Best Tools for Instagram Hashtags

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October 23, 2020
Instagram hashtags are as popular as ever, and frankly, there's nothing to be surprised about considering how much engagement they bring to the account. It's a necessary instrument for those who are serious about growth on social media.

Actually, tags gain more and more popularity as people start realizing what a powerful marketing tool they are. There are user-generated content campaigns with hashtags, branded hash signs, various hash symbols under every post, and lots of other categories with specific words and phrases. Pretty much every Instagram influencer or popular blogger will tell you that you should definitely take advantage of hashtags to reach the maximum number of the targeted audience.

The numbers don't lie. That's why marketers and entrepreneurs come up with the hashtags strategy and actively use the opportunity to boost content performance and engagement on Instagram.

In the meantime, developers don't waste time and launch one hashtag data tool after the other to simplify their research for the marketers. Some of these hash symbol generators you can use for free. Savvy Instagram marketers use these generators on a regular basis. And that's one of the reasons why their Instagram engagement numbers skyrocket.

But with the huge variety of hashtag data trackers and generator tools, how do you know which one to pick?

We've gathered some of the best and the most convenient free and paid tools that will help to get impressive results.

LiveDune's Hashtag Monitoring

For LiveDune users, this instrument is available in the Business and Agency tariff plans. It allows you to monitor posts by target hash sign. When you open the instrument, you will have access to summarised statistics on the hash symbol, the dynamics of posts published by day, the posts themselves, and the ability to pick the time period for the analysis. The data about dynamics of the posts published during a particular day begins to collect from the moment the hash sign is added for monitoring in LiveDune.
instagram hashtag monitoring
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Hashtag Search Engines

So you're feeling serious about Instagram marketing and ready to get down to business, but don't know where to start? Which hashtags can help you reach the desired goal? Should you do your own Instagram hash sign research or copy the ones the other accounts use?

Time is money. If you want to save both, you need to make friends with the hash sign generators. They're easy to use, mostly free, and most importantly, bring you the needed results. You just need to put in a bit of effort, do a little research, and start using these search tools to create the list of optimal tags for your business.

This tool might be the answer to a lot of your questions. It's a free keyword generator, creator, and hash sign data tracker.

It works like a search engine by tracking the top 30 hash signs. You can also track the top 30 ones related to your hash sign from the random hashtags.

This generator is a good choice if you haven't yet figured out how to prepare a list of hash signs for the Instagram publications as well as for those who search for the new tags.

The downside is that the generator might offer you words and phrases that aren't necessarily relevant for the expression you search, which means that you need to find other tools to back you up.
instagram hashtag generator
  • MetaHashtags Generator
This free tool not only offers you a huge variety of relevant hashtags but also provides the analytics to help you pick the ones that will help you with your objectives.

The generator helps you discover related Instagram tags and provides analytics that shows you what tags you can rank. When you generate a keyword, the app will provide you with the metrics that tell you the number of posts that include this particular word, the average number of likes as well as the lowest number of likes the top hash signs have, and the number of comments.

What makes this search engine so good is that it generates hash symbols in real-time, which means that they are always up to date. Also, the generator provides you with words and phrases that are relevant to your posts, and that's the key thing in increasing reach. Once you find the tags you were looking for, copy them, and paste them on your post.
instagram hashtag search
  • Keyhole

Keyhole is a real-time hashtag analytics tracker app for marketers. This tool is primarily meant for the hash symbol's tracking and measuring the impact of your social media campaigns, but you can use it as a generator too.

When you search for a certain keyword, you'll see the list of top-performing ones relevant to the one you're looking for.
instagram hashtag tools
  • Display Purposes
This free Instagram keyword generator discovers the best words and phrases for your account to grow the following base, engagement on your posts, and to increase reach, as well as checks the presence of the banned words and phrases on the platform and in your posts.

Besides, this tool filters out all of the spammy keywords, which saves you a lot of time. You need to enter the word in the search box to begin using Display Purposes, and then you'll see the ones that are relevant for your Instagram profile. The Copy Mode option the app offers helps you to automate the process. You need to enter your keyword, get the list of relevant tags, then click on the Copy Mode and paste them straight on your post.
find hashtags for instagram
  • Webstagram

This is another hash sign finder application. It allows you to track the performance of your social media strategy, providing detailed data and stats. Day by day data updates let you track the progress of your Insta account.

Webstagram research offers the list of relevant keywords and shows the level of their popularity. Also, the app provides you the list of Insta profiles that have used your keyword in their account's name.
instagram hashtag research

Photo Recognition tools

We can bet that at least once in your life, you've been in a situation when you took an absolutely gorgeous picture and went straight to posting it. But when you think of the relevant hashtags for the post, your mind goes blank.

In this case, the photo recognition app is what you need. This way, you need to simply download your picture and let the search engine do the rest, which is coming up with the keywords for your publication.

  • AutoHash
This is one of the best free photo recognition tools. It works for both iOS and Android. You need to upload the picture, and then the computer vision algorithm will generate the top-performing keywords relevant for your photo.

Moreover, AutoHash has already done the research, discovered the most relevant words and phrases, and divided them into categories. For example, if you upload a picture of food, the app's algorithm recognizes the picture and automatically offers you the top-performing, food-related phrases.

The copy option lets you save the time by clicking on the copy button and then pasting the keywords on your Instagram post.
free hashtag generator
  • RiteTag
Free to $49/year

RiteTag keyword generator is the app that generates the best phrases related to your image or text on desktop and mobile-based on real-time engagement.

This keyword finder integrates with your social media management platforms like SocialSprout, Later, HootSuite, and you can add the phrases you chose straight to the platforms.

The tool also provides you with analytics of various word groups you create.
instagram hashtag analytics
  • Photerloo
This free app searches for the relevant hashtags for the photo you upload. Photerloo also offers you a list of relevant words and phrases, which can be convenient and helpful for further research. When selecting the keywords for your Instagram posts, you get to pick their popularity level based on your objectives. Usually, the app offers only the ones that are on point, but you still need to check them out and exclude the generic ones.
instagram hashtag generator

Tools to Find Hashtags for Instagram

These apps might be your best assistants if you're an active Instagram user, always on the go, and your mobile phone is the main tool to manage social media.

  • JetPack App
$1.99 (iOS application)

With this application, you can forget about the habit of copying the keywords to your notes. JetPack app has a user-friendly interface and lets you add the used words and phrases into a clipboard with just one click. You can mix and copy multiple keyword sets together.
instagram hashtag search
  • Preview App
Preview App lets you kill two birds with one stone. You can use this free app as a great media content editor, planner, and as a keyword generator app. The app offers you the opportunity to search for the relevant words and phrases and create your own group. The Preview provides you with the research that includes the best keywords to help your content get more engagement and reach.
instagram hashtag tools
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Instagram Hashtag Research

If you think that keyword research and copying them on your posts is everything you need, you are mistaken. Building an effective hashtag strategy requires you to constantly monitor hashtag data to boost your social media campaigns.

Here are some of the best keywords analytics trackers.

  • Hashtagify
$19/month to $249/month

This hash symbol finder app is an absolute life-saver. If you need detailed analytics of the account's metrics, this app will help you with the research.

To discover the right keywords for your posts, you can explore their level of popularity, performance, and trends. By collecting all the necessary data, Hashtagify helps you analyze their performance and pinpoint strengths and weak spots.

With this app, you can build, automate your own aggregated analytics, and set up customized reports with a few clicks.
find hashtags for instagram
  • Talkwalker Hashtag Tracking
Starts from $9600 yearly

You can try a free demo version if you're just starting out with Instagram hash sign research and not sure if this app is what you need.

The application offers data of all the metrics related to your keywords in one dashboard. You get to measure the engagement, mentions, track your competitors' influencers to find out new ones for your brand, and compare top-performing posts to discover which ones increase engagement on your competitors' posts.

Talkwalker researches which social media channel drives the most mentions about your brand, and allows you to compare tags to find out which ones perform the best.
instagram hashtag research
  • Hashtracking
Starts from $60

Hashtracking is a great Instagram keyword tracking tool.

The app helps you curate the content, grow the following base on your social media accounts, and provides you with in-depth analytics and detailed reports.

Hashtracking application helps with understanding trends associated with your brand, engaging with your audience, and measuring the impact of your social media campaigns.

You can start out with a 14-day free trial that includes three trackers, real-time data, shareable reports, up to 10k Insta posts per month.

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Answers on the most
common questions
How can I search for Instagram hashtags relevant to my post?
You can use free or paid tag trackers. Some of them work like search engines, and some allow you to upload a photo to discover the top-performing non-generic tags for the post.
What Instagram tools should I use to find hashtags related to my post?
There are apps that work like search engines, like MetaHashtags generator and Keyhole. But if you need photo recognition apps, you might find useful AutoHash, Photerloo, or RiteTag.
What are the Instagram hashtag generators?
Those are apps that simplify the tags' research for the marketers and provide the analytics to monitor the performance of your social media campaign.