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How To Create Animated Instagram Stories – Best Apps 2020

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September 24, 2020

Why you need to create animated Stories

Animated Stories are a great way to draw the attention of your followers and people who randomly visit your page to your brand. This way, you have high chances to make them watch your message till the end, listen to your point without the desire to skip and exit the app.

Despite the Story's duration of 15 seconds, you have just a couple of seconds to catch viewers' attention with the flashy, moving animation.

Fortunately, nowadays, there are lots of options to easily create engaging animated Instagram Stories content. We will tell you about 12 animation apps for Instagram so you could create high-quality content with your phone and surprise your audience with your talent for creating the coolest stuff.

Cool graphics and design apps

1. Over

Speaking of creating customized and fabulous-looking Stories, we feel obligated to mention Over. This app is full of gorgeous templates, original and easy to use tools, and animated graphics that are able to make your content look fantastic.
The best way to make your Stories customized and popping is by using colorful templates with text or other elements that can move. Moreover, Over's video library offers a variety of beautiful animations that add liveliness to your creations. With this app, you'll learn how to get inspired to make an animated masterpiece.
Download: iOS, Android

2. Spark AR Studio

With Spark AR Studio, you open a whole new world of exciting possibilities to create thumb-stopping content. The popularity of different filters and augmented reality masks is off the charts these days. No wonder because it's fun, and who doesn't like to have some fun? The app offers hundreds of audio files, 3D objects, elements with text, and many more other assets, so you could learn how to channel your inner artist, and create on-brand animation, filters, and change background for your Instagram Story. Spark AR Studio has all of the needed features and capabilities for you to become a creator. And the most amazing news is that you don't need to have any coding experience to take your self-expression to a brand new level.
animation stores
Download: iOS, Android

3. Mojo

If you're wondering how to make attention-grabbing Instagram Stories, Mojo is the perfect solution.

This app offers tons of creative tools to make a stunning, customized animated Story with text and different effects. You can customize all the templates the way you want to, change colors and speeds, sizes, crop, add animation, custom fonts, and more.

Mojo offers more than 50 templates and text styles to pick from. Using its animated templates is convenient if you want to promote your new post and encourage your followers to swipe up the link.
animation stores
Download: iOS, Android

4. Adobe Spark

You are probably familiar with Adobe and well aware that it's professional editing software. But don't worry because, with Adobe Spark, you don't need design expertise to make beautiful animated graphics in minutes.
Adobe Spark animation stories
This application allows you to make miracles with text and graphics, make it move, add a touch of animation to make your content steal the spotlight.
Adobe Spark animation stories
Adobe Spark is about how to get inspired by the beautiful templates the application offers and start creating. You can surprise the audience not only with flashy pictures on your Instagram Story but also with eye-catching colorful video clips where you can easily add a picture, your own voice, select from professional-quality soundtracks, cinematic motion, and enjoy your creation.
Download: iOS, Android

5. Seen

This application is all about making your Stories look gorgeous and move flawlessly slick, which means that the transition between each slide is really smooth. The app offers a huge variety of trendy templates and stickers, but the main attention falls on a dramatic transition. Pictures beautifully melt into one another, and you can do whatever you want with text, make it fade in and out.

Within the same layout, you can mix a picture and a video, while a smooth transition connects your content into a beautiful story and makes your followers don't want to skip past it.
Seen app animation stories
Download: iOS

6. InStories

To make your brand easy to spot and recognize on social media, it's important to create a unique style. For that, you need to use apps like InStories. With InStories, you'll know how to make beautiful, elegant animated Instagram Stories with no design skills because you don't need them. The app offers 150+ customizable templates and a huge fonts library so you could decorate a Story with text messages.
Instories app animation stories
Download: iOS

7. InShot

InShot is one of the most popular editors for pictures and videos that can help to create amazing and eye-catching content for social media.

The app has expanded its features, and now you can add animations, stickers, music, move your creations, adding glitch effect to a transition, and so much more.
InShot app animation stories
Download: iOS, Android

Apps to Add Fun GIFs to your Instagram Stories


One of the best and easiest ways to dilute a regular Instagram Story and add a bit of animation and liveliness is by adding a GIF from the GIPHY app.

Yes, Instagram has a built-in library full of amazing GIFs, but if you're looking for full-frame GIFs, you might want to check out GIPHY. By the way, besides the fact that GIPHY is a leader in visual expression and helps create outstanding content and sets the tone for the whole article, post, or Story, not so long ago, the app also officially joined the Facebook company and is now a member of the Instagram team.
Giphy animation stories
The GIPHY offers a huge catalog of GIFs to choose from, and the best thing is the way these categories are organized. You can type whatever artist, or movie character, holiday, etc., you're looking for in the search bar and easily navigate the page.
Once you find the one that perfectly fits your content, you can press on "share to Instagram" and choose whether you want to post it to your feed or in Story.

Also, to save time, you can save them to your phone and choose straight from the photo gallery. Or you can open Create mode on the app and browse the GIPHY's library to create a make-shift template.
Giphy animation stories
By the way, not so long ago, GIPHY introduced its new feature, an opportunity to spice up your video calls with stunning backdrops.
Download: iOS, Android

2. ImgPlay

If you want to spice up your Instagram game with animated Stories and create your own GIFs, you can stop looking for other apps. ImgPlay is an easy to use and fun application that allows you to create them using pictures and videos right from your device.

ImgPlay lets you add filters, adjust the frame rate, create a Boomerang effect, decorate your creations with text.
Download: iOS, Android

3. Patternator

You can use this app to create playful animated wallpaper for your Instagram Stories using artful images and GIFs. But Patternator is more than just a wallpaper maker. You can extract main elements from your images, like logos, emojis, or customized stickers, and make amusing GIF-style images to grab the attention of your audience.
Patternator animation stories
With Patternator, it's easy to make animated stuff and have fun. By the way, if you have your own stickers in the GIPHY library, you can find them and include them in your Patternator design.
Download: iOS, Android

Apps to Make Motion Stories

1. Life Lapse

Probably lots of people thought at least once while filming a video, how cool it would have been if they could make it move the way they want to. Well, with Life Lapse, you can control everything. The app makes it easy to make stop motion videos with your phone. You don't need to spend tons of money on pricey cameras. All you need is to have your phone camera, tripod, and good lighting.
However, Life Lapse is not just a stop motion creator that can make things move as you wish. The application offers a variety of amazing tools, such as filters, music, speeds, an interval timer, to add a little bit of magic and help you make eye-catching content. Life Lapse will help you make high-quality Stories that stand out and grab your followers' attention.
Download: iOS, Android

2. Enlight Pixaloop

Have you been wondering how to make still images move? Apps like Enlight Pixaloop are capable of bringing your still image to life. Enlight Pixaloop is a great opportunity to add an element of magic to your Stories and make it pop.

If it seems impossible to choose between a photo and a video, you can have both. With Enlight Pixaloop, turn a static photo into an animated one is literally no big deal. You can also include different moving elements and overlays, adjust the speed. This application is pure magic. It is user friendly and allows you to unleash your inner artist to make your vision come alive.
Download: iOS, Android
To sum things up, it is pretty much obvious that Instagram Stories is exactly the place where users spend the most time while being active on the application. It means that in order to spread brand awareness and promote your products or services, you need to grab the viewers' attention and don't let them think that you're boring and just exit your page. Your brand needs to develop a unique style, present more liveliness in its publications, and maybe even make customized stickers, masks, or filters to attract more attention.

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Answers on the most
common questions
What is an animated Instagram Story?
It is the hottest social media trend to stop followers and people who randomly visited your page scrolling through, and pay attention. You can easily make them even without design expertise and special equipment.
How to create animated Instagram Stories?
There are lots of apps, like Mojo, Adobe Spark, ImgPlay, that can help you customize your content and attract the attention of the audience.
What is the best app for creating an animation in Stories?
The most popular are probably Life Lapse, Mojo, GIPHY, and Inshot. They can help you add liveliness to your publications, decorate it with text, make still pictures move, and so much more.