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How to Find Out Who Unfollowed You on Instagram in 2020

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September 3, 2020

What are the pros of using Instagram

The fact that Instagram is an enormously popular photo and video sharing social network owned by Facebook is very well known. You can download it for both your iOS or Android at the AppStore and Google Play Store respectively. The popularity of the app is growing with every passing day, especially considering how much time people spend online on a daily basis.

Many people prefer using Insta over other social networks because of how its main focus is aimed at visual content, it's not necessary to bother about captions, and the interface is nice. Besides, the app seems like a perfect platform for photographers, nail artists, make-up artists, designers, and other creative professions to share their works and grow the number of potential customers.

But not only artists are able to see clearly the value of Instagram as a business platform. Various companies founders that own not just a business but already a successful and widely famous brand created Instagram business accounts a long time ago. It may sound a little questionable but this social network can help your brand be the best. Times, when Instagram was considered strictly as a place for the pictures of your breakfast or funny memes, are long gone, now this is the best platform for engagement with your customers. When a company has an active Insta profile where a page's manager regularly posts new content including Stories that bring probably the most engagement as you can see in the stats and communicates with followers in the comments section people are much more trusting towards this brand.

It is also worth mentioning the relevance of cross-posting on your social media. The best thing about social networks is that they as an inalienable part of a brand's marketing strategy offer enough marketing tools for you to analyze the market and to see who is your target audience, and what are the most efficient ways to enhance traffic and engagement.

How to arrange a cross-posting on Insta? This is actually one of the best things about family-like relationships between Facebook and Instagram. It is possible to post the same content to both apps saving time and not putting too much effort. So, basically, when sharing new content on Insta, the application offers the option of sharing it on Facebook as well just with a few clicks, and it works for Stories on both apps too. This is a very efficient way to reach more of your targeted audience and to tell a bigger number of folks about your brand along with encouraging them to follow all your social media accounts.

Let's summarize what are the main advantages of this application. With Instagram it's easy to create your own space where it is possible to share your art, photo and video highlights of your day with a huge number of people all over the world simultaneously, or follow your favorite celebrities, influencers, meme accounts, fashion brands and many more to keep up with the latest news in the world.

Big companies and popular brands use the platform to reach their targeted audience, engage with customers by regularly updating their content, cross-posting on Facebook effortlessly, and announcing new collections, collaborations, sales, different events, etc. All it takes to let the world know about your announcement is basically a few clicks to publish a post or Stories, and it costs nothing. This is pretty much the best way to promote your business, originate a huge interest in your brand, and boost traffic to your website as well as increase revenue.

All these qualities make Instagram the best app for both entertainment and growing your business.

How to sign up for Instagram

The process of signing up is easy-breezy. Download the application from the AppStore or Google Play Store for your iPhone or Android accordingly. After that fill in all the details that the social network requires, like name, age, email address, etc., come up with a catchy username or enter the name of your brand, think of and enter the password, and then sign in. Congrats! You're officially welcomed as a new Instagram community member.

Possible ways to see your followers and unfollowers

One of undoubtedly the most useful features of this social media app is that you get notified every time whenever someone starts following you or wants to follow your profile, and if your account is private then the decision to add or not to add a follower is completely yours. When your account sends a follow request to a private profile, it also needs to be accepted. If for some reason you decide to unfollow another user it happens immediately, and you don't have to wait for permission, just click on the button "unfollow" and move on.

Each follower is a unique person with the exception of bots that spam your comments section under every post which means that every person that follows your page can view your content although if your page is not private it's not necessary that every person that interacts with your posts is, in fact, follows you on the app.

Okay, looks like everything is clear when it comes to your followers. But what about your unfollowers? How to see who unfollowed you on this social network? If your account is small and was created to share the moments of your life with friends and family, you can easily do this manually by clicking on "followers" and seeing what changed. But if your profile is big and counts thousands of followers this way isn't suitable for the situation, it is too time-consuming.

How to see who unfollowed you on Instagram

There are applications that might be helpful when counting unfollowers or finding out users that recently unfollowed your profile.

For iOS devices

Unfollowers & Followers track
who unfollowed me
This application is an analytics tool that helps in keeping track of your followers, and seeing who unfollows you or already are your unfollowers. It has lots of features, like discovering the list of followers that you unfollow or your unfollowers, and accounts that recently unfollowed your profile.

For Android devices

Unfollow Gram - Fans & Unfollowers for Instagram
who unfollowed on instagram
This is a tool that helps in discovering fans of your account as well as unfollowers. There is also a feature of adding your favorite users in whitelist which means that they won't be shown in your unfollowers list.

Also, if you were ever wondering how to clear up your account, dispose of inactive followers, spammers, etc., then congrats because one of the features of this application is mass unfollow which allows you to unfollow up to 50 followers with just one click. It is a very beneficial option when trying to get rid of annoying bots and trolls in the comments section.

FollowMeter - Unfollowers Analytics for Instagram
unfollowers in instagram
This tool is available for both iPhone and Android. It helps in managing your account, monitoring unfollowers, and the growth in followers, Stories views, and posts performance. The app shows the details of people who unfollowed your page recently. After signing up it'll become clear how to improve your page's managing process, and use all of the features, like discovering your secret admirers aka people that like your posts, watch Stories, and leave comments but don't follow your page, track accounts who blocked your profile, add your page to the discover section to get more exposure, and of course, seeing who followed and unfollowed your account.

A decrease in the number of your followers can be obvious even if your account is big. But focusing all your energy on thoughts like who unfollowed your profile is not worth your time. People learn, grow, our interests change and it's okay if a certain user decides to not follow your account anymore because its content doesn't resonate with his goals and interests. Thanks to the "unfollow" feature that Insta provides it's easy to learn how to clean up your "following" list, and maybe it's the right time to do just that.

Regardless of your business being small or big, it is equally important to know the category of followers that represent your targeted audience as well as who is on your "following" list. Instead of worrying about followers that have unfollowed your page, unfollow those who do not share your values or distract from your tasks. After that, your posts will not appear in each other's feeds and you won't be able to interact with each other's content unless one of you specifically decides to check the other's page.

In conclusion, it will be fair to say that the manual way is really good to discover users that unfollowed your page but only when your account is small. Otherwise, nobody would be willing to dedicate that much time to this process. So if wasting a lot of time doesn't sound appealing to you, and the thoughts of who unfollowed your app profile still disturb your peaceful sleep to use special tools that help to discover it will be a perfect solution in this case.

Also, don't let social media bring down your mood. Even if a friend stops following your page all of a sudden, don't bother too much. There can come a point in life where you and certain people have to go your separate ways. And then you just get yourself together and move on. The same goes for social media. Dedicate your attention to the things that bring yourself joy.

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Answers on the most
common questions
How to stop following an Instagram account?
It takes just a few clicks, go to the account you want to stop following and click on a button "unfollow".
How do I know if someone unfollowed my Instagram account?
You won't be notified about it but you can check your statistics or try using apps that track your followers.
Why do followers on Instagram become unfollowers?
It's difficult to say for sure but it might be that your content is no longer interesting for them or they need to take a break from social media.