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7 Best Places to Find Free Audio Tracks for Video

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July 30, 2020
Videos have become incredibly important for a social media campaign. This kind of marketing slowly conquers the world: according to Cisco, 84% of the respondents decide to buy a product or order a service after watching a video about it. But for it to be effective in a campaign, it needs to be of high quality and include hidden details that become crucial for a viewer.

One of such things is background music. Finding a suitable audio track might become quite disturbing for a marketer, so we solved that problem for you. We present a compilation of amazing online resources with huge libraries where you can actually find useful background tracks for your project. But first, let us give you a brief explanation about the licenses.

Quick overview of how music licensing works

Free and royalty - free music

One needs to understand the difference between free and royalty-free music. In the first case, you don’t need to pay either for acquiring the content or for its subsequent use. However, the second case might indicate that you don’t need to pay the royalties for the usage, but you may have to purchase the track once to legally distribute it. The terms of use for each piece of content are different, so we suggest you familiarize yourself with them first.

Creative Commons

For the content to be legally distributed, there are several types of Creative Commons licenses. They allow you to use digital content for your personal goals. If you want to avoid any legal problems in the future, you need to check the text of various licenses available on the site of Creative Commons.

Public Domain

Creative works defined as public domain are free to use by anyone for any purpose. No permission or money is required to get a right to distribute the items of the public domain, as they are the intellectual property of everyone. However, one needs to remember that not every content you find on the Internet is regarded as a part of the public domain, so before you use something, carefully check its status. With that information, we are ready to proceed with the compilation of the online resources you may use to find awesome background music for your project.

1. SoundCloud

A platform to unite thousands of creators and fans

SoundCloud is one of the most popular digital services both for the artists to share their creations with the world and the melomaniacs to enjoy it. Its library contains thousands of audio tracks of any kind, so you will definitely find something in the stock for your personal goals.
Even though you might need to pay for certain audio tracks, most of the music represented on the website of SoundCloud is completely free to use. It is a bit hard to get used to the search engine, but overall SoundCloud is a great service with a huge archive to find a suitable background track.

2. Free Music Archive

Clear info about music licensing

Free Music Archive lets you explore the online library of creative works from artists around the world. As the title of the service implies, you may find there many tracks distributed for free and download the ones that suit your video background.
Free Music Archive
One of the most interesting aspects of this website is that it’s possible to look for tracks by specifying the parameters of the licenses most suitable for you. Thanks to this feature of Free Music Archive, you won’t need to double-check the terms of use of each track - it may be already specified in the search itself.
Free Music Archive

3. Youtube Audio Library

Make your YouTube videos outstanding

Youtube Audio Library is specifically designed to make your YouTube videos more attractive. It has background music tracks and sounds effects for you to use in your projects. You may sort the content by genre, mood, instrument, and duration.
Youtube Audio Library
All the content on Youtube Audio Library is available to download for free. However, keep in mind that certain tracks require attribution to the author. There is a special filter by which you may adjust your search. It is also important to know that the content of this online service cannot be distributed separately from the video and it should be published solely on Youtube.
Youtube Audio Library

4. Facebook Sound Collection

Improve your videos for Facebook and Instagram

If you want to accentuate your online marketing campaign on Facebook and Instagram you may consider using the library of Facebook Sound Collection. It has more than 7500 audio tracks and 1700 sound effects for you to download and use in your projects without paying anything and worrying about the rights.
Facebook Sound Collection
Even though the library of Facebook Sound Collection is not very big, the variety of genres and tempos should compensate for it. However, keep in mind that the items of this collection cannot be used outside of Facebook and Instagram. If your campaign is focused on such social media, you may try this website.
Facebook Sound Collection

5. Free Stock Music

Various types of tracks

Free Stock Music‘s library is filled with plenty of content. You may find there audio logos, sound effects, TV themes, and even video game music. Also, it is possible to find regular instrumental tracks defined by genre.
Free Stock Music
Most of the content represented on this online resource is free to use for commercial projects, but you will have to credit an author of the track by pasting certain text blocks and links under the published post. You can specify your search by the type of license applied to a particular track and then download it.
Free Stock Music

6. Musopen

A great deal of classical music

Website Musopen might be considered by those who prefer recordings of classical music. A lot of elements of the stock of this online resource belong to the public domain, which allows you to share, modify, and use it for any commercial and non-commercial purposes. Moreover, this site also provides sheets for the tracks.
If you want to use Musopen for free, the Lite plan allows you to download 5 tracks per day with standard audio. Should you consider to upgrade your membership, higher quality and unlimited downloads will be available.

7. PacDV

A large collection of sound effects

PacDV is another online resource where you can find free background audio for your projects. You may download all of the content in the library of PacDV for free provided that you link back to the site or mention PacDV attribution in the credits.
Even though the music collection of website PacDV is rather limited, its key feature is miscellaneous sound effects. You can find there anything from the sound of opening doors to the scream of a person. Thanks to it, you can make your project as customized as possible.

Make your videos the best

Considering how many websites allow you to download their tracks without paying any royalty, with the appropriate audio you can make your videos truly outstanding. Do not underestimate the importance of it in social media campaigns! A good background sound can make your project unique and amazing.

Check your performance

While the background audio tracks can improve your videos and subsequently strengthen your media campaign, it is important to think about the market. LiveDune can show you the performance of your posts and compare it to the competitors, so you can discover your strengths and weaknesses.

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Public domain is a content free of cost and copyright for its usage.
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You can try Youtube Music Library.