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June 6, 2020
Instagram hashtag statistics is a necessary tool for those who are serious about their social media growth. For LiveDune users this tool is available in the Business and Agency tariff plans. It allows you to monitor posts by target hashtag. In other words, hashtags can be monitored to track and analyze the content that is published on it. New posts are published every 5 minutes.

How to monitor hashtags?

To start collecting data on Instagram hashtags using our tool, you need to enter the tab “Hashtags” and click on the button “Add hashtag”.
hashtag monitoring
Next, in the window that opens, enter the desired hashtag and click "Add." You can monitor any hashtag without emoji, as Instagram does not analyze hashtags featuring emojis. After adding, you need to wait 5 minutes until the first batch of hashtag data is collected. For each Instagram hashtag, statistics is displayed on the number of posts, the number of likes, and comments both for the entire tracking period and for the last day. To see detailed statistics, click on the hashtag name.
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Instagram hashtag statistics

When you open the analysis tool page, you will have access to summarised statistics on the hashtag, the dynamics of posts published by day, the posts themselves and the ability to select a period for analysis. For example, we added the #calligraphy hashtag to monitoring on June 6th. For 3 days Instagram posts were published on this hashtag.
Data will begin to be collected from the moment the hashtag is added for monitoring and refreshed every 5 minutes. Posts published before the start of hashtag monitoring are not available.
hashtag statistic
The data about dynamics of posts published during the day also begins to gather from the moment the hashtag is added for monitoring in LiveDune.
hashtag statistic instagram
Below is an image of a graph that collects statistics of Instagram posts published since the hashtag was added for monitoring. They can be sorted and filtered by:

  • type of content (photo, video, carousel);
  • number of likes;
  • number of comments;
  • publication date.
Instagram hashtag analysis
In order to apply sorting by likes, click on the icon with a heart to sort Instagram posts from more likes to less, and add one more click and the sorting will be the opposite way around.

To filter posts using statistics, enter the desired like value in the box under the icon using the "> <=" operators. For example, to see posts with more than 100 likes, enter > 100 in the field.

Instagram restricting for the use of hashtags:

  • only public Instagram account posts can be displayed;
  • collection of posts starts from the moment the hashtag is added for monitoring;
  • There are no usernames next to posts - this is due to the restriction of Instagram about uploading personal information. But posts are clickable, so you can open them in the web version of Instagram and see the creator there.
  • the previous paragraph means the tool is not able to display the top/best users who published Instagram posts under the hashtag.

Restrictions in LiveDune:

It is forbidden to monitor general hashtags and keywords (# mountains, #cat, #fashion), hashtags of cities (#Paris, #london, #Seattle) and hashtags of large brands (#nike, #reebook), if you are not their representative. Monitoring such hashtags will not give you useful statistics and analysis, and there is a vast quantity of posts that would require too much time to research.

Why hаshtag monitoring is needed

Brand hashtag tracking

If your brand has a hashtag that Instagram users actively use to tag their posts about you, put it on monitoring to collect all user content in one place.

Collect all posts with an event hashtag

Using Instagram hashtags signs on leaflets and other materials at events has become a tradition. The hashtag of the event helps to encourage participants to take pictures with it and post on them on social networks, with your custom tag, therefore increasing the overall reach of the event.

If you are the organizer, then after the event you will be able to collect all published posts in order to put the best posts on other social networks, research the accounts of the best participants of the event, or collect data for reporting. Put a hashtag on monitoring before the event and do not worry as the data will be collected and analysed for you.

Track competitive hashtags

For determining results of a creative contest on Instagram judged on skill, neither a random number generator nor any other services are suitable. You can either determine the results yourself, or with your team using a vote.

In order to avoid conflicts after the announcement of the winner, we recommend immediately indicating the criteria by which the work will be evaluated (creativity, relevance to the subject of the competition, etc.). Although this does not protect you from disappointed followers.

Before the start of the contest, decide on a hashtag, a keyword linking to your contest, and set it to monitoring in LiveDune. After the launch, you can monitor and analyze activity of the followers every day. If you notice a decline in activity:

  • look at the reach of the contest post, it may well be that only a small part of your subscribers know about your contest. In this case, a couple of announcements in the story or promotion of the post will save the situation.
  • announce additional prizes for 2nd and 3rd place or, for example, an audience prize, in order to attract new participants to the competition.

Such an Instagram hashtag contest can be hosted on a frequent basis and every week you can choose the best entry, publish a post in your account, and send a gift to the winner. This will not only increase coverage, but also help you in generating content.

When you are summing up the results of the hashtag contest, open the Hashtags tab and scroll down. All contest posts are at your disposal.
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Uploading to CSV

Hashtag collected posts can be uploaded to CSV. You will have access to a link to a post, a link to an image, post type, text, publication date, number of likes and comments. This data is enough to collect posts on a brand hashtag, summarize the results of contests with a hashtag, or collect photos from an event.
instagram hashtag research tool

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To start collecting tag data with the LiveDune tool, you need to enter the tab Hashtags and click on the button to add a tag.
How to access Instagram tag statistics?
When you open the analysis tool page, you will have access to summarised statistics on the hashtag, the dynamics of posts published by day, the posts themselves, and the ability to select a period of time for the research.
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Before the start of the contest, decide on a hashtag, a keyword linking to your contest, and set it to monitoring in LiveDune. After the launch, you can monitor and analyze the activity of the followers every day.