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Best sites to get free stock Video for Social Media

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August 6, 2020
Have you noticed the rise of video content across social media and on the websites generally? If you didn’t, catch these statistics of video dominating on other media types. Also, according to the Interactive Advertising Bureau, the average digital video ad spend growth is $17.8 billion, which is a 25% increase for 2019 year.
royalty free videos stock
In order to take advantage of this situation, you need to get in that trend. If production costs are still not an option and your brand needs to keep it simple, you may look into free stock videos. Check out the list of sites where you can find appropriate content.


free video clips to download
Pixabay releases all their videos under Creative Commons Zero (CC0) License. This license applies to images library as well. The big plus about that, you don’t need to give credit just to use or modify downloaded content, even for commercial use. Yet, we advise you to mention the credits in respect of people who shot footage. The website has a lot of general and specific types of video. For instance, some office clerk typing or landscape of Earth from space. Most videos are available at the minimum HD 720p format to match social media demands. One of the best features is the editor’s choice section. It can ease the process of searching for a picturesque stock media.


videos to use for free
Initially, Pexels was a photo stock website. Bear in mind, that free HD videos were added not that long time ago. The video library isn’t that rich for specific shots. Still, it offers HD quality and also has CC0 royalty-free license. Also, Pexels has popular searches section, which helps you understand what video content is in-demand.


free video websites
Sometimes you need both stock video and some simple motion graphics template to save time. Videvo can match those needs, but the royalty options have some limits.
First is Videvo Standard License which allows video usage in any project, Though, these footages are restricted to download from anywhere, but Videvo. That means you have no to place download links except Videvo.
The second one is Creative Commons 3.0 license. It restricts you to publish and use a video without giving credits to original source. Every video has its own licensing info on download page.

Life of Vids

free videos websites
Life of Vids has some rare or exotic footages you might not find anywhere else. That’s because footages come from Leeroy advertising agency in Canada. Footages are royalty-free, the only limit is redistribution on other sites up to 10 videos. Visit their Vimeo channel straight away to search and download videos. Under each clip, you can find a “Download” button. New videos are added ere weekly.


royalty free videos stock
This site is filled with pics and videos from web designer Daniel Nanescu. All pictures and videos are made by his own and available for personal and commercial use. There are only few but unique footages of lifestyle, food and landscapes. These clips are not allowed for sell or inappropriate content usage such as violence.


websites for free videos
Distill consists of unique stock videos published by ad agencies and authors. It’s worth mentioning that team of Distill creatives handpicks every submitted video. That means footages are already filtered for quality and decent look.
Videos are royalty-free, however, you get only 10 of them for free every 10 days.


stock videos sites
This site has a large variety of royalty-free added here from time to time. The website also has 4K quality videos available after you register with email. The clips made by professional equipment are not organized into categories yet. Mainly, you can find gorgeous landscape footages for you social media. You can use the videos in any way you want as long as you give credits to the website. The library size is small right now, but new videos are being added all the time so this is likely to grow.


stock video
Videezy has both FullHD and 4K videos. These clips are royalty-free, except that Videezy website needs to be mentioned in the credits section. However, if you don’t want to give a credit on your social media, Videezy offers to buy the credits. The bought credits are also used to download videos with PRO mark. These footages are shot with professional actors and equipment and usually have better image quality.
Bear in mind, the website also has simple 3D graphics and animated clips.


downloadable video clips
CuteStockFootage has a huge collection of aerial videos, various environments and situations. It’s also rich for some chroma key templates made in After Effects. Everything is royalty-free to download and use in any commercial projects. The only thing, you can’t post the files on any site for others to download, copy or use without attribution. Creators of this site are also selling these videos at pond5.com with higher bitrates and quality.


video clip free
Videos are added here weekly, so Visdplay keeps its content fresh. Not all footages are in the same resolution and format, so pay attention to that too.You can also download graphic templates made with chroma key. You are free to download, edit, and remix given content.Only requirement is that you visibly add a credit link to Vidsplay somewhere on your website, ending credits of your video production or in the description for social media channels.


free videos hd
Among other websites, Mixkit offers you extraordinary and inspirational videos in high quality. The main plus is that owners do not require you to give credit, yet it’s always appreciated. All stock footages are literally free and permitted to download for commercial and non-commercial use.

Motion Places

videos footage
As the name suggests, Motion Places is a curated collection of stock footage that mainly focuses on different places around the world. If you’re looking for videos of historical sites or breathtaking landscapes then this is the website for you! Videos are categorised by place, colour, and season. And there is also a Featured Clips section if you’re interested in finding out what’s popular:
Users are required to sign up to download clips, but all videos are free and in HD quality. 4K footage doesn't come for free, and that’s the only con. All other videos are free to use in editorial, commercial, or personal projects but attribution is required.


videos footage
XStockvideo has a small collection of around 500 free video clips available to download and use personally or commercially. There are two different royalties available on each video:
The Regular Licence can be used in a single end product which end users can not be charged for.
The Extended Licence can be used in a single end product which end users can be charged for.
The videos are a little random so if you’re looking for something specific you may not find it here. There is also no option to preview videos so you must download them in order to watch them. Videos are available in .mov format and a variety of different sizes.


free video clips to download
MotionElements is a huge site that boasts over 3 million videos. However, for free videos you need to make sure you’re searching in the ‘Free Stock Footage’ section. They still have a wide variety of free videos (4,000+) ranging from HD live action to animated backgrounds, and even some 360 degree videos.
The filtering options allow you to make your search even more specific. You can filter by duration, resolution, framing, and more! You can also view all of the videos from within the same window:
There is also another catch–users can only download one free element per email address. If you sign up then you can access 5 free elements per week.


free video clips to download
Freestock video collections are small, but growing and royalty-free. You can find some green screen videos to insert your own content in there. All of the videos are free to use with attribution back to Freestock. They make this easy with a variety of formats of MP4, WEBM or even GIF. This allows you to paste it on your site or social media page.

ISO Republic

videos to use for free
ISO Republic has a collection of royalty free videos that can be used in personal and professional projects with no attribution required, although it is encouraged.
If you’re looking for inspiration then scroll through the various videos on the homepage, or if you know what you’re looking for, use the search bar to find it. The videos on the site are quite short in comparison to some other sites on the list. But there is no login required and videos can be downloaded in one click.


free video websites
IgniteMotion focuses on one type of stock video: animated motion backgrounds. All backgrounds are HD quality and free for commercial and personal use on social media.These backgrounds would be perfect for use in videographic-style videos as all you would need to do is add text and statistics to appear in front of the moving background.
Users are required to filter by category to find relevant videos as there is no search bar. Here is the full list of categories. All of the videos are hosted on YouTube and most seem slightly longer than the average for stock footage, at 1-2 minutes in length.

Motion Array

free videos websites
Motion Array has over 150,000 assets to choose from, including stock video and stock motion graphics. Not all of the assets are free, but it’s really easy to filter the results to make sure you only see the free videos.
You can preview videos from the search results page, or click on them for more information. All videos can be used in an unlimited number of projects with no additional fees. The site even specifies that you can use the footage in a Hollywood blockbuster or a local ad, and there will still be no additional fees to pay. This has helped them amass a number of impressive clients, including Universal and EA. In order to download videos, you’ll need to sign up. Once you do, you can download as many free videos as your heart desires!


free videos websites
CLIPSTILL is a little different to the rest of the sites on this list in that it doesn’t offer stock videos or footage, but some simple clips for social media. Cinemagraphs are essentially ‘moving photographs’. They are still but for some minor, repeated movements.
All cinemagraphs on the site are free for personal and commercial use without attribution. While their library is relatively small, the site uploads new cinemagraphs every month and encourages users to sign up to be the first to know.Users can download a ‘web’ version of each cinemagraph for free or pay extra for SD and HD versions. You need an email address and you can download as many as you want!

But...What websites do you use?

Well, our top 3 choices for social network posting are Pixabay, Mixkit and Pexels. But when we can’t find something that matches our interest, we use the whole list until we find the best footage. It’s still up for your creativity to add and mix different footages to stand out among your competitors.

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What is the quality of free stock video?
It depends on the website which contributes content, but most popular ones such as pexels or pixabay provide FullHD and 4K quality.
Can I download and use any footage for free?
Yes, you don’t have to buy the royalty for a footage but you are required to give an author a credit on your page
Where do I find free seasonal footages?
Try MotionPlaces.com , they have plenty content to pick from