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10 Best Sites to Find Free Stock Images (Photos High Resolution) for Your Marketing

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June 28, 2020
Images are an integral part of visual content for a marketing campaign. For example, you may need to provide a background for the advertising post. When it’s necessary to minimize the expenses, one might consider using the items not requiring purchasing. We are pleased to present a compilation of the resources on which you will actually be able to find helpful pictures for your campaign and use them without any payment. But before we go, there are certain restrictions and rules one needs to know before using any of the visual content. We suggest you familiarize yourself with them.

What is Creative Commons?

You might need to use one of the types of Creative Commons licenses. They are provided by Creative Commons, a non-profit organization making legally possible the use of digital content. The licenses vary in terms of restrictions, so you should be certain about what kind of license is applied in every particular case.

What is public domain?

There is such a thing as the public domain, which consists of creative works without any intellectual property rights applied to them, so you may use it in your project. It is important to know that the content located on the Internet is not necessarily considered a part of the public domain, so you might need to check the status of an item. If you are certain that a particular item is a part of public domain, then you may use it however you want.

What is royalty free?

There is a significant difference between the terms “free” and “royalty-free” concerning the copyright. In the first case, you may use the content for whatever purpose you want without paying anything and dealing with any legal issues. However, terms of use in the second case are a bit different. It means that you won’t need to pay any royalty during your subsequent usage of the product, but you might need to do a one-time purchase of it from the rightful owner. Keep in mind that royalty-free images still may require additional expenses and don’t mistake for completely free usage. When it comes to content management, copyright is quite important.

Understand these terms before using any free images

Before integrating any images to your projects, you would be smart to familiarize yourself with certain aspects of their use. It is important to read the terms and conditions of any site to behave legally. In order to avoid paying any royalty and encountering copyright problems you should carefully study on what conditions you can use the content. With that said, we are ready to move to the compilation.


Pictures, vectors, illustrations, videos, and music at one place

With Pixabay you can choose from millions of copyright-free items and find the most suitable for your post background. You can use all of the content for commercial and non-commercial purposes without a doubt.
Find Free Stock Images
However, Pixabay can offer you not only images, but also vectors, illustrations, music, and even videos. You can use all of this at no cost! This resource has every type of media content to make your marketing campaign the greatest.
Find Free Stock Images

2. Unsplash

Choose perfect photos on the screen of your smartphone

Unsplash has one of the largest collections on the Internet, containing over a million pictures of high resolution with no copyright. It also provides you with wallpapers for several devices, as well as textures and patterns.
Find Free Stock Images
You can use Unsplash via its site, but if you prefer a smartphone, Unsplash is available for iOS. It is also possible to install an Unsplash extension for Chrome.
Find Free Stock Images

3. Free Images

Contact the artist directly

The name of the stock speaks for itself. Free Images lets you explore more than 300 000 open source photos and download them at no cost. Personal and commercial use are completely fine with no copyright included.
Find Free Stock Images
There is the name of the author indicated below every picture. If you would like to contact an artist concerning special use of his work, Free Images allows you to do so. It is a unique opportunity to discuss terms and conditions with the artist directly!
Find Free Stock Images

4. Burst

Boost your campaign with marketing tips and advice

The site Burst distributed by the company Spotify, primarily known for its music streaming service, provides you with thousands of background pictures. You may search in various categories to find the necessary stuff.
Find Free Stock Images
Also, Burst can share with you some important information concerning your marketing campaign. You can use the advice concerning Facebook ads, cover photos, and posts, as well as take a look at some trending business ideas by Burst.
Find Free Stock Images

5. Life of Pix

Follow the most professional artists

With Life of Pix, you can use a lot of open source content for your goal. You can easily find an image in any category you desire without encountering any problems. Even though the stock library of Life of Pix is quite big, if you are unable to find a particular picture, you may use its premium partner service, Adobe Stock.
Find Free Stock Images Life of Pix
What is special about Life of Pix is its community of artists. You can see the name of the author of every picture published and follow him to get more interesting stuff. There is also such a feature as Photographer of the week, so you can find the best pieces of art from true professionals.
Find Free Stock Images Life of Pix

6. Kaboompics

Find your perfect match by the color

On Kaboompics you can find many items in certain categories. The search of this site is quite advanced: you may set orientation and, if necessary, look inside photoshoots. You can even search for images by a specific color present. It is a very useful function!
Find Stock Images Kaboompics
Kaboompics also provides a very useful color palette of every picture. It might help you to adjust the visual gamma of your projects and find corresponding content. You should definitely give this colorful resource a try!
Find Stock Images Kaboompics

7. Picjumbo

Discover many matching results and choose the best

Picjumbo is an open source service created by Czech designer Viktor Hanacek. There is a huge variety of high resolution pictures of no copyright in many categories, so rest assured you will discover what you need.
Find Stock Images Picjumbo
For any background picture you browse, Picjumbo offers you a variety of content thematically related to it. You may find not one, but many interesting items for your taste thanks to its advanced suggestions system. Be certain that you will be able to discover your unique item!
Find Stock Images Picjumbo

8. Pexels

Perfect to find inclusive content

Pexels positions itself as the world’s first open source inclusive digital stock library. It makes this resource suitable for a search of specific images that might be difficult to find elsewhere. If your project is thematically related to inclusivity, this is the perfect resource for your goals.
Find Stock Images Pexels
The content of Pexels is created by hundreds of photographers and distributed without any charge. You can also customize your search with several options. Moreover, Pexels gives you access to certain videos. You can use all of the material for commercial projects.
Find Stock Images Pexels

9. StockSnap

Find what you’re looking for in no time

StockSnap is another online open source site that helps you find content for subsequent use. The elements of StockSnap are free to download, edit, and use for any kind of project.
Find Stock Images StockSnap
Thanks to StockSnap's tag-based category system, you will be able to find what you’re looking for within bare minutes. The photos are grouped in a very smart and logical way. Its advanced search is very user-friendly and helpful.
Find Stock Images StockSnap

10. Gratisography

Most creative high-resolution photos await you

Gratisography offers you several collections of background photos, which you can use for commercial projects under its own license. You can browse on-site within various categories and look for a perfect match.
Find Stock Images Gratisography
The amount of images represented on Gratisography is rather limited, but it is compensated by their high resolution. Besides, all the pictures hold a very creative background, so it will not be some usual stock photos. The important part of a marketing campaign is to make it unique and different from the others, so this resource is designed specifically for this issue. Release your creativity with Gratisography!
Find Stock Images Gratisography

Improve your time management for posting

When you find a suitable background picture for your post, you should think about effective posting. It is quite hard to organize your posting schedule in an efficient way, but service LiveDune can help you with this issue. LiveDune has an auto-posting feature, which will be useful for any marketer. If you are interested in the improvement of the effectiveness of your social media campaign, you may find it quite useful. LiveDune can become an awesome tool for any marketer!

Find the images perfect for your project

With many sites accompanied by the collections of open source images with high resolution and no copyright, it should be no problem for you to find a suitable picture. Every resource has its significant feature which differentiates it from the others. Depending on your needs and preferences, you may choose several of the sites on the list and accomplish your goal!

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Royalty-free image is a picture not requiring any royalty for its use.
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Kaboompics has a function of searching images by color.
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Public domain is a content free of cost and copyright for its usage.