Features you can include in your Instagram stories, that you likely did not know about.

June 6, 2020
The repetitive and unoriginal ideas and content that the Internet is teeming with will not help your account stand out. We share several hidden features of stories on Instagram that will help your account stand out from the rest.

Making a collage in Instagram stories

In order to make a collage in your Instagram story, download the background image, then open the photo album and copy the images you want to add. Paste, and resize/move the image around until happy with the placement. Repeat this to add more photos. Once you are happy with the result, publish your collage.
Making a collage in Instagram stories
This way, you can add not only photos, but also files in png format (on a transparent background) or, for example, polaroid frames.

Even more colours

You probably did not know that in stories on Instagram you can choose the custom shade of the desired colour yourself, and not just use the suggested ones. To select the colour of the text, select any colour from the proposed ones and hold it down. A palette of gradient colours opens, where you can select any colour.
More colours in instagram

3D text

No, there is no such function in stories for actual 3d text in Instagram, but creating such an effect is quite possible. Type the desired word in black, place it in the right place. Then type the same word again, but in a different chosen color, for example, blue. We put the word in blue on top of the word in black with a slight offset. The two words superimposed on each other in this way create the effect of 3D text.
3d text on instagram

Zoom like a pro

To zoom in or out while recording a story with two fingers is very inconvenient. Your fingers resemble some kind of crab and turn out painfully. There is a more convenient way: without releasing the record button, move your finger up to zoom in on the subject.

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Fast camera direction switching

Now you can quickly switch cameras during a story or live broadcast. Just double tap the screen while recording, anywhere and voila! This method switches cameras much faster than the standard button in Instagram stories.

More original fonts in Instagram stories

In addition to the 5 standard fonts for Instagram stories (bold, classic, modern, neon, typewriter), you can use a little trick and add your own. Upload an image / video in the story, but do not publish it yet. Next, open your browser and go to CoolSymbol.com. Select the “Fancy text” tab and enter the text that you want to add to the story.

The text is automatically converted to several fonts, the only thing that remains is to select the one you like most and click on the “copy” button. Open our unfinished story, and click add text. Now you have a story with a font that no one has.
Original fonts in Instagram stories

Animated text on Instagram

Now that you know that you can use not only standard fonts, it's time to find out how to animate them. To do this, you will need the HypeType application, which will help to animate the text.
Animating text in Instagram stories:
  1. Open the application, and upload the image on which you want to animate the font.
  2. After the image is loaded on it, the inscription “Double tap to edit” will appear - follow the instruction.
  3. Enter the desired text, click next.
  4. To edit the colour of the text and animation, click on "T".
  5. Now your image has turned into a video, save it and upload it to your story.

Coloured background for text

Upload a picture, then write the desired text in bold, classic or typewriter font. To add a background, click on the icon with the letter A (in the upper right corner). Do not limit yourself to the choice of 27 colours, as you already know how to open a full palette.
Coloured background for text in instagram

How to change font style in Instagram stories

This trick can only be executed by readers with dexterous fingers. Seriously. Believe me, the effect is worth it. Write the desired text on the story, and highlight it. Hold the thumb of the right hand on any colour in the palette, and the thumb of the left hand on the text cursor. Then simultaneously move the two thumbs to the left, turning each letter a different colour and resulting in a beautiful gradient font.
Сhange font style in Instagram stories

Editing stickers

Pretty simple advice, but if you did not know it, we will enlighten you. The appearance of any sticker can be changed. Usually they change shape or colour. In stories in general, you can tap on everything to slightly change the appearance.
Editing stickers in instagram

Invisible hashtags

Adding hashtags in the story, works the same as in the posts - it increases the reach. However, using a large number of hashtags on a story will turn it into spam. To avoid this, place the hashtag on the image you are going to share. Select it, click on the eyedropper in the color palette, drag it to the place where you plan to place the hashtag. Edit the color until the hashtag blends in with the background, so is not noticed.
Invisible hashtags in instagram

A few tips to make your stories better:

  • Do not shoot video for stories in the Instagram application, a click sound appears. Take a video using your smartphone’s inbuilt camera, and then upload it to Instagram.
  • All photos taken during the day should be summarized in a concise story. All footage for the day is posted at the end of the day, after editing and angling it the right way.
  • If there is nothing to post, it is better not to post at all. No one is interested in knowing if you went to the store, only if in the story you are analyzing the composition of the products, or giving your opinions, for example.

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