How to Add Links to Instagram Stories

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September 12, 2020

What are Instagram Stories?

The Instagram Story feature is a creative and fun way to share the highlights of your day with your audience. The cool thing is if you want to post something to your profile, but don't want to keep it on your page, you can put a photo or video in Stories just for 24 hours. You can decorate them with stickers, GIFs, drawings, add music, and text.

Also, if you want to design your profile bio and make it more customized, you can save your Stories in Highlights for your followers to get to know you more. Or you can save them on your phone for future use.

How to add a link to Insta Story if you have more than 10k followers

how to add links to insta stories
Lots of active social media users were grumbling over the fact that Instagram doesn't allow adding clickable links in the caption under the publications. Hence the reason you need to remind your followers about one lonely link in your bio in case you want them to listen to your single, visit your website, online store, or YouTube channel. But all bad blood was quickly forgotten as soon as Insta released a feature that allows you to add clickable links to Stories. All the person has to do to open it is to swipe up. This is very convenient, seeing as the person doesn't have to leave the app to look at your offer or purchase a product.

At first, when Instagram launched this feature, it was available only to verified accounts, but later the app allowed the use of this option to all business accounts with 10k and more followers. That was great news, seeing as the number of daily active Story users on this social network counts more than 500 million. Let's be honest, people love to record and post them as well as watch, and this is why Insta Stories are a big source of the traffic to your website.

If you want to know how to add a link to your Story, follow the steps:

  • Tap on the camera icon or swipe to the right to open the camera. You have lots of options: to take a photo, record a video, or you can swipe up to get access to your library and choose the content from your device.

  • Type or paste the URL. To add links, you need to click on a Chain icon. It will open a new page where you can enter or paste the link that you want your subscribers to check out. After you put the URL, ensure that you click on Done.
how to add link to insta story
  • Don't forget to add a CTA for your link. Before you post, make sure that you add a gentle reminder for your subscribers to click on the URL and open it. You can either choose the swipe up GIFs from the available stickers or be creative and decorate it as you wish.
how to add link to instagram story
After you've completed all the steps and are satisfied with the final appearance, you can post it. By the way, adding stickers and GIFs to your Stories, as well as polls, makes your followers interact with your page more. This increases engagement and stimulates interest in your content among the audience.

How to post a link on Insta Story if you have less than 10k followers

How to add links to your Stories if this option is not available for your account? Read below for the solution:

1. Take notes from Dennis Yu's marketing strategy

Digital marketer, speaker, and agency builder, Dennis Yu, believes that you don't need to invest big money in advertising on social media to generate significant ROI. Instead, you should try testing your content for $1/day to analyze which post performs better, and then when you feel determined, you can start investing more since the ROI will be worth it.

This strategy applies to Stories as well. So, how to add the URL if your business profile doesn't have thousands of subscribers? In the same way, you should set up a daily budget of $1, and promote a frame or more Stories. Basically, you have two options:

1. When you post a Story, Instagram gives you the opportunity to promote it from the app.
adding links to instagram stories
2. Instagram is a Facebook-owned product. That's why you can promote your Stories and publications from the Ads Manager.

To know how to add links for the profiles with a small number of followers, follow these steps:

  • Open the Ads Manager
  • Choose an objective for your ad campaign, in this particular case, better to choose Traffic
  • Select the targeted audience
  • Set up a daily budget, in this case, $1 per day
  • Select the placement for your ad, in this case, Stories
  • Now onto the editing part, here you're adding text, URL, CTA (contact us, learn more), and a headline

After you finished editing the ad and putting in necessary elements, you should wait for Facebook's approval. Then you are able to track the ad's performance using the Ads Manager or Insights on Insta.

2. Put a link to your IGTV video

When posting an IGTV video to your profile, you can put a link in the description. Basically, you need to record an IGTV video, upload it to your profile, think of a catchy title to draw the attention of your followers, and then put the link right into the description.

Then you should add a new Insta Story, click on the links option, and choose IGTV. When viewing your IGTV description, people can click on active URLs. This way, you help your audience discover your latest update.

3. Use a poll sticker

All interactive elements that the app offers are good to boost the engagement on your page, attract new subscribers to your profile, and create a bond between your business and the audience. By responding to your poll, people have the chance to start a conversation with you.

You have 24 hours to respond to any user who reacts to the poll sticker. When you create a poll, you can see the list of accounts that voted along with their answer. You will see the paper plane icon against every account, and if you click on it, you will be able to DM this person. This is a great way to strike up a conversation with a potential customer, provide them with additional details, etc.
add link to instagram story
4. Why and how to use DM ME sticker

This Instagram sticker can help you encourage your audience to start a conversation with you in private messages. This is also a chance for your subscribers to give you feedback on your products or services.

When you upload a photo or video to the Stories, click on a sticker button, and you will see the DM ME sticker. You can change its color, and have the option to type something, like a question or a CTA. But it's optional. You can just use a sticker and write your message for the audience the usual way. This way, you can customize your text, choose the font, color, etc.

All these colorful tools have enough power to draw users' attention to your page, and even make them want to take action, like visit a website, make a purchase.
how to post a link on insta story

How to analyze the performance of Instagram Story

It was already previously stated above that you can access analytics and track your ad performance through Instagram Insights. Or with the Facebook Ads Manager. Insights help you learn more about your account's audience and performance. You can view insights on your subscribers' engagement with particular publications, IGTV videos. Insights give you access to a summary page and clickable metrics that give you access to more details.

For professional accounts, Instagram offers for your consideration metrics, like:

  • Recent Highlights
Here you can see any significant increases in the account's performance in the last 7 days.

  • Overview
This metric shows the number of accounts reached, interactions with your content, subscribers.

  • Accounts Reached
This metric gives you a detailed explanation of your account's reach and impressions, page visits.

  • Content Interactions
If you click on this metric, you will see a detailed breakdown of your content interaction, like likes, comments, shares.

  • Total Followers
Here you can learn about trends across your followers.

  • Content You Shared
This metric showcases content you posted in the last 7 days.

You can also view metrics under individual publications, IGTV videos, like Interactions with your page and publications (who and how replies to your content, how many people visit your page), Discovery (reaches and impressions), Promotion.

When it comes to Facebook advertisement, it makes some of the business owners sigh because to figure out how to work with Fb Ads Manager may not be that easy.

The good news is that Instagram recently launched a new feature, ads without Facebook ad account connection. For now, the feature is available for businesses and creators only in select countries, but it's worth waiting for. With this feature, you can easily create Instagram ads without having a Facebook presence or needing to connect your business account to the Facebook page. You will be able to track your ads' performance on the app instead of Facebook Ads Manager.

Please note that you can create and use a Facebook ad account, even if you don't connect your Instagram business account to the Facebook ad account. It just means that it will remain separate. You will have the opportunity to run your Facebook ad campaigns on your Fb ad account, while Instagram ads you will manage without exiting an app.

The ability to create Instagram ads without the connection to a Facebook ad account is limited to businesses that are going to promote their posts for the first time. Because if you have already promoted your posts and Stories, then these two social media accounts are already linked, and you won't see a significant difference.

In conclusion, Stories grant you the opportunity to tell a story, make an announcement, and drive traffic to your website. Thanks to the ability to put links and CTA's, like swipe up stickers, add polls, or put DM ME stickers, you can attract users' attention and interest them enough to make them swipe up and check out your offer.

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How to post to Instagram Stories?
Tap on the Camera icon to take a picture or record a video. You can also access your phone's library and choose what you want to post there.
How to add a link to Instagram Stories?
The process of adding a link is very simple, just click on the Chain icon and enter or paste it, and don't forget to put in a CTA.
How can I use Insta Story?
This is a great way to promote your brand, or make an announcement to your followers. You can add links with CTA's, decorate it with colorful stickers and drive traffic to your website.