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The comprehensive Guide
to GIFs for every day:
How to Create Them, When to Use Them and Why They’re Essential for Every Marketer

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August 3, 2020
Along with the video content domination trend, there comes GIF popularity again. Curious that even Dell made a 109% revenue boost by using this type of content in their email campaign. The trend of static media fades over time/ People tend to watch something dynamic and entertaining. But where else do you use animation? How do you convert video into a GIF to highlight the most important things? Read below in our guide.
video gifs

9 Simple Apps and Tools for Creating Your Own GIFS in Minutes

1. Gifs.com — just a quick animation maker
video gifs
This online service is a perfect generator from a URL link. Just paste it in the empty field and click Create GIF. Don’t forget about the small editor, that has features like stickers, caption and crop. The service can convert video from YouTube, Instagram and Vine, but the list may increase with time.
2. Giphy — the most popular free generator
create gifs
Giphy used to be one of the most popular free creators. Users create tons of animations here, so consider it as a huge library with many topics to search. You can convert media to GIF from an uploaded file, video or YouTube/Vimeo link. After uploading a file, choose start time and duration. Funny stickers and captions with different fonts are also available.

How to stitch photos into GIF

3. Giphy Slideshow — simple and intuitive
video gifs
Group several images into an animated slideshow with Giphy tool. In order to do so, just upload a few still images or GIFS on Giphy. You can also combine animation and static images. Pick a sequence for slides to appear, the rest tools are the same as on the usual editor.
4. Gifmaker.me — a decent editing addition
With Gifmaker you can create both slideshows and animated gifs or combine them. Add music by inserting a youtube link, pick animation speed or change the canvas size. However, It doesn’t have a captions option and won’t upload video from a web page. Yet, this type of maker is a nice addition for GIFS that need few adjustments.
5. Imgflip — the multi-purpose app
This service also allows you to convert media into GIF from a youtube link, video or several images. Edit your animation with changing sizes, adding text and adjusting speed.You can also create a chart or meme here, and convert it into animation on the go. The only con is a watermark that you can remove after buying Pro member status.

How to edit a GIF

6. EZgif — the most advanced online app for creativity
animate gifs
This service also allows you to convert media into GIF from a youtube link, video or several images. Edit your animation with changing sizes, adding text and adjusting speed.You can also create a chart or meme here, and convert it into animation on the go. The only con is a watermark that you can remove after buying Pro member status.

How to create a screencast GIF

7. CloudApp — app for daily usage
animate gifs
If you have a task to explain or some kind of tutorial from PC, look at screencast GIF generator. CloudApp may come in handy while it’s available on MacOS, Windows and IOS. Record a screen, add comments on images and instantly share it with a link. Once you install CloudApp, record your screen and download them as GIFS. We highly recommend this maker for a daily usage purpose to convert screencasts easily.
8. Recordit — free, fast and simple software for tutorial maker
app gifs
The way it works is similar to CloudApp. Grab a frame to be recorded and create GIF instantly. Recordit also needs to be installed on PC, Windows and Mac are supported. Here you can also convert recorded videos into a step-by-step slideshow tutorial. Get your instant links for sharing at the blink of an eye!
9. Sir Gifs A Lot – a fun Slack app to convert and animate videos
This app serves as an add-on for the Slack workflow system. It allows you to record your webcam and instantly create and convert the video from your webcam. All you need is to connect an app to your Slack account, type /gifalot and and you good to go. What’s the purpose for it? Well, we have used it to make our internal communication a bit more funny and different.
picture gifs

How to make a GIF in Photoshop: no more searching for content!

If you’re about animating images in Photoshop, it may seem not that fast as in online editors. Also, you might not have the Internet nearby for creating content. With Photoshop, you get the biggest freedom to create exactly what you want without any limits. In order to start with very basics, follow our little 3-step guide below:
maker gifs
Step 1: Load picture into Photoshop

In case you already have images needed for animation

Select File > Scripts > Load Files Into Stack, then Browse to pick the files you’ve prepared.
creator gifs
(P.S. This explainer was created using CloudApp, mentioned above)

If you don’t have a picture sequence ready
If you don’t have a pre-made sequence of images you’d like to use, you can create a set of new layers within Photoshop to act as the frames in your GIF. To add a new layer to your Photoshop project, choose Layer > New > Layer.
When all your layers are ready, it’s time to move onto Step 2 and create your animation.

If you don’t have picture prepared
In case you’re about to draw or search your future content, then create a set of layers which will be your animation frames.
To do so, look at the very top menu and click Layer > New > Layer. When layers are filled with pictures to animate, go to the next Step.

Step 2: Animate your layers
In order to make a sequence of frames click Window > Timeline. This will help you to arrange frames for animation and turn it into GIF.
creator gifs
After you see a Timeline appear, click the button Create Frame Animation then mouse over to the right corner with three small lines. Click it and pick Make Frames From Layers.
creator gifs
There’s also a play button below to check the result. Rearrange the sequence with drag and drop or edit frames easily by clicking on them.

Step 3: Export GIF file

When you’re done on frames, export it with clicking the upper menu: File > Export > Save for Web (Legacy).

When the Save for Web window appears, choose a type of file you need to save. Photoshop has a number of presets to pick, personally we’d recommend picking GIF 128 as it gives the best output quality on colours. Bear in mind, the better quality animation is, the bigger file size would be.
creator gifs

How to make a GIF in Photoshop: no more searching for content!

Photoshop also converts video making each frame turn into Photoshop frame. Import video with File > Import > Video Frames to Layers. Choose a part of the video you want to import and the frames for animation.
maker gifs
Once you’re done, export the file in the same way as in Step 3.

Instead of depending on the Internet and third-party services you can always convert images on your own. Try out every function and format to optimize an animation for your needs.

5 Must-Visit Websites to Find the Perfect Pre-Made GIF

maker gifs
You can find animations of any kind and taste here. Giphy used to be the most widespread library in terms of categories. Giphy is also good to track trends to resonate with audience on your social media. Whether it’s gaming or just some major event — you will always find it here first.
Tenor has a lot of emotion themed media and new trends. You can use it for internal company communication or just for some entertaining content. This website is also good to track trending topics so you know what’s popular on the Internet. By the way, the website was recently bought by Google, so expect it to grow similar to GIphy.
maker gifs
maker gifs
Perhaps the best-known place to search for anything—including GIFs—is Google. To include only it in your search, navigate to an image search and then use the search tools to choose animated images under “Type”.
It’s hard to deny, that Google engine will help you find an appropriate animations most likely. When searching for something, go to Images click Type, then Animated.
maker gifs
Tumblr used to be a youngster place with tons of images and animations. Browse for all GIFs here or ust navigate the search bar.
animate gifs
Imgur has a wide variety of user-generated pictures and animations. This website used to store mostly funny and entertaining content. If you’re using some well-known visuals (e.g. cartoon moments) ensure you won’t have to stuck on copyright issues. Anyways, you can still make your one.

When to use GIFS and why they’re essential for every marketer

1. Use it to show your brand’s personality

As brands should keep on with their social media presence, they also try to be entertaining. The reason for it is to stay closer to human simplicity and be memorable for an audience, if not to go viral.
Any examples? Of course! The Denny’s cafe gained it’s own fan base for its sometimes crazy and funny GIFs like this one below:
animate gifs
2. Use it to show off a product

Use animations to show the beauty of your product. Try to pick some short moments that will make people watch it. You may also entertain the audience and turn your content into a funny and memorable one. Not a single above-mentioned editor can improve the picture quality, so shoot your product under best conditions available.
animate gifs
3. Explain a process or a how-to

Instead of making the audience scroll for images, GIF format will help you to ease this process. You can make slow and short step-by-step guides or even quick recipes for your social pages.
The Huffington Post explains 5 ways to wear a scarf. That’s a lot easier than writing this process, even with images. Turn long texts into short visuals!
guide gifs
4. Thank someone with it!

Animations are good to thank your audience in social media. Don’t be afraid to be a more human-like brand and thank your customers back. Feel free to share your brand’s culture with the audience this way.
guide gifs
5. Use GIFs to tell a story

You may think that stitching images together isn’t an interesting thing. But it comes in handy when you need to tell a story. For instance, the New York Times published a story of how their website has been changing over time. Such a simple and short story became highly discussed.
guide gifs
6. Play an animated ad!

Got a TV or print advertisement you want to get a bit more play out of? Transfer it into animations!

You don’t have to create some big-budget videos just to put in on your Facebook. Use a GIF instead too! You might say that it’s not a serious approach. Well, even Google uses animations to promote their events. Make them funny or just informative — turn boring static images into dynamic ones!
guide gifs
7. Animate data

Infographics are also a nice type of content to show in animation. Just look at how National Public Radio used a GIF to display the rising danger of ISIS. All free tools we described above, allow you to make similar infographics.
maker gifs

In the end

You may find even more creative ways of using GIFs than we have covered here. Don’t be afraid to combine different types of content, especially when it comes to a brand's social media. Of course this will take a few tries and user feedback to understand what exact style of communication your audience prefers. In order to track audience engagement level, check out for LiveDune automated services.

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