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How to do a live on Facebook? Complete Guide to Live Streaming for fb

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August 5, 2020
Livestream is a very useful tool to promote a product or a service. It is very engaging for the audience to see some content broadcasted in real time. Facebook has an option of broadcasting called Facebook Live. It may not be that easy to get accustomed to its options, so we created for you an essential guide about using Facebook Live from mobile devices and desktops. Moreover, we prepared several tips for the broadcast you may find useful! Feel free to discover the full potential of Facebook Live.

How to use Facebook Live

If you would like to use Facebook Live from your mobile device, first you need to download an official Facebook application for iOS or Android. Once you start using the app, you have two options of streaming for the audience: from your personal page and from the business page. We will analyze both options to make a great broadcast in detail.

Personal page

In order to create a great stream for the people, you need to open the application and go to your home page. You will see an icon «Live» at the top right corner of the screen. Tap this icon to start streaming on Facebook. It is also possible to turn on the «Live» function by pressing on «What's on your mind?» field and choosing «Go Live» from the list.
how to make a live facebook video
After this, you will have the possibility to adjust certain options for the stream. If you tap on «To», you may choose the availability of the broadcast for the audience: public, visible only to friends on Facebook, visible to specific friends or visible to a full list of your friends except some individuals. If you want to test this feature first, you may also start streaming only for yourself. Make sure everything goes well!
how to make a live facebook video
If you want the people to know when exactly you start your Fb live video, there is an option «Send Notifications» below the page. If you select this option, your friends and followers will be notified upon sharing of your live video.
how to make a live facebook video
If you want to stream only the sound without the actual video, tap on three dots in the top right corner and select «Live Audio». For this kind of livestream you can add a background picture and make your stream more attractive.
face book live video
There is a possibility of adding a description to your Fb broadcast. Simply choose «Tap to add a description» and create something encouraging. People will be engaged in watching if the description is interesting enough!
fb live videos
If you want to tag any of your Facebook friends in the broadcast, click on an icon at the bottom right corner. Then you will be able to choose from the list people who you want to tag.
how long can you go live on facebook
You can also show the location of the broadcast, if you consider it a necessary information for the audience. Should you choose to let the Fb viewers know about your emotions, click on the face icon as shown on the picture. You will be able to select an appropriate emotion from the lists of several feelings and activities.

Finally, you can start a live video by yourself or bring a friend and stream together from different locations. You can also choose one of the popular Facebook masks to be added in your video and make the people in it look cooler. Afterwards, you may post the recording of the stream as a Fb regular video
how to set up facebook live

Business page

If you need to create a great live video from a business Facebook page, there is no problem. First, you need to go on the homepage of your business account and select «Create a post».
how to do a live on facebook"
After that you need to press on «Go Live» to enter the broadcast menu and create a stream.
how to live steam on facebook
Most of the options available for streaming from personal accounts are also available for business accounts. For example, you can add a description to the livestream.
how to live steam on facebook
If necessary, you can add a location of your livestream. For some people it might actually be interesting!
how to do livestream on facebook
It is also possible to start the livestream by showing some emotions. Simply tap on the face icon and select one of the options to let the audience know what you are up to right now. Exclusively for business accounts, it is possible to adjust the parameters of the audience for the video. To do that, tap on the three dots in the top right corner and then select age, gender and location of the people watching your broadcast.
how to do livestream on facebook
After you adjust all the options you need to use in your Facebook stream, press «Start Live Video» and let the people enjoy the great show!

How to create a Facebook Live Video on your computer

You can also start a Facebook livestream for the audience on your computer. To do that, go to the homepage of your account, press on «What's on your mind?» field and click on three dots in the bottom right corner to create a Fb post.
how to share a facebook live video
Then you can add to your Facebook post a «live video» option.
how to share a facebook live video
You can start your Facebook live video right at the moment, or you can schedule the broadcast by the date and time. Make sure people know it in advance! It's also possible to see your scheduled live videos and events. The related options are located at the top left corner of the screen.
how to make a live video in facebook
If you want to make a video livestream, you need to give Facebook permission to use your camera. Otherwise, the camera access will be denied. You can also try using a stream key or a paired encoder.
how to make a live video in facebook
If you select the option «Stream health», you can learn more about the event logs and metrics you can track for your Facebook livestream, such as video bitrate, audio bitrate and framerate.
how to make a live facebook video
If you select the «Graphics» menu, you can add several great graphic packages to improve your Fb live broadcast. There you can also look at graphics previews.
how to make a live facebook video
You can also make a poll in the Facebook live broadcast. Simply click on the «Polls» field, type your question and create several options as an answer for your stream audience to choose from.
how to make a live facebook video
Finally, you can add some questions for the audience to your Fb livestream.
how to make a live facebook video
From the panel on the right side of the screen you can choose if the video you broadcast will be shared in your timeline, to a page you manage or in a group. You can select what people can see the post you stream: anyone, only the friends on Facebook, specific friends, a full list of your friends except some individuals or only you. If you want your stream to attract more people, you can add to the video a title or a description, tag friends, check in or share some feeling/activity.

When you're done, press «Go Live» and create your great Fb broadcast!
how to make a live facebook video

10 tips for using Facebook Live

Once you familiarize yourself with the process of starting the Facebook broadcast, it's good to know how you can enhance it. We have some tips for you to make your Fb livestream great.

1. Plan the broadcast
Since you will be streaming live, it is quite hard to predict what is going to happen. However, you can always do some preparations before the Facebook stream. You may think about composing a script for the video and preparing a general structure for the stream. It may help to write down several possible ways your livestream may go and be prepared for some issues you may encounter.

2. Feel free
It is important for the Facebook audience to know that you are a real human being. Even though you actually perceive a certain goal by organizing the livestream, the right representation of yourself can help you by reaching the viewers. One needs to maintain a balance between professional and personal behaviour.

3. Warn your audience in advance
If you want to get more views for your Facebook live broadcast it makes sense to notify the people in advance. This way they might include your stream in their plans and join the broadcast. Moreover, you also raise awareness, so it is a good way to prepare the people for the broadcast.

4. Check your Internet connection and accessories
What is really important for the viewers is a stable picture, so make sure you have all the means to provide them with it. Check your signal and make certain it won't disappear during the live broadcast. To successfully stream, one also needs to check the necessary equipment. Make sure your camera, headphones and microphone work well enough. You can test the performance by choosing the option of showing the Facebook stream only to yourself.

5. Add a description
People need to know what your Facebook live broadcast will be about. The best way to let them know is to write a description matching the content you're about to stream. You need to briefly tell your audience about the broadcast. However, do not give away all the details, otherwise your livestream will not be that interesting for the viewers. The video should be the most engaging part!

6. Tag certain people and location

If you have an opportunity to add some precise information, do not miss it. By tagging people associated with the content you will raise the awareness of your broadcast. If a certain person has enough followers, by mentioning them you will increase the reach of your video. Moreover, if you add a location, it gives your Facebook livestream a complementary context and helps the people to see a better picture.

7. Keep the balance
You need to remember that some of the viewers will not join your Facebook live broadcast at the start, only sometime later. Try to distribute the information for your livestream throughout the whole video and do not squeeze it into the beginning solely. In this case the viewers who join later do not miss the majority of the important content.

8. Interact with the audience
It is always nice for the viewers to be a part of something. You may engage the audience into some form of interaction by conversing with people or answering the questions. It helps the people relate to you. If you have some additional human resources, you may assign somebody for the specific task of interaction with the Fb community.

9. Make the most of your Fb streams
The idea of recycling works great in every industry. The same goes for the livestreams: you have an option of sharing the recorded broadcasts as regular Fb videos. It means that you have an opportunity to re-use the footage for your other projects, so don't miss it! You can also share the streams via other social media and by doing so increasing the number of views.

10. Schedule your live videos
It would be easier for your audience to know when exactly you plan to post the videos. Creating the schedule for it will help them stay in touch while you receive more views from regular members of the audience. If you create great content on the regular basis, it pays you off!
Facebook Live is a very useful tool worth using. With the provided guide it should be no problem for you to broadcast the videos with several options. Livestreams can make your brand truly outstanding!

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