Can You See Who Views Your Instagram?

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October 19, 2020
Instagram is one of the most popular and widely used social networks. Nearly 500 million active users open the app daily to check out the pictures and videos their friends, family, and other profiles they follow posted.

There are plenty of active users on the platform who post stories, videos, and other types of content regularly. But there are a huge number of accounts people create just to be able to visit someone's profile and look at what other people post.

If you're an active Instagram user, you probably wonder from time to time whether you can see who looks at your pictures and videos, who views your IG profile. How can you keep track of accounts that view your Instagram account? The desire to know who stalks your page, who is too shy to approach you directly, and interact is natural. But alas, you can not really do that.

However, there are ways for you to analyze the interaction on IG.

The Basics

That's not a secret that you can see the list of people who engage with the posts you publish. Every time you post a photo or a video, Instagram presents you with a list of profiles who liked or commented on your visuals.

You need to open a particular post (it doesn't matter if the page is yours or someone else's) and click on the number of likes.
can you see who views your instagram
After you click on the number of likes, the list of Instagram accounts who have liked the post will appear.
can you see who views your instagram
This is an easy way to take a look at who visits your Instagram profile and views the visuals you create.

Can You See Who Views Your Instagram Story

This type of visuals is available to everybody unless you post from a private account. You can always see who views your Instagram stories. Every time the platform user takes a look at a story, the account's owner will know.

To find out who visits your stories, you need to open them and click on the viewers in the bottom left corner of the screen. Instagram displays every single profile who sees your content, even if some of the users aren't following your account.

This is a great opportunity for brands and influencers to take a closer look at their targeted audience to modify the marketing strategy. Also, if you notice a weird user in the viewers' list, you can click on the three dots against his picture and block this person. It will restrain them from seeing your stories, videos, and the overall Instagram activity.

Of course, when it comes to the Insta stories, the time to access them is limited. Only during the 24 hours, the list of people who've seen them will be available. However, you can add the story to the highlights, and the list of viewers will be at your service all the time. The nuance is that you will only be able to see the number of viewers, but not who they are. After the 24 hours limit is over, the information about IG users will be gone.

Can You See Who Views Your Instagram Videos

As of yet, there aren't reliable tools that could help you with that. Even though a lot of applications claim that they are able to provide you with this information, it's highly unlikely.

Despite the fact that you are not able to see who exactly visits your page and looks at your visuals, you still have the opportunity to view the number of people who interacted with your photos and videos. Insta allows you to see the numbers and provides you with the metrics of your page's performance, and collects the analytics. This is the best option for the time being.

You need to create a business account to get access to Instagram insights. Just go to settings and choose the option "Switch to the business profile". There are no special criteria your profile should meet in order to qualify as a business account. You can choose the option "Creator" and select the category that you feel fits your page the most.

Instagram asks you to link your Facebook page to the business account, but it's not necessary. All you need is to provide your contact information. If your ultimate goal is to grow your audience on IG, track the number of views your page gets, and have access to the statistics, a business profile is what you need. IG insights let you explore trends across your audience and your content's performance with your followers. You can view insights for particular posts, stories, IGTV videos , learn and analyze what kind of content performed better and how your followers react to and engage with various forms of visuals.

Now let's talk about things you can have access to thanks to the IG insights.

A business account allows you to see the page's activity in IG insights, which includes any kind of interactions with your content, be it page visits, get directions taps, or website clicks.

Recent highlights section shows you any perceptible increases in account's performance during the seven day period. The Overview section lets you look at three relevant metrics:

Accounts Reached

This metric demonstrates the level of your page's discovery, shows the details on the account's reach and impressions. You also get to see the insights on your IG's activity as well as website and profile visits. If you have an action button in your bio, like a call button, or an email button, directions button, the metric will show you the number of taps on that button. Also, you get to view your top publications from various content categories sorted by reach.

Content Interactions

This metric showcases the detailed breakdown of your post, story, and IGTV video content interactions. This metric includes likes, comments, saves, shares, replies, etc. Also, the content interactions section lets you view your top-performing posts, stories, and IGTV videos sorted by interactions.
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This metric helps you to learn the trends across your audience. You can view the growth of your following base (how many followers you've gained or lost), their top locations, times they're the most active on the platform.
can you see who looks at your instagram

Content You Shared

In this section, you can discover the content you published and promoted, stories, and IGTV videos for the last seven days. If you want to take a look at all the posted content, simply click on the content type to go to the media library. Here you can access and filter it by the media type, time frame, reach, and interactions.


This section helps you to understand your targeted audience better. You can learn about their age, where they come from, when they are active on the platform.
can you see who views your instagram profile
The metric shows you whether your audience is mostly men or women, which country most of your followers are from, their age. Even though you can't see names or any personal information, this data is quite useful for getting to know the audience and developing the right marketing strategy.

Can You See Who Views Your Instagram Profile

Seeing who's liking and commenting on your Instagram posts is definitely not rocket science. In fact, the app sends you notifications every time somebody interacts with the content you publish. But the question is, can you view who quietly visits your page and views your posts without interaction? Is there a way to identify the IG stalker?

The thing is that IG doesn't allow users to see who visits their pages, and it doesn't matter whether you follow the person or not. As it was already stated, you can get access to the page's statistics if you created a business account. But still, the application will show you just numbers.

At this point, you're probably curious to know whether there are third-party apps that can help you to resolve the issue. Before you get your hopes up, you need to know that due to the strict privacy policy of the platform, Insta is not affiliated with any of these applications. Hence there's no app that can assure you of the safety of use.

You may have seen lots of ads about applications that promise you to help to see who views your profile and send you notifications every time a person visits and scrolls through your page. Many of these apps aren't reliable, and you can never know what the app creators will do with the collected data. If you decide to use one of these tools, you're doing it at your own risk. Also, before installing such an application, you should conduct research and read the reviews.
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If you're going to search for these tools in Google, there will be lots of options to pick from. The question is, is it worth it? Do these apps work?

Most of these tools seem to be extremely shady, and it's very risky trusting them with your data. Ads that will pop up every few seconds while using the app can be just a little inconvenience, but the thing is that sometimes users can't seem to cancel the subscription. Even if they think they did and then deleted the app, somehow, the users still get billed. Moreover, lots of users state that these applications continue using their personal data and sending the following requests to others, even after they deleted the application.

Besides, the fact that these tools actually work is questionable. This is because they aren't affiliated with Insta, and the platform's API doesn't give any information about its users. And, again, you never know in what way third-party apps can use your personal data. If you've already had the experience with these tools, make sure you cancel the access immediately, even if you uninstalled them from your phone.

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Can you see who views your Instagram story?
It's available to everybody unless you post from a private account. You need to open them and click on the viewers in the bottom left corner of the screen to find out the list of people who've watched it.
How to find out who visits your Instagram profile?
The app sends you notifications every time somebody interacts with the content you publish. But IG doesn't provide the information about the page's visitors, and it doesn't matter whether you follow the person or not.
Is there a way to look at who watches your Instagram videos?
A lot of applications claim that they are able to provide you with this information, but it's highly unlikely. However, IG shows the number of people who interacted with your photos and videos.