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How to do a swipe up on Insta? Use the Swipe-Up Feature in Instagram Stories

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October 21, 2020

How to Swipe Up on IG

Instagram users and marketers are well aware of the lack of opportunity to add links in the caption for the posts. Yes, you always have the profile bio, but constantly updating URLs or thinking too hard when trying to choose the one is not fun at all. But if your account meets the criteria needed to include URLs to Insta stories, you have a much broader set of opportunities.

The swipe-up feature is extremely convenient when it comes to promoting products or services, announcing sales, etc. Your followers don't have to close the app to explore the landing page because the URL opens right on Instagram.

Basically, all they have to do to access the link is to click on the arrow at the bottom of their screen or swipe up the URL.

For the time being, Insta keeps this feature exclusive, and only business accounts, profiles with 10,000 and more subscribers, or verified accounts can add URLs to their stories. Even if your account still hasn't passed the threshold of 10,000 followers, but it's verified, you can insert swipeable links.

How to Add Swipe Up Links on Instagram

  • Go to your Insta account and click on the camera icon in the top left corner of your screen or tap on your profile picture in the stories bar.
  • Create your Instagram story by shooting a video, Boomerang, or taking a picture. You can also access the library and choose the photo or video from the camera roll.
  • To use the feature, click on the chain icon and add the link. Add a CTA (call to action) to ensure that your subscribers will check out the landing page. If the content you're going to share is sponsored, then this is the place where you input the information.

Instagram Swipe Up Feature

By now, you're well aware of the convenience of the Instagram swipe up feature and how to add it to your stories. Let's talk about how to get the most out of it.

Promote products

This feature is a great opportunity to promote your products. Considering that Instagram is a visual platform, taking amazing pictures of your products and adding the URL to the website where people can purchase it is a good idea.

Promote blog posts

Create graphics and promote your recent posts with swipeable URLs. This is a great chance to bring more attention to your content and increase engagement.

Keep in mind that your graphics should be user friendly and create them within the right dimensions. Also, make sure that your visuals fit the content of the post.

You can create customized templates, include your blog's name and a CTA, make the color scheme and fonts that will help you to stay on brand.
swipe up instagram

Promote online events

If you're planning a live stream or some other kind of virtual event and want to generate a larger audience for it, use the swipe up option to announce it and encourage people to register. You probably already have previously prepared media content, so you can just post it and add a URL that will redirect people to the needed landing page. Or you can always take an eye-catching picture or a short video to attract your followers' attention to the story.

Take a look at how American singer-songwriter, Billie Eilish, invites her followers to join her virtual show live stream by inserting the URL where people can fill out the form to participate.
how to do a swipe up on insta
You can also share your posts to Insta stories by tapping on the paper plane icon and selecting where to post it. This way, you get to use the swipe up option and encourage people to check out your feed.

Promote landing pages

The purpose of these pages is to attract followers to visit the landing page, sign up or make a purchase. Hence it is so important to let your audience see the URL you're referring them to.

This is an example of how a clothing store promotes and links to a sale and a landing page.

In fact, creating visual content to showcase your products or services on Insta and then linking them to the landing pages should be an inalienable part of your marketing strategy.
how to swipe up on ig

Promote lead magnets

This is an amazing way to grow your email list. You can use the swipe up option on Insta and offer your followers a guide, a compilation of tips aimed at their pain points.

This particular example on the picture below is an Instagram ad that adds a signup form directly on the URL, and your followers don't have to navigate their way through a signup page.
insta story swipe up

Promote videos

You can increase the number of views on a published video regardless of the platform (YouTube, Instagram IGTV, Facebook, on the website) you published it on. You just need to add the swipe up reference to the stories so people could immediately check it out.

Take a look at how Liza Koshy, American actress, comedian, and YouTuber, shares the thumbnail of the episode for her YouTube show via the swipe up reference.
how to get swipe up on insta
This is an amazing and convenient opportunity to cross-promote all your social media channels.

Final Tips

Include a CTA

First of all, you need to include a call to action to bring the maximum attention to the URL and drive more traffic and conversions to the landing page.

Decorate it with GIFs

First things first, Instagram is all about the visuals. The platform offers a huge variety of different stickers, GIFs, and other elements that can help you to draw attention to the URL and convey the message.

This is also a great way to bring some fun to your posts while staying on brand.

Post regularly

The frequency of posting impacts your reach and engagement. The more often you post, the more interaction you receive from the audience. If your subscribers often view your stories, then they will be the first ones to show up in their feed.

If you take a long break from posting content, you're under the risk of losing the top position in the feed of your subscribers, decreasing the level of engagement, and maybe even losing some of the subscribers.

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How to add swipeable links on Instagram?
Go to your profile and click on the camera icon in the top left corner of your screen or tap on your profile picture. To use the feature, click on the chain icon and insert the URL.
How to swipe up on Instagram?
This option is extremely convenient when it comes to promoting products or services, announcing sales, etc. All your followers need to do to access the URL is click on the arrow at the bottom of their screen or swipe up.
How to use the swipe-up feature on Insta story?
You can use it to promote posts, online events, landing pages, lead magnets, videos, and cross-promote all your social media channels.