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How to Create a Facebook Business Page in 7 Easy Steps

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August 4, 2020
Business pages are easy to create on Facebook, especially if you have prepared all the necessary content. The last stage to go through is these 7 easy steps of creating your Business Page.

How to create a Facebook page for business

Before you can sign up for your Facebook business page, you need to log into your personal Facebook account. But don't worry—the information from your personal account will not be publicly visible on your business page. So, if you're not already logged into your personal account, log in now, then dive into the Page creation steps.

Obviously, you need to have a personal Facebook page to make a Business one. Note, that your personal information isn't visible to the public on your Business Page.

Step 1: Sign up

Click the plus icon on your page then Page in the dropdown menu.
How to Create a Facebook Business Page
In the new 2020 Facebook interface there's no page type selection as things were simplified
Now, start with your business information. Only two fields are mandatory to fill during page creation: Page name and Category. Use your business name or people associated with it, so people can find your business easier.

As for Category, start typing and Facebook will suggest some options as you write. If your brand fits several categories, add more by typing new phrases. Try to pick those, which your customers might think about while searching.
How to Create a Facebook Business Page
Before hitting the «Create Page» button, check if your page fits all the Facebook policies. And if it does, you are good to hit this shiny blue button.
You can write a description right from the start in the lower left field to test how it would look. In case you don't have text yet, don't forget to add it later on.

Step 2: Add Pictures

After you've created a page, the next step would be to add the visual part, such as profile and cover pictures. Pick them with taste as it's the first impression visitors get. Ensure that your business has a notable identity associated with business. Start with a profile image that will display near you business name everywhere on Facebook.

If you have a well-known brand, a logo picture would be the best bet here. If you make a page about a public figure, a photo of their face would be nice to use, in the case your page is about local business, a good shot of your signature would be fine too. The main purpose here is to become immediately recognizable.

While uploading a profile picture, try to avoid any important details in the corners, It's caused by display sizes on desktop (170 x 170 px) and mobile (128 x 128 px). You can read more about Facebook picture sizes in our guide here. Once you've made a decision, hit the Edit profile photo button.
How to Create a Facebook Business Page
Now it's time for a cover image, which is visible when customers visit your page. It appears at 820 x 312 pixels on desktop and 640 x 360 pixels on mobile. The min size is 400 pixels wide and 150 pixels in height, but the recommended size to upload is 720 x 315 pixels. Once you're done with fitting those sizes, hit Upload a Cover Photo.
You can also check our detailed image size guide in the Facebook section. We've covered there all image sizes and what they would look like.
The very basics of your page are done but there's still some steps to do. Before you publish a Business Page, add a bit more details to make your brand look solid. The audience should see your brand as something serious and real.

Step 3: Create your username

Username is a key to finding your brand, same as if it was a nickname on Reddit, for instance. It can be 50 characters long, but it's better to keep it short and memorable. If your business name is already taken, try using one or two dots. Find Page Settings, then Page Info section > Username field. The username will autosave without any action.
Facebook Business Page
If you're giving a username link to someone, use fb.com instead of full social network name. This shortened link can be a great combo with your short username, for instance: fb.com/livedune.

Step 4: Add your business detail

Filling all the rest information about your company is mandatory. For instance, if your store works until 9 PM, that might come in handy for people who look for those work hours. Also, the Description section might explain what your business is about in short. Still, all info is filled in Page Settings > Page Info section

There's not much space for detailed or complicated texts as its maximum character count is 255. It displays in search results when someone's looking for your brand.
Facebook Business Page
There's also a section you saw in step 1 already. Just bear in mind, that here you can change or add new categories.

Add all the contact details you want to make public, including your phone number, website, and email.

If you have a physical storefront or office, check to make sure that your location is marked correctly on the map. You can also add details about your service area, so people know, for example, which neighborhoods you deliver to. In case your company has an office or store, make sure it's marked on the map correctly. Add your service area if you have delivery options too.

If your business is open to the public during specific hours, enter those here. This information appears in search results.
There are also such fields as Price Range and Privacy Policy Link. First one used to demonstrate average f prices in your store. The second one is for giving any info about legal regulations of your company and rules.

Step 5: Tell your story

Your Description section contained short and simple info. Our Story section is made for longer texts and available only in the classic version of Facebook. It might be reasonable to remove this section in the new version as people are less likely to read much. Instead, the customer would get straight into services.
How to Create a Facebook Business Page
Anyway, in the classic version you can go to your page. Click See more button and hit About. It should display Our Story field where you can tell more about your brand. Here you can upload a relevant photo and text, then hit Publish.

Step 6: Create your first post

As you get people into a brand's page, there should be some posts to read or watch. This might be some promo video, text or just relevant content from the area of your business. Under Create Post button there's also other options to publish. You can make a live stream, special offer, event or job openings. Just make sure the posted content is relevant to your audience. Also, it's important to make the customer stick around with some entertaining content or exclusive offers.
You can use specific tools for scheduled posting and prepare several posts to appear on set timer.

Step 7: Publish your page and invite an audience

Now, it's time to show your online presence as your page was already auto-published on Step 1. If not, go to Page Settings > General and change the first field of Page Visibility to Published.
How to Create a Facebook Business Page
From this time, your brand needs some friends to create activity on your page. It's up to you how to get traffic in there, you might try to engage people from your other social networks. Also, you can ask customers to review a service on Facebook or participate in exclusive promo.
Prepare several posts before publishing and make your page look live with some activity going on.

How to optimize your Facebook business page

After the very basics of creating a brand's Facebook page, start optimizing it. These tips are not really strict to follow, still it's a small check-list you might wanna try.

Call to action buttons
Your potential customer should have the ability to get straight to the relevant information or services. Facebook helps in there too with its function of adding buttons to your page. Just pick an appropriate one for your services and paste a link that leads into them. You can check all the buttons available on your company's page in the top-right corner. Hit the blue box named Add a button and you are good to go!
How to Create a Facebook Business Page
Add a pinned post
Got something important to say about your services? Maybe some offer or achievements people have to see? Just pin it at the top!This is a nice opportunity to post an attention-grabbing content and make customers click it. The post will display right under header sections.

Just start with publishing a post, then hit three dots near posted content and choose Pin to Top of Page.
How to Create a Facebook Business Page
Like other pages
As Facebook is meant to be social, it's important to interact with other brands and people too. Build a community around your business by connecting with other relevant companies that are not your competitors. Think of it as an additional value for your followers and other company followers too. Simply hit the three dots on a page you want to like and click Like as Your Page. Now, followers of this page will see who liked it including your brand.

Learn from Page Insights

Gathering as much data as possible is important for every marketer. Facebook offers an Insights feature to view your page's activity and how people are engaged with your content. Insights ease the understanding of your audience needs. To access Page Insights, click Insights in the left menu of your Facebook Page.
Create a Facebook Business Page
Insights gives you information about your page's overall performance, including some data on audience demographics and reactions. You can see metrics on your posts so you can understand how many people you're reaching. You'll also see how many comments and reactions are gained from specific posts—data that helps you plan future content.

A key feature of Insights is the ability to see how many people have clicked on your call-to-action button, website, phone number, and address. This data is divided by demographics such as age, gender, country, city, and device, making it easier for you to tailor future content to your audience. To access this information click Actions on Page in the left menu.

Link to your Facebook Page from other web pages

Backlinks help boost the credibility of your Facebook business page and may help improve your search engine ranking. They also help direct new potential followers to your page.Include a link to your Facebook page at the bottom of your blog posts and where appropriate on your website. Encourage other companies and bloggers to do the same when you collaborate.

Remember the username step in this guide? This is where it comes in handy. The more memorable and short it will be, the more chance to draw an audience into your page. Insert the link in your blogs, collaborate with other companies and influencers. Make people remember it at least, even if they don't click the link. Bear in mind that it's harder to go alone, so get into a collaborative journey as much as you can.

Facebook Saved Replies

Now available on Instagram and Facebook you can now send "Saved Replies" on your business page to help attend to customers frequently asked questions faster. When the customer sends a message, your Saved Replies will appear on the left sidebar of your messaging board with the "Manage Replies" button at the bottom. You can take a look at Sephora's Facebook saved replies below to how they use saved replies to interact with customers.
Create a Facebook Business Page

Make your response time perfect

You have the option of letting people how quickly your business will respond to messages sent through Facebook. You can choose "Automatically show your average response time." If your business responds to 90 percent of a message within five minutes a green "very responsive" will be displayed on your page. Otherwise, you make other selections such as "Typically replies within an hour." Regardless, it is a good idea to give your target audience an idea of when to expect a response from your business or organization and for you to respond as soon as possible.
Create a Facebook Business Page
AutomatedReplies – By selecting Responses are all automated you can have an automated reply that goes to all users who message you on your Business Page for the first time. You can customize 250-character message that's automatically sent to the user before have the opportunity to send a personalized response.
Lastly, the most popular social network in the world has all the great tools to promote your brand and interact with audiences. Learn detailed statistics of how people interact with your page on LiveDune

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