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#Hashtags on Facebook: Everything You Need to Know

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August 25, 2020
Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms designed for media content distribution. There are several different ways to promote a brand or initiate a conversation using this website. An essential aspect of the communications within this platform is hashtags.

Hashtags can be used to search for certain items and events, as well as unify people with similar views from all the countries in the world. It is a very effective tool for marketing, which may help you to improve the number of views.

However, using hashtags on Facebook requires some specific knowledge. If one uses it without knowing certain information about its usage, it may not be effective enough to maximize the views and realize full potential.

To help you familiarize yourself with this tool a little more, we have composed a corresponding guide about how you can use hashtags on Facebook. With it, you may be able to significantly enhance the process of your social media communications on this website.

About the hashtags

You need to know that Facebook has certain specifics. For exaple, while on Twitter a hashtag shows all the recent tweets with it, on Facebook, it unifies certain posts in a shared feed. Therefore, if you click on the hashtag, you can see all the posts marked with it. You need to remember that every hashtag is equipped with a unique URL (Uniform Resource Locator). This tool is useful both for the marketers to raise awareness about the brand and for the audience to search the content and related products.

A hashtag must consist of only one single word. Pay attention to the fact that there should be no spaces, punctuation marks, or special characters. However, you may include the numbers. Don't forget that one of the functions of hashtags is initiate and maintain a conversation concerning particular topic.

If you want to search the results for a certain hashtag, you can type it in the search bar or use the following link: facebook.com/hashtag/*keyword*. You can put your own keyword into the page address to find the information related to a specific topic. It should not be a problem for you to use this tool since it is available for every regular user, social media marketing specialist, and marketer.
search facebook hashtags

Hashtags advice

Hashtags are a handy marketing tool. Here are a few tips to make your brand promotion more effective:

  • When you create a Facebook post, be sure to include hashtags for your marketing campaign. This way, the users will see it as clickable links;

  • Use hashtags on all platforms, including mobile. The more people from different devices are engaged in the thread, the better it is for you;

  • Make the hashtag more visually comprehensive for the audience by capitalizing every letter in it. For example, #HashtagsHelpYourCampaign;

  • Include the right amount of hashtags. A couple is enough, but a bit more is already too much. If you include an excessive amount, it hurts the visual part of your post. Moreover, use it only when it makes sense. Remember: the most important part of the publication is the content itself;

  • Create the hashtags related to the industry of your brand. This way you will be able to reach a broader audience and make a contact with the people you potentially share interests with;

  • Use hashtags across all the social media, not just Facebook. If you maintain a stable marketing campaign, it helps your brand in a long-term perspective;

  • Do not put a hashtag in the middle of the sentence. It lowers the #readability for the users and you need to avoid this kind of effect;

  • You can use hashtags to initiate a conversation with a group.
search facebook hashtags

Hashtags privacy

One needs to know a couple of things about privacy concerning Facebook hashtags. The settings you apply for the posts for your personal Facebook profile are also eligible for your publications marked with hashtags. However, if you decide to differentiate the privacy settings, you may face specific issues we now try to resolve for you.

First things first, if you create posts and make them public, everyone can see the content, whether it has hashtags or not. In case you make a publication for your friends only and decide to mark it with a hashtag previously used for public posts, your friends will be able to see all the publications regardless of privacy settings. However, only your friends will see the posts marked with hashtags if they have friends-only privacy settings.

A similar thing goes for the groups. If you use a hashtag for a post inside a private group, all the public posts marked with this hashtag will be visible when somebody from this group clicks on it. However, relevant publications from the private group will be visible only for the members of the community. Remember this information when you try to publish something.
search hashtags on facebook
Hashtags have already established itself as a very effective promotion tool for Facebook. If you use the hashtags in the right way, you gain more audience for your brand. Try to use some of the advice offered in the article, and you will see how effective hashtags can be in your marketing campaign.

The algorithm described in the article should be comprehensive for anyone who would like to use this tool for conversation or brand promotion. With that said, don't miss the chance to make your campaign stand out! #Facebook

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Answers on most

common questions

How to find the information on Facebook by the hashtag?
You can type the hashtag in the search bar or go to facebook.com/hashtag/*keyword*
How much hashtags should I include in the post?
Two or three hashtags are enough.
Who can see a publication with a hashtag inside the private group?
Only the members of the group can see the publication.