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Facebook Users Popular Statistics of 2020

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August 25, 2020

Facebook usage statistics

Getting to know your audience, demographics, age, etc., is a key step. The next important step is figuring out a form of engagement between these users and Facebook.

1. The number of daily active users on Facebook reaches 1.79 billion

Various searches show that there's a noticeable spurt in the usage of popular social media. Facebook's total number of users of all ages continues growing exponentially across the platform. The reason why it is that popular among people of different ages is based on its powerful mobile integration and mobile messaging capabilities. For over 45% of monthly social media usage (regular posts) of the app counts from the US market.

2. The majority (88%) of Facebook users are using the platform to keep in touch with family and friends

Its usage helps to keep up with the latest news in the lives of your loved ones and it doesn't require the number of unimaginable efforts. All it takes for you to make a call or text a message is a few clicks especially considering the fact that mobile devices are always in our hands.

According to the data searches and stats provided by Statista, this app is the most popular social media platform all demographics use to connect with other people.
statistics facebook users
Source: AudienceProject, Statista
3. The highest number of clicks on your posts occurs mid-day and peaks on Wednesday

If you search for the ways of visible growth in the engagement on your posts among various demographics, you should take into account statistics that explain the days and the exact time you post on SM. Various reports state that the highest number of users who click on your posts or ads on the app occurs between 1 pm and 4 pm, and it peaks at 3 pm on Wednesdays.

While the statistic displays that the worst time of usage for posting is considered to be weekends, both before 8 am and after 8 pm. Though it's always good to learn the stats, it all depends on your audience and demographics, and the area of business you're in, hence you're supposed to always use a personal approach when it comes to creating content and boosting engagement.

4. In 2020, the average time spent on Facebook daily remains the same

Despite last year's statistic saying that the app's daily usage was spotted decreasing in comparison with previous years, Facebook still dominates and is the most popular SM. Today's stats show that the average daily time people spend on social media platforms pretty much stays consistent.
statistics about facebook usage
5. 500 million users daily record Facebook Stories

According to the stats provided by TechCrunch in 2019, Facebook Stories are quite popular and are in daily usage of 500 million people, and the tool is getting as popular as Instagram Stories. Analyzing SM statistics it's getting obvious that a pretty big amount of traffic comes from Stories, hence investing resources in creating this kind of content will definitely pay off.
stats for facebook
Source: techcrunch.com
6. Over 50% of social media users have no clue how their news feed works

For some of the social media customers of older age the rules of the SM algorithm and how it works seem like a mystery of the century. While approximately the same amount of people ages 18-29 claim their awareness of being targeted demographics and seeing certain ads or posts in their news feed.

Facebook demographics

Knowing specific SM demographics for a certain platform is extremely important. This way you can get the much-needed insights into what kind of customer and of what age regularly posts on SM. Below you can see the statistics which reflect the most relevant user demographics for the average app customer in 2020.

7. The number of users ages 65 and older is skyrocketing on Facebook

The most essential change in Facebook user demographics statistics in 2019 was the sudden growth of the group of customers ages 75 and older. There is zero exaggeration because you can search for it and make sure that the stats show how the number has gone from more than 25% in 2018 to almost 40% in 2019. That is kind of a shocker considering that when you search for the other age groups, changes in numbers representing Millenials and Boomers are not that impressive.
facebook users number
Source: qz.com
8. The lesser amount of teens are using Facebook now

In comparison with 2015, the number of American teens that counts ages 13-17 who are active Facebook users decreased by 20%. While the app still dominates the race of the most popular social media platforms, you might wanna consider the age factor of your audience when creating content.
facebook users count
Facebook's popularity drops significantly among teenagers.
9. Only 10% of Facebook users reflect the US or Canadian audience

The age demographics aside, various stats reflect the fact that the number of monthly active users from the US and Canada counts as not that big but this fact doesn't make it any less significant. If you search for the statistics, you'll see that 50% of the profit from Facebook advertisements brings the US and Canada. If you're a business with international presence or shipping products/provide services worldwide, you have an amazing opportunity to reach ad markets where competition is not that crazy.
facebook users demographics
Source: Facebook
10. More than 70% of Facebook users are high-income earners

This app is a social media platform that counts as outstandingly popular among high-income users. The only other social media that attracts a bigger percentage of an audience with a pretty high ability to spend money, and can compete for the title of the most popular is YouTube.
age of facebook users
Source: pewresearch.org

Facebook Ad Statistics

You can easily search for the stats and make sure that a large part of the app's revenue is received from its ads which counts as a factor that is forcing growth in competition for the attention of customers. But if that is the case, it also means that the platform will keep up the good work of improving the process of creating and managing advertisements to stimulate further use.

Here you can see the app's Ad statistics that you can count on when developing new ad campaigns in 2020.

11. Almost 100% of Facebook Ad revenue comes from mobile

It probably seems difficult to imagine but desktop users bring only 6% of the popular app's advertising revenue. Nowadays people are always busy and on the go plus, we'll take into account the age factor, and receive the statistics which portray predominant access of social media accounts from mobile devices which is exactly why you should remember how important it is to optimize your content, and that advertisers invest a much more impressive sum of money targeting mobile users.
facebook search statistics
Source: Facebook, Statista
12. The average price for Facebook Ads decreased by 6% in 2019

This might sound totally unrealistic knowing how the platform's advertisements are getting extremely competitive. Nonetheless, with an increase in ad impressions (according to stats), it's great news for marketing specialists whose goal is to make the most out of invested money. If you'll search for the statistics you will see that the reason for the decrease in ad prices lies within the mix of Stories and geographies these ads are targeting which can impact the prices even more further down the road.

13. The average CPC (cost per click) for a Facebook Ad is 1.72$

Stats provided by Wordstream mirror the calculated average CPC for the app's Ad across all industries which counts 1.72$. Knowing the exact cost per click number you can search for the

formula and then count the right sum of money which you'll need to invest in Facebook Ads,and its correct usage to get a great return of investment (ROI). Analyzing statistics, it's also worth mentioning that CPC can vary across audiences and industries so you might wanna consider testing your ads to find the average CPC for your business.
how popular is facebook
Source: WordStream
14. Facebook Ad impressions increased by 37% in 2019

All the data and stats we've highlighted so far only confirm that the usage of this particular platform is the best decision when focusing on a marketing strategy. And if you're still somehow not convinced, search for more stats and pay attention to the usage of ads on Facebook Stories and news feed resulting in the rising impressions while the ad prices are visibly decreasing.

Facebook video stats

Popular stats show that video content is getting increasingly popular and much more desirable among social media consumers, it counts for about 11% of the app's posts various searches confirm. If you're planning on creating an effective SMM plan, it is the perfect opportunity to consider incorporating and usage of attractive and catchy video posts into it to enhance the engagement with the audience. Statistics provided by research agencies display that in this app videos count up to 8 billion views per day.

Here are the key points you need to understand about videos on this platform, its engagement, and the future.

15. Mobile-friendly videos enhance the engagement

In case you didn't know the statistics, the usage of mobile video ads counts more than half of the platform's revenue, and here's why. As we've already mentioned earlier people tend to access their accounts from mobile rather than desktop, hence the reason for the advertisers to change their strategies to make them more accommodating to people's needs.

16. People watch the majority of Facebook videos without sound

Lots of people prefer to scroll the news feed in silence. A huge number of videos start playing without sound which means that viewers' attention is dedicated solely to the imagery. If there's a narration in your videos, you might wanna consider the usage of captions seeing as it impacts the increase in engagement. As a marketer, it should be your top priority to accommodate the desire of watching videos without sound by adapting your video strategy.
17. Facebook users prefer watching live streams instead of recorded videos

Speaking in numbers, searches show that the amount of time people spend watching live streams has increased about 4 times. Marketing specialists have presented the statistics which reflect that the performance of live broadcasting with the platform's algorithm works pretty great and creates more engagement than previously recorded broadcasting.

18. Square videos count 35% more views than landscape ones

Stats granted by different studies reflect that square video posts significantly outperform those that are in a landscape format in engagement and impressions.

Stats confirm that if you want to increase engagement, you need to create broadcasting in mobile-friendly format.
facebook search statistics
Source: buffer.com


A huge topic in conversation this year is the ever-growing importance of Fb Ads and how videos are extremely relevant in terms of creating content. If you keep up with the platform's stats and trends it can help you foresee possible changes on the platform and adapt your marketing strategy so that you can reach your audience, boost your engagement, and dominate the market while your posts do all the work.

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Does the usage of Facebook count for increasing engagement on social media?
Yes, of course. The platform constantly grows in both the amount of active users and the time they spend online.
Why does statistic on social media matter?
Because social media platforms are where nowadays most businesses meet and engage with their customers and when you invest money in ad campaigns you need to be able to rate its effectiveness.
Why do stats count and show the number of people engaging with my posts on Facebook?
Because the platform lets you know what your audience likes the most so you could analyze your marketing strategy and modify it if needed.