Instagram photo matter?
A carefully chosen caption on the picture allows the photo to stand out, briefly emphasizing the essence of the account, and interests the viewer to tap on the post and read it.
What applications can I use to apply text edits to the photo?
Word Swag App lets you play with fonts, colors, and filters. The application offers a set of stock images that you can use for the background instead of your own.
How to select the right caption for the photo?
It depends on your imagination and the theme of your blog. Remember to stay on-brand, and keep in mind that the overall appearance, font, and other elements should fit together.