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10 Best Free Video Editing Software for Marketers

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August 4, 2020
A huge part of a social media campaign is videos published on social media. It is a great tool for driving engagement and recognition. According to the statistics, every Internet user consumes around 16 hours of such content per week. Cisco states that by 2022, 82% of all the Internet traffic will be video content, so it’s a great tool to use for public recognition. Your campaign would not be full without this type of content, so you should consider making it and, subsequently, effectively editing.

The process of editing may be quite challenging for a marketer, but it all starts with finding suitable and affordable software. We present a compilation of the editing services with various characteristics. What is most important, all of them are distributed for free! We have selected for you 10 cool free online editors for mobile devices, Windows and Mac with the most outstanding features one may use without paying. Making a short clip with these programs can be really simple!

1. Clipchamp Create

Work with social media ads

Clipchamp Create offers you a relatively balanced package: you are allowed to create on your computer as many projects as you want using basic tools - without paying a dime! The free version limits the resolution of the exported product to 480p, however, no service watermark will be present.
Clipchamp Create
The significant feature of Clipchamp Create is an opportunity of making ads for social media using special templates. Unfortunately, you can use this service only on Google Chrome. Paid versions of Clipchamp Create offer you higher export resolutions and access to the stock media library of the program.

Clipchamp tutorial: https://youtu.be/V6p36RiRUxs

2. Quik

Edit footage from your GoPro camera

What differs Quik from other editing services is its specialization on GoPro cameras. According to GoPro itself, the software can analyze the footage to suggest enhancements and improvements to the final product.
However, Quik also supports non-GoPro footages, which makes this software universal. Moreover, watermarks are not present in the final product! Rare glitches should not stop you from checking this app out. It is available for iOS and Android.

Quik overview: https://youtu.be/Y1no7nCBMi8

3. Typito

Make your text videos outstanding

In turn, Typito should work best for the ones whose priority is text videos. Typito is remarkable for its branding tool, which allows you to put a banner on your product. This movie maker should help you to establish your brand in social media by implementing elements associated with it to the project.
Aside from various text templates, you can also use the music library of the service for the project making. Typito offers 4 videos per month for free created using its watermark, subsequently, you can purchase several plans. If you only need to make a couple of movies on your computer in a not so long period, you should give Typito a chance.

Typito tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rqiq12d6w4k

4. Adobe Spark

Editor, designed for social media content

Adobe Spark offers a variety of cool editing tools, such as transitions, voiceovers, and photo/music implementation. According to Adobe, such features help to make your project as unique and engaging as possible. However, in the free version of Adobe Spark, brand watermark is present on the final product
Adobe Spark
Adobe Spark is specifically designed for making stories and posts on social media, such as Facebook and Instagram. One may also add a brand logo to the project. Premium plan adds to the list a permanent Adobe watermark removal, access to the library of fonts and templates, and expanded personalization. The amount of fonts included in the app is not high, but it should suffice.

Adobe Spark tutorial: https://youtu.be/MVShoOjDCnM

5. Kapwing

Clipmaker with auto-generated subtitles

Kapwing online editor can incorporate several types of digital content into one project. A certain lack of editing tools is compensated with the means of arranging and design. It is possible to create videos being squared, landscaped, or 9:16. Limitations of file size and length can be surpassed by purchasing Kapwing Pro.
Kapwing is easy to use on the computer, and its advanced subtitles generating can be very helpful in your work. If you require captions for your project, then this might be just the service you need. However, sometimes you may encounter technical issues and the quality of exported projects is relatively low. It is a good program for starters, but in the long-term perspective for making more advanced movies, one may try something else.

Kapwing introduction: https://youtu.be/KeDnAo42XJo

6. Soapbox

Edit the videos within your browser

Another digital online service is called Soapbox. Its format is unique: Soapbox serves as an extension to the browser Google Chrome. Soapbox specializes in recording your screen and the image from your webcam with the immediate possibility of editing the recorded material and making it awesome!
The free plan allows you to create on your computer unlimited projects, make cool transitions between the sources, and generate a unique thumbnail. In addition, paid plans offer branding, downloading and data tracking. There is no significant amount of tools, but the ability to create the content and instantly make operations with it is quite attractive.

Soapbox introduction: https://youtu.be/ZhHbgMkneP4

7. Biteable

Many project templates to choose from

Speaking of online editors, it is worth mentioning an app Biteable. This program offers you unlimited projects (however, you download it only 10 times), accompanied by several animations and Shutterstock footage clips. It has a lot of templates for different content purposes.
Biteable can lead you to various directions, should you need a project for a course or a product. The premium plan gives you access to additional footage clips and custom watermarks, which you can use to edit videos on your computer.

Biteable tutorial: https://youtu.be/-G8YNAJgOY8

8. Animaker

Work with animation online

Animaker is another online editor. It allows creating both live-action and animation clips. You may use the service with the watermarks and download restrictions (the products can be shared via Facebook and YouTube). Locked features of Animaker along with plenty of templates become available in the paid plan.
The limited functionality of Animaker makes it unsuitable for big-time movies, but it is a good service for short video creation. If you would like to give your audience an animated guide on a certain issue, Animaker may come in handy.

Animaker tutorial: https://youtu.be/ImTiE7_Qz9M

9. VidLab

Make great videos on the smartphone

A mobile app VidLab has no fewer features than average desktop software. Aside from general options, the program VidLab is equipped with several visual effects, which help with diverse content creation and clipmaking.
The app has a couple of drawbacks. In the free version, the watermark is quite visible and there is a low amount of transitions. However, smooth work and easy usage compensate for it. For the time being, VidLab is available on iOS exclusively.

VidLab tutorial: https://youtu.be/TaqyVuUAG9o

10. iMovie

Work on your project from different devices

Yet another cool software designed for Apple users deserves your attention. iMovie is a program free to use for any Mac owner. iMovie also has a mobile app for iPhone and iPad. This free software allows you to start creating your movie on mobile device and continue to do so on the computer. Thus, beginning with Mac, you may finish on iPhone.
This Mac and iOS software is equipped with many tools, which help to create truly outstanding content for social media. It takes some time to discover its potential, but the outcome should be worth it. If you’re a Mac owner, it is a good option for you.

iMovie tutorial: https://youtu.be/LnSkOJFtPEg

Schedule your social media videos

After you’re finished with your clip, you need to use it in the most effective way in your social media campaign. Scheduling your social media posts may become a very time-consuming problem, and we are certain that LiveDune is just the service you need. Its functionality helps you effectively manage your time and distribute the resources with ease. LiveDune is a very useful resource for any marketer, so you should try it to see for yourself how your marketing success grows!

Over to you: What’s your favorite video editing software?

The market offers a significant amount of cool online editing software for mobile devices and computers on Windows and Mac with unique features available right away. Should you consider an opportunity to use one of these, you might find yourself interested in purchasing additional app content to improve the outcome. Otherwise, depending on your goals, you may use several of the options to make your projects most outstanding. It’s up to you to discover your perfect program!

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