How to Get More Likes on Facebook

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October 1, 2020

How to Get Facebook Likes

If you're going to ask Google how to get more likes on your Facebook page, you're probably going to find millions, if not more, answers to this question. Some are convenient, some are simply various advertisements, some will work, and some will not.

But there's no need to panic. In this article, you'll find the most valid and effective tactics that will help you to get the most engagement on the posts you publish on Facebook. It is possible for your posts to reach millions of likes in a couple of months, and before you're going to ask, no, you don't have to pay Facebook for that. Also, besides receiving so much feedback from your followers, you have the chance to attract new people to your page.

How to Get More Likes on Facebook Page

Two of the most common searches are how to get more likes on your content and the page overall, as well as attract more new people to the profile.

Both of them are equally relevant to the growth of your social media presence. In fact, they mutually incentive. It's logical - the more likes you get on your publications, the more likes you'll receive on your Facebook page overall. And the more engagement you receive on your posts (as well as attract new followers to start following your account), the number of likes on your publications will grow.

How to Create the Most Liked Post on Facebook

  • Post High-Performing Content
One of the best solutions to get a bigger number of likes and other forms of engagement on posts is to post proven posts. It can help your posts reach millions of people and even go viral.

What does high-performing content actually mean? It's the kind of post that has already been tested on the audience and proved its ability to receive lots of engagement and encourage folks to share it with their friends. Inspirational quotes, funny memes, and videos and practical content generate the most engagement. These publications social media users share with each other on a daily basis.

For example, one of the most successful Facebook posts in 2018 was a video from motivational speaker and life-coach Jay Shetty. The video "Before You Feel Pressure, Watch This" generated 2.4 million likes, 225k comments, and 375 million views. Crazy numbers, right?

As a motivational speaker and life-coach, Jay Shetty creates content that is likely to get a lot of reactions, reposts, and comments. Moreover, inspirational posts are evergreen content. It never gets old. People always need motivation and send various quotes and videos with their friends. And the best part is that any brand is capable of creating this kind of posts.

This publication managed to check all three of the boxes - get the audience's attention, gather a huge number of likes, and encourage folks to share the post.

  • Re-use High-Performing Posts
This tactic is similar to the previous one, but the difference is that you redesign and re-use high-performing publications.

Look at this publication's impressive engagement numbers. The picture on the Lessons Learned in Life page has 46k shares and 62k likes.

You can take this image, redesign, and re-use it for your Facebook page. There's no guarantee that your publication will collect as many likes, reactions, and shares, but it has the potential to bring your account more engagement and attract new followers.

Now let's talk about how you can re-use a high-performing publication. First of all, you need to highlight the key information. Then you should think about changing the design. Here you can let loose your creative side. You can choose a stock photo, make and edit a photograph yourself, pick a suitable background, font, color scheme, etc. Last but not least is adding the brand's logo. This way, you're making a publication look more customized. You can apply these steps to any type of publication - pictures, videos, gifs.

  • Be Consistent
Regular posting is also quite important for the powerful social media presence and getting lots of engagement from your followers as well as from folks who only recently discovered your profile. Posting frequency depends on your brand and your marketing strategy, although various sources recommend posting at least five times per week. Just remember to monitor your statistics and analyze the page's data. Judging from the posts' performance, you can see how often it's better to post new publications.

  • The Right Timing is your Best Friend
This step also depends a lot on the type of business you're in, what's your niche, etc. Looking through the accounts data can help you immensely in figuring out the time you're likely to get lots of engagement in your publications. But at the same time, there's no magic hour to publish new posts. You need to understand that this process includes lots of experimenting to figure out what works out the best.

  • Use Attention-Grabbing Visuals
Pretty much everybody knows that Instagram is a visual platform. But the thing is that visuals steal the spotlight when it comes to other social media as well.

Take a look at how Walmart does it. Using real people for your publications is one of the best ways to stop a person from scrolling past it. A genuine kind face with an interesting story behind it can be a powerful tool to receive tons of engagement. Significant events like birthdays, promotions, etc., are perfect events to highlight on social media. Folks love hearing about it and spreading positive vibes.
how to get more likes on facebook
  • Be Succinct
To keep your messages short and simple is always a good idea. Nobody has the time to read long posts nor the desire to focus the attention on it. The shorter your message, the bigger chances are to get more likes and shares. To use an eye-catching image with a quick-to-read message is the perfect combination.
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  • Be Relevant
The publications you post should let your followers know that you're well aware of who they are. You need to make sure that your content directly reflects the pain points of your audience.

At this point, relevance means whether your followers perceive the information you offer as pertinent to their needs and interests. Also, you need to take care of the information's usefulness, seeing as your content should help people solve their tasks and achieve their goals.

  • Be Authentic
Stay true to your brand while creating posts for the Facebook page. Everything you do and share on social media is a part of your brand. That's why it's so important to be deliberate about everything you do online.

Think about adjectives that would perfectly summarize your brand - rebellious, adventurous, daring, exciting, glamorous, etc.

It's better to write exactly the way you talk. You need to sound and be real.

Avoid click baits. It's very common for brands to use sensational headlines to interest people to click the link. But if the said headline doesn't deliver to the promise, your audience will perceive you as fake.

When creating posts for your brand on Facebook, it's always important to remember that, first of all, you're a social media user. And a marketer second. Think and behave like a member of the social media community.

The app for meditation and healthy sleep Calm is the perfect example of a brand that sticks to their authentic voice.
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  • Remember about CTA
A creative call to action is capable of encouraging your followers and other social media users who check out your Facebook page to like, comment on the publication, or swipe up the link you inserted.
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  • Be Creative
Various forms, surveys, and contests can assist in deepening the connection between the brand and the audience. This is the kind of content followers like to send to their friends. But don't overdo it. You should keep things balanced.

  • Have a Sense of Urgency
Add up-to-date tips and the latest news in regards to what is going on in your niche. Planning ahead and staying on top of the game is the best tactic. You don't want to share old publications that have no relevance to the modern world. The world is changing. The digital world is changing even quicker. That's why you need to keep up.
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  • Offer Value
Before posting a new publication on Facebook, think whether the information you're going to provide contains any value to your audience. If there's no obvious value, the person will just scroll past the post without a second thought. Your followers and guests of your account need to understand why it's in their interest to check out the article you want them to click, to like the post, or leave a comment.
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  • Entertainment is the Key
If you noticed that your audience likes funny memes or when you post a video, take notes and use this to your advantage. You should use the type of media that gathers the most engagement. But again, don't overdo this and keep things balanced.

  • Be Educational
Social media users often exchange various tutorials and guides of quick recipes, organizing your working space or kitchen cabinets, etc. This is a great opportunity to boost engagement. Just keep in mind that the material you post should be easy to understand and from an authoritative source.
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  • Form a List
Followers tend to favor posts that are the ultimate guides on how to solve a certain task, like "Top 10 ways to create highest-performing ads" or "Top 10 photo editing trends". These kinds of posts are likely to gather lots of engagement.

  • Be Seasonable
Keep up with the upcoming holidays and the season. One of the best ways to receive lots of likes, comments, and reposts on your publications is to launch an ad based on the upcoming holiday. Also, it is a great opportunity to add colors or a fun theme to the account. It's always a good idea to add more personality to the brand's social media.

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How to get Facebook likes?
You can receive lots of engagement in your publications without paying for the ad. Just try redesigning and reusing high performing content.
How to get more likes on the Facebook page?
Use good-looking visual content, be succinct to convey the message as quickly as possible, entertain your audience but be educational.
How to create the most liked post on Facebook?
To get lots of likes and comments on your posts, you need to post high-performing content, be consistent, use attention-grabbing visuals, be creative, and offer value to the followers.