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Awesome Design Tools to Create Stunning Visuals for Your Digital Content

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September 6, 2020

Photo editing tools

1. Google Photos

Google Photos is a free online/offline software that serves a cosy smart home for all your photo and video content for the website. Aside from automatically organizing your library, Google Photos securely backs up your photos and videos for free in high quality so you won't have to worry about running out of space on your phone. The pics you take while offline will back up when you reconnect to a Wi-Fi or mobile network. Also, with amazing editing tools, you can make your pics come to life.
ad creation tool

2. BeFunky

It's an online/offline editing and graphic design software that provides tools that are easy to use for people without any special background or technical expertise and help in creating amazing photographs and professional-looking designs. You can try it out for free when selecting a basic plan or activate a pro account ($2.91/month, billed yearly and $4.95/month, billed monthly).
software for making advertisement
With BeFunky you can design collages, invitations, and business cards. The process is as easy as ever: upload the photo, edit, save, and share. So let loose and BeFunky!

3. iPiccy

iPiccy offers free online photo editing and graphic design for your business' website. The designer tab provides you with lots of tools and free templates needed in making your content marketing strategy stand out.
design your digital website now
iPiccy's mission is to let you express yourself most creatively regardless of your professional background, and if you're passionate about all things art, this app is designed exactly for you.

4. Fotor

Free online/offline photo editor and creator that allows you to design social media headers, advertisement posts, banners in a few easy clicks. The app is user-friendly and globally accessible. Fotor not only provides you with all the tools needed for content creation but also supports international photographic competitions.
design it online

5. Quozio

Quozio can be used as a powerful marketing tool for your website. Any time you come up with a phrase that seems legendary or would serve as a memorable advertisement, Quozio aka miracle creator will help you turn it into a brilliant image.
best software to create video ads offline

6. QuotesCover

This free quote image maker will significantly impact your marketing strategy in the best way possible. QuotesCover allows you to rule the process of designing your quotes making them into beautiful images that you can easily share online and use in your videos refreshing your content and boosting engagement with the audience as well as raising traffic from the website.
online content page design creator

7. Photovisi

Photovisi is a free and easy photo collage maker, a fantastic digital marketing tool that helps designing image collages and e-cards. All you need to do is choose a design, add photos, save and share. It's fine if you don't have any creative background because creating without restrictions is the simplest way to get amazing results. Let yourself feel the spirit of a creator.
digital marketing background online create

8. PhotoCollage

PhotoCollage free collage creator lets you create the best collages easily using the power of your imagination. Just select needed pics, drag them onto online canvas, choose the template, add captions/decorate your collage, and voila! Now you can use perks of living in the digital world and share your masterpiece with the followers.
digital marketing background online create

9. Pagemodo

Create and edit your advertisements, Fb cover photos, reach your audience with simplified marketing tools, and optimize digital marketing strategy using user-friendly analytics. Pagemodo offers everything you need for a powerful social media presence for $6.25/month (basic tariff), $13.25/month (Pro tariff).
online ad maker

10. Awesome Screenshots

Online and offline screenshot capturer, creator, editor, and sharer. This app is probably the easiest way to communicate with images. You can take screenshots, permanently store them, get specific feedback, and share your screenshots with others.
online designer tool

11. Simple Image Resizer

Free photo editor that will help you do exactly that, resize your pictures. If you want to raise engagement on your social media you might wanna reorganize your digital marketing strategy and incorporate cool video advertisements and high-quality photos into it. That's why resizing pictures is important.
online designing tools

12. Picresize

Free online photo editing tool to cut your pictures down to scale. You just have to upload your photo to the website, select the desired size, apply the editing tools, choose the format you want your image to be saved in, and watch it happen.

13. Lensa: Photo Editor

It's a brand new way of making your selfies look better. Here you can perfect your skin, make your eyes pop, adjust the background, and apply editing instruments. This app (which you can use offline) will help in making high-quality digital content for the website and SM boosting traffic and engagement. Whether you think of yourself as a digital creator or content maker this app was made for you.
Lensa: Photo Editor

14. Prisma Photo Editor

The purpose of this online/offline app is to create amazing digital content for the website or social media. Imagine if you could create advertisements nobody wants to skip. Prisma turns regular pics into something unbelievable and even your background can look artsy.
Prisma Photo Editor

15. Tezza

It's time to make your digital content pop even if you're offline! This app is a beauty maker that can turn any advertisement into a work of art. You can start designing a brand new marketing strategy for your website and social media using simple editing instruments and lovely presets.

16. Afterlight - Photo Editor

This app is a perfect content maker software that works even offline and helps in designing photos for your brand's website or social media. Digital marketing is a very competitive field but these filters are designed by professional photographers, there gonna be a boost in a digital marketing strategy.
Afterlight - Photo Editor

Design and Layout

17. Canva

It is a graphic design software that allows people to create presentations, posters, social media graphics, etc. and works both on and offline. What's so great about this platform is that it's available both in desktop and mobile versions. You can join on a free tariff that offers over 8,000 templates, 100+ design types along with tons of free photos and graphics. Or you can activate a pro account ($9.95/month, billed annually or $12.95/month, billed monthly) if you need custom templates that'll help create your brand's visual identity.
A huge variety of fabulous layouts makes Canva one of the best free design tools for digital marketing creators and awakens your inner artist.

18. Giphy

Giphy is an online/offline database and creator of the best and newest GIFs and animated stickers. It's a lifesaver in a digital era that is capable of refreshing any written content and setting a lovely tone to the company and customer conversations. Want to create and design your gif for the advertisement campaign or enhance traffic from the website? Easy peasy lemon squeezy, here's the guide:

  • Go to Giphy.com and click Create
  • Add the link of the video you want to turn into a gif
  • Select the needed part of the video and choose the length
  • Decorate your gif, write a caption

Congrats! You've just created something cool. Also, you can add hashtags to your gif, it's an optional step but it's great if you want people to find it and share across the internet.
What's so amazing about Giphy is that it's not just colorful visuals but a great way to demonstrate your sense of humor and connect with the audience.

19. Adobe Spark

If your goal is to create eye-catching social graphics and advertisements in a few clicks, you're in for a treat. With Adobe Spark online/offline software you don't have to be a professional designer to get inspired and design a masterpiece that will make your company's website stand out and be the diamond among stones.
Adobe Spark
The graphic design tool's website welcomes you with the promise of making the creative process fun, fast, and easy. You can try it out for free so might as well start right now.

20. Makeagif

More Gifs! It is free online software that will make your fantasies come true. With Makeagif you can design and create any Gif your heart desires. Do you want to convert YouTube's video into a gif? Check. Facebook video? Check. Webcam, pictures, videos? Yes, this tool allows you to make gifs out of anything.
And here you thought that to be a digital creator you desperately need a professional background.

21. MemeCenter

There is probably not one person alive who doesn't enjoy funny memes and laughing till it hurts. MemeCenter is a free meme and gif maker website that offers you a once in a lifetime opportunity, to enhance engagement with the audience, attract new followers, and make laugh out loud those you already have. Only 3 steps separate you from designing a successful marketing strategy: creating, posting, and sharing your content.
What's a better way to create a catchy advertisement without annoying your customers than to crack people up. Oh, and there's a Memecenter app so you could access it offline.

22. Logaster

It's a logo maker software that helps businesses in designing and making a strong online presence of your website. To create an unforgettable logo you need to follow a pretty simple guide:

  • Enter your brand name and click Create
  • Select a logo design
  • Explore the possibilities of the editing tools
  • Save your design
It's great software for the businesses that are starting, the price range depends on the product.

23. Free Logo Design

The name speaks volumes, it's a free online logo software designed for making professional-looking logos for a website, business cards, etc. So don't worry if you can't afford a designer or don't have any background in this area because if you have certain ideas in mind and even if you don't, this app will help you in making an extraordinary logo.
Free Logo Design
Choose a name for your business, select a template (btw, the collection is impressive), customize your logo, download your design in high resolution for $59.

24. Imgflip

Imgflip is a free gif and meme website and graphics maker or simply put a paradise for those who are in love with designing amazing stuff. Just a few easy steps and you can capture your perfect moment in a gif and turn your website into a very fun place:

  • Upload a video or enter a link
  • Choose time frames
  • Customize your gif with caption and other tools
  • Share what you've come up with

25. Gifmaker.me

There's no such thing as too many gifs, right? This animated gifs, slideshows, and video creator software is designed exactly for you to free your inner art guru and come up with the best ideas for digital marketing strategy.
With Gifmaker.me online software it doesn't matter whether you're a professional designer or an amateur, you can easily take photos with your phone, apply filters and other editing tools and then combine them into funny animations.

26. Crello

It is one of the simplest online/offline graphic and video design software for making eye-catching visuals for your website. You can create your designs - graphics, advertisements, posts. With Crello and 25,000+ templates, you feel as if you were a professional designer. No design background is needed to access the app and start creating. There's a free trial for 14 days and then you'll be offered a pro version for $7.99/month.

27. Snappa

As quick and easy online graphic design software as snapping your fingers. Step up your graphics and advertisements game for social media even if you're not a designer. Snappa offers you thousands from pre-made templates so you won't stare at a blank screen trying to think of something creative. It's a pity that you can't access it while being offline.
Every account starts on a free plan, and after, that you can upgrade to a pro version ($10/month, billed yearly) or select a team package ($20/month, billed yearly).

28. Picmonkey

Their team boldly states they know exactly what to do when creating picture editing tools that can compete and dominate in a digital content world. Picmonkey is what you need to design and build your brand, stunning Instagram Stories, or dazzling business cards.

After 7 days of the free trial, you can choose between a pro ($12.99/month, billed monthly) or a team (for groups of 3 and more, $33.99/month, billed monthly at $11.33 per user) account.

29. GraphicSprings

Use this online logo design software to create a unique brand. GraphicSprings free logo maker makes it easy to design a professional eye-catching logo out of high-quality templates.

The editing experience is quick and easy because the software is user-friendly. It's worth mentioning that all of the templates this app provides are made by a team of talented designers. The app's team assures that even without a creative bone in your body or professional background you'll succeed in completing the task.

30. Infogram

This app is a chart and infographic maker is free for the basic plan, $19/month for a pro tariff, or $67/month for a business tariff. If you don't plan on wasting hours on creating engaging infographics then this is the place to be.

Infogram stats and numbers turn into fun while still being meaningful. With animations, interactive charts, and maps you can easily capture your followers' attention using educational, and stylish online content creator apps.

31. Gliffy

Gliffy's online diagramming software was made to simplify the difficult things. It's easy to use for those who need to choose a presentably looking package for the numbers and stats but isn't planning to waste time. Gliffy offers any shape that comes to mind for your diagram, and you can share or collaborate on diagrams with anyone.

It's $7.99/month for a professional plan or $4.99/month per user for a team plan.

32. Stencil

This social media graphics creator app is free for the Hobbyist plan, $9/month for the Pro plan, and $12/month for the Unlimited plan. The main goal of the software is to help design pictures faster than ever. What's so appealing about it is that with the tools provided by the app developers and with zero background in a creative field you can achieve designer quality results without spending long insufferable hours.

33. Venngage

You're not a designer? That's fine, whether you're working on presentations, social media visuals, or infographics for the website, this free (for the basic plan) infographic maker helps you make miracles turning boring data into accessible and memorable advertisements or posts. The app offers 100+ templates for you to create your infographic within 3 easy steps. You need to choose a template that inspires you the most, add charts and visuals, and finally customize your image.

34. Piktochart

If you don't have a professional background as a graphic designer or creator then this infographic app (free for a basic plan) is perfect for you. It allows users to create much needed for a marketing strategy visual communication and raise brand awareness without any extra efforts.

35. Visme

Create professional presentations and infographics online with Visme's free tool. The app offers thousands of templates and graphics for your website. You can publish it online straight away or download it. Don't have any designer background? No big deal, Visme's infographics software is easy to use even without any prior experience.

36. Ease.ly

If you need to create memorable infographics that are fun in the making and engaging to read, this app will come in handy. With its user-friendly tools designing data charts will be as cool as advertisements. Also, Ease.ly offers access to its designers and creators as well as articles and webinars so you could learn from the best.

37. LogoGarden

Start designing your logos with LogoGarden. Search the app's collection of icons and select one to edit, choose editing tools, save, and download your logo. The app was founded by graphic designers with years of professional background, this free logo creator provides the best tools for designing your project. Maybe your website was waiting for this moment.

38. Logotype Maker

You don't need to have a background as a professional designer to create perfect logos. Just enter the company name, choose the background color, select a template, apply editing tools, and save your logo. Digital marketing allows endless opportunities for designing logos, advertisements, infographics even if you're far from being a designer.
Logotype Maker

Video tools

39. Soapbox

Even if you're not a professional film director and there's no Oscar on your shelf you can still create high-quality visuals for the website without having a special background or spending tons of money.

With Wistia's Soapbox video marketing software all you need is a laptop and a good internet connection. You can choose a free plan and using just a Chrome extension to enjoy making, editing, and sharing content.

Soapbox makes the creative process easy as ever, with this tool you'll be able to:

  • Record your webcam and screen at the same time
  • Build a library of content
  • Export content for social media in a few clicks
  • Upgrade your email marketing strategy with customized video thumbnails
With Wistia it's easier to maintain an emotion-based connection between business and consumers which makes your audience loyal.

40. Boomerang by Instagram

You were planning on spending less time online? Well, not today but you can definitely use this software offline. Boomerang is a free content creator that makes your daily moments that much funnier. This app helps your business in making captivating and engaging mini videos that loop back and forth.
Boomerang by Instagram
To create with Boomerang is so easy, there's just one button! Also, you can share content on social media or your website right from the app or do it later from the camera roll.

41. Bitmoji

With this free customized online and offline emoji creator, you're gonna have so much fun. Sometimes the desire to put a face on your content to make it more customized and personal is almost unbearable.

In a digital world while engaging with the audience it's worth remembering that people don't fancy robotic answers. That's why making a personalized emoji that can copy your gestures and quirks is a great marketing strategy's element that can boost traffic from your website. If only you could do something like that in the offline world.

42. Hypno

Event video booth provider Hypno offers as well a great way to capture happy moments with its app. With Hypno, you can liven up your marketing campaign and create jaw-dropping content for your website and social media.

43. Kap

This website represents an open-source screen recorder. Kap records everything you do on your computer, saves it, and then transforms the recording into a gif. What an app, right? First things first, you need to download Kap's software, click on the red button to start recording, when you see fit you can press stop and share the recording. The app makes sharing your content pretty easy.

44. Magisto Video Editor

Magisto Video Editor is a music slideshow, collage, and movie maker that finds the best parts of your footage and applies video editing tools. With Magisto you open the world of designing customized moving photo slideshows that can enhance traffic from your website and blow up social media. Btw, if you download the app you can use it offline.
Magisto Video Editor

45. Instories: stories for insta

This story editor and creator for Instagram opens up your creative vision even if you're not a designer. The app will help you in making beautiful and elegant animated videos you can share online. Spend 5 minutes on your digital content and get your daily dose of social media engagement. And what makes mobile-friendly apps so amazing is that you can download them and use offline.
Instories: stories for insta

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Why do you need to create digital content and use online design software?
Because this software helps your marketing strategy be more engaging which means that your brand's visibility grows.
What is the purpose of online design tools?
Online design tools help refresh your social media content and boost engagement with the audience.
Which graphic designing software can help you raise brand awareness?
Adobe Sparks is a tool that can help you make social graphics and ads that will spark a user's attention.