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How to Facebook Advertise in 2020:
Fb Ads Guide

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September 21, 2020

Types of Facebook ads in 2020

Image Ads

This type of ad will help you to start your Facebook ads campaign. Also, this way, you are able to showcase your product, service, or brand using just one picture. To create image ads will not take much of your time, you can make them in Ads Manager or boost a post from your Fb page.

These advertisements may seem easy to make, but you need to be creative to make them stand out. Choose an eye-catching image that will present your brand from the best angle, and prompt people to learn more about it. The message you're delivering can drive people to visit the website and purchase a product, think about it carefully.
facebook advertising how to

Video ads

You probably noticed that video ads often appear in your feed or Stories. Also, they can appear during the time you're streaming the requested content. This way, you have the opportunity to tell your brand's story and catch the attention of your followers. The process of making these advertisements is similar to the previous one. You can make them in Ads Manager or boost an already existing content.
how to facebook advertise
To make them even more attractive and engaging, you can always use GIFs and graphics design apps, like in this advertisement from social media scheduler, Later.
how to facebook advertising

Video poll ads

This mobile-friendly Fb advertisements format seems so great due to its interactive component. Video poll ads can attract a much bigger audience than ordinary video advertisements. If you're thinking about how to make a great advertisement, first things first, remember about its length. It doesn't have to be longer than 15 seconds. Remember to keep poll questions short as well. Your followers are busy and don't have the time to read poems. Also, put the most interesting part at the beginning, and present your brand's identity straight away to help your audience remember it.

Carousel ads

The carousel format lets you include more than two pictures or videos, and links in one post. It is very convenient to use if you want to showcase multiple goods or demonstrate multiple features of the one. If you're not selling tangible products, you can use this advertisement to show the benefits of being your brand's client to the audience.
advertising with facebook

Slideshow ads

With slideshow ads, you can create animated ads from a compilation of photos. In case you don't have the needed pictures, you can choose stock images from Ads Manager.

These advertisements are really engaging, and quickly load even with a slow internet connection. If you're looking for a way to draw your followers' attention and advertise your business without putting in much effort, this is what you need.
how to advertise with facebook
Source: Facebook.com

Collection ads

The collection format includes Instant Experience, which means your audience can make a purchase without leaving Facebook. This way, online shopping is much more convenient if you're in a hurry, and you don't have to download another website.

With these Facebook paid advertisements, you are able to feature up to 5 products in a post, and customers can shop by simply clicking on stuff they want to buy.
creating a facebook ad

Instant Experience ads

It is a full-screen advertisement that will open and load on your phone extremely fast after a few clicks. If you want to advertise your brand and do it in a way that will grab the attention of people, and will tell your company's story, this is your go-to. You can create a customized advertisement or choose from a variety of templates. By the way, it works with different formats, be it an image, carousel, slideshow, or collection advertisement.
how to make a facebook ad
Source: Facebook.com

Lead ads

With Facebook lead advertisements campaign, you can simplify the lead generation process, users can click on your advertisement, and a customized form pops up. They don't have to do a lot of typing. It is efficient to advertise your brand this way because followers are likely to complete the forms instead of exiting.

Facebook lead advertisements campaign can help to spread brand awareness, boost reaches, and get high-quality leads. That's why it is important to create short advertisements with a clear value for the customers, don't overwhelm them with unnecessary questions, and make sure that your ad represents your brand.

Dynamic ads

This is your answer on how to make a great campaign to advertise the right goods to the customers who have demonstrated their interest on your website, Facebook page, etc. It is very convenient, seeing as you have to create and set up the advertisement once, and it will work for as long as you want to.

This way, you show Fb users only the stuff that aligns with their interests. For instance, someone plans a vacation and wants to book a trip. It's the opportunity for you to advertise your brand by matching the Fb user's intent with your items. In this case, dynamic advertisements for a particular product will show up in this user's Facebook feed with a gentle reminder to choose and finish the purchase.
create facebook adverts
Source: Facebook.com

Messenger ads

If you're still wondering how to make an advertisement that will reach more customers, start taking advantage of Messenger advertisements right now.

With Messenger advertisements, you can advertise your brand the same way you do across other Facebook platforms. When people click to open an ad, it will redirect them to your website or personal conversation with a page's manager.
how advertise facebook
Source: Facebook.com

Stories ads

Facebook Stories help you advertise in a creative way, showing your message in the form of a full-screen vertical picture or animated image.

Stories became a push for lots of users to take action, such as visit a website or make a purchase. Stories help customers to get more immersed in the story the brand is telling.
how to advertising on facebook
Source: Facebook.com

Stories augmented reality ads

You can advertise your brand using filters, animation, and other camera effects that encourage users to interact with your brand. Also, the app users who interact with your augmented reality advertisement can take photos or record their experience of using it, and post it Stories or on the news feed.
how to advertise on facebook
Source: Facebook.com

Playable ads

If you're looking for one more way how to make an advertisement that will encourage users to interact with it and drive them to action, you've found it. Basically, you're creating a game with a video introduction that will appear in the news feed or Stories, drawing users' attention and prompting them to engage with your content and play.
how advertise on facebook
Source: Facebook.com

How to advertise on Facebook

To create a Facebook ads campaign, you should go to the Facebook Ads Manager. You don't need any special background to advertise on Facebook. Want to know how to make an effective advertisement? Read the guideline on how to easily create and run ad campaigns and track their performance.

Step 1: Choose the objective

To advertise productively, and get satisfying results, you need to focus on your goal. How to make an effective Fb advertisement?

You should log into Fb Ads Manager, choose the campaigns tab and click on Create to get started.

Based on the results you want to achieve, and depending on your business goals, Facebook offers you 11 objectives:

  • Brand awareness: tell about your brand to the new audience.
  • Reach: show your advertisement to the bigger number of people without spending extra money.
  • Traffic: Increase the number of visits on your website, app, or Messenger conversation.
  • App installs: Stimulate the desire in people to install your app.
  • Engagement: Reach a bigger audience to get more followers and encourage them to interact with your content.
  • Lead generation: Simplify the process of learning about your brand for your targeted audience, encourage them to get to know you more.
  • Video views: Attract more people to watch your videos without exiting right after the video started streaming.
  • Conversions: Drive the app users to visit your website, app, or Facebook Messenger, and purchase a product.
  • Messages: Make people want to contact your business through the Facebook Messenger app.
  • Catalog sales: Connect your Fb ads to the product catalog so people would see advertisements with the stuff they were looking for earlier.
  • Store traffic: Advertise and drive customers that are in the near location to visit a store.
how to advertise on facebook
Choose the objective according to the goal you want to achieve. Also, it is worth mentioning that if you choose a conversion objective, like sales, you can pay per action, but for exposure objectives, like video views and traffic, you will pay for impressions.

We will choose the Engagement objective as an example. Overall, the whole process of creating an ad is pretty much similar for every objective, but some of the steps may be a bit different.

Step 2: Name your campaign

Select a name for your advertisement, and decide if you want to set up an A/B test, or basically, test campaigns to see which strategy brings you better results. Also, it's up to you whether to turn on budget optimization. This option is useful if you run various advertisement sets.

You need to decide what to focus on, engagement with your publications, event responses, etc. We will focus on Page likes in our example.
facebook advertising how to

Step 3: Set up your ad account

If you're just getting started with Facebook advertising, click on a button Set Up Ad Account. After that, you'll need to enter your country, time zone, currency, and click on the button that says Continue.

Think thoroughly and select carefully because if you decide to change these options later, you'll have to create another ad account.

Step 4: Target your audience

After you name your advertisement, you need to select which page you plan to advertise.

Scroll down to select the targeted audience.

The first option that pops up is to add those users who have already interacted with your brand on Facebook or other platforms. Let's focus on other options that the app offers.

How to make the right choice? It's probably wise to start with selecting the target location, gender, age, and language. During the selection process, pay attention to the audience size indicator, which helps you to understand the possible reaches of your ads.

You'll also see an anticipated number of likes on your page. If you haven't run ads before, the anticipated results can be not accurate, seeing as Facebook doesn't have the data to operate with. That's why you should note that there's no guarantee that your real results will be equal to the anticipated numbers.
Now on to the detailed targeting. To advertise and maximize ROI, your targeting needs to be effective and thought through. Ads Manager offers two areas in which you can specify the portrait of the targeted Fb users:

Detailed targeting. Here you can include or exclude users depending on their demographics, interests, and behaviors. This field allows you to be very detailed. For example, you can select to target users in both boxing and tennis but exclude those who are not interested in kickboxing.

Connections. With this option, you can advertise and reach a new group of followers by selecting to exclude followers who interacted with your page earlier. If you want to advertise a new product to the followers who already support you, select an option People who like your Page, to reach those who are already familiar with your brand and products. Also, you can select the option of targeting your friends or followers who interacted with your page before.

Step 5: Select your ad placements

You need to select where you want to place your ads. How to make a placement process smooth if you're new to this? If you're just learning to set up advertisements and feel like you could use some help, use the option the app offers. In this case, it'll be smart to use Automatic Placements. If you select this option, the app will set up an automatic placement of your ads across Fb, Instagram, Messenger, or places where they have high chances of reaching more users.

If you're an experienced user, you may select specific placements for your advertisements where you want to advertise your brand:

  • Device type. A mobile device, desktop, or both.
  • Platform. Instagram, Messenger, Facebook.
  • Placements. Newsfeed, Stories, websites, messages.
  • Specific mobile devices and operating systems. iOs, Android.

Step 6: Set the budget and schedule

The next step requires you to decide on how much money you are ready to spend to advertise your product or brand. You are able to select a daily or lifetime budget. You can set the start and end dates to schedule your ad, or create it and launch right away. The advanced budget options will help you get into detail about how exactly you're getting charged.

The most efficient way to run your ad is to do it on a schedule because this option allows you to showcase it when your followers are online. Keep in mind that you can use this option only if you have created a lifetime budget.

Step 7 : Make your ad

First things first, you need to select the format for your ad. After that, enter the needed text and add pictures or videos. The available formats depend on the objective you chose at the very beginning.
Before launching an ad, you need to make sure that it looks the way you wanted to for all the selected placements. It is a very important step because sometimes some ad elements can shift depending on screen size. Click on the Preview button, and if you're satisfied with the result, click on the Confirm button to approve and finish the process. When your ad is approved, the app will send you an email.

Facebook ad specs

To create efficient and engaging Facebook ads, you need to remember about the recommended character counts. If your message doesn't fit within text limits, your ad will simply be cut off.

Also, you need to know which types of advertisements work with each of the ad campaign objectives to choose how to advertise your products in the best way.

Image ads

  • Headline: 25 characters

  • Description: 30 characters

  • Primary text: 125 characters

  • Objectives: Reach, Brand Awareness, Traffic, Engagement, Page Likes, Event Responses, App Installs, Lead Generation, Conversions, Catalog Sales, Store Traffic, Messages

Video ads

  • Headline: 25 characters

  • Description: 30 characters

  • Primary text: 125 characters

  • Objectives: Reach, Brand Awareness, Traffic, Engagement, Page Likes, Event Responses, App Installs

Facebook Stories ads

  • Text: No set character count. Aim to leave 250 pixels text-free at the top and bottom of the ad.

  • Objectives: Engagement, Messages, Catalog Sales, Store Traffic

Carousel ads

  • Headline: 25 characters

  • Description: 20 characters

  • Primary text: 125 characters

  • Objectives: Reach, Brand Awareness, Traffic, App Installs, Lead Generation, Conversions, Catalog Sales, Store Traffic, Messages

Slideshow ads

  • Headline: 25 characters

  • Description: 30 characters

  • Primary text: 125 characters

  • Objectives: All

Collection ads

  • Headline: 25 characters

  • Description: not applicable

  • Primary text: 90 characters

  • Objectives: Traffic, Conversions, Catalog Sales, Store Traffic

Instant Experience ads

  • Text: Blocks of text up to 500 words each.

  • Objectives: All except Lead Generation, Catalog Sales, and Messages

Messenger Inbox ads

  • Headline: not applicable

  • Description: not applicable

  • Primary text: 125 characters

  • Objectives: Traffic, App Installs, Conversions, Catalog Sales, Messages

Tips on how to make an efficient Facebook ad

1. Experiment with the targeted audience

It's better to get started with a narrow audience and start adding more categories once you understand how it affects your ad campaign and what results do you get from it.

Also, as was previously stated before, you can advertise your brand for different audience categories. You can choose whether you want to show it to your customers. Or the people who have never heard about your products before.

Be detail-oriented, and don't rush to make assumptions about your targeted audience. For example, if you choose to advertise and target people who live in Europe, you should take into consideration the language option. Because since you're paying money for the ad, it won't make much sense to advertise products for Italians in French.

2. Use the Facebook Pixel

This Facebook Pixel code can seriously impact your ad campaign. When you add the code on your website, you are able to track conversions and market your products using new methods. If you feel like don't using Facebook pixel at the moment, you should install it right away. This way, you will have the needed data ready when you decide to start optimizing your Facebook ad campaign.

3. To advertise, use high-quality photos and videos

Blurry photos and twitchy videos is a no go if you want to advertise effectively. When people click and open your ad, you need to make them watch it till the end. Twitchy videos are definitely capable of drawing followers' attention, but not in the way you'd like to. Remember that high-quality photos and videos matter as much as the text message you want to deliver, so choose your content carefully.

4. How to make sure everything works

To create a Facebook ad that will advertise effectively, you should compare it to the previous Fb advertisements. And choose the one that brings the best results. Tactics for Facebook advertisements are changing all the time. You should compare how people react to your Fb ads to advertise with great outcomes. This is how to make an efficient Fb ad.

5. Track and optimize Fb ad performance

To advertise your brand on Facebook effectively and spend money wisely, you need to analyze the ad performance all the time. Basically, if you ask how to make a well-performing ad, the answer is to create, track, analyze, and create again. The main thing is a personal approach because if something doesn't work for others, it may work for you.

Also, if you're just trying things out, it may be better to try things out with several advertisements with small audiences and budgets. Because the possibility of a particular ad not performing great or performing really bad is high, so it's smart to ensure you won't lose big money.

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Answers on the most
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How to advertise on Facebook effectively?
You need to track the ad performance all the time and compare your advertisements against each other.
How to create Fb ads?
Set up a business account and login to the Ads Manager.
Why do I need to advertise my brand on Facebook?
Because this is one of the most popular apps nowadays, and if you want to expose your products to a bigger audience, you need to create Fb advertisement.