How to Get Verified on Instagram

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October 2, 2020

How to Get Verified on Instagram: what does it mean

You have probably noticed how Instagram accounts of your favorite celebrities, YouTubers, makeup artists, etc., have blue check marks right beside their username. This blue checkmark is a verification badge. Now you are probably wondering what does it mean to verify your Insta account and how long does it take, how to get a verification badge, whether it's free, etc. So, let's get down to business.
How to Get Verified on Instagram
Instagram doesn't give out verification badges to random accounts. You need to be a celebrity or a famous brand that is at risk of being impersonated to verify your Instagram account. Not so long ago, Instagram used to be pretty secretive as to what are the criteria to verify an Insta profile. Some popular profiles had the blue checkmark, and some had not, and the reasoning behind it was not clear. Luckily, since 2018 Instagram users have the opportunity to request verification directly from the platform.

Before we go in-depth on how to get a membership in the club of verified Insta profiles, you should know that a verification badge is free, you can't buy the blue checkmark, and nobody except Instagram itself can verify your Instagram account.

Celebrities and public figures verify their Insta profiles to let people know that they are real owners of these profiles. Regular people don't think about how to get a verification badge because they don't have a reason to. There is no logic, nor sense, behind creating a fan page of a regular person and pretending that you are them on social media.

But when it comes to celebrities and public figures, it's a whole different story. Take a moment and think about the millions of fan pages Ig users across the whole world create for their favorites. And while most of the fans don't mean to cause any harm, sometimes you can easily mistake the real actress' Insta profile with a fan page. Some of the celebrities don't even use social media, but you can find dozens of fan pages across the platform, or even profiles people create to impersonate celebrities.

Note that if an Insta profile has a major following, but lacks a blue verification badge, it is more likely not an official account.
how to instagram verified
Instagram says that to verify a profile will help your audience easily discover you on the platform and ensure that this is truly your page. In other words, the blue checkmark helps distinguish celebrities and public figures from copycats. Also, besides confirming the profile owner's identity, to verify an Ig profile can be quite convenient for your business, and here's why:

  • Brand Credibility
Brand credibility is one of the most important elements of a strong social media marketing strategy. You have to put in effort into protecting your brand's credibility and reputation.

One of the most common scamming schemes is an Ig account pretending to be a certain brand that is throwing a giveaway to gain a following base. Of course, social media users have to be careful while engaging with other profiles' owners on the platform. But the presence of a verification badge beside the username can help in toning down the confusion.

  • Your Brand is at the Top of Search Recommendations
Social media users fancy creating fan pages for their favorites or for scamming reasons. If you verify your account, this action benefits you by putting your brand's profile at the top of search recommendations for the related searches.

Take a look at the example with the fashion and cosmetic retailer, Asos. The verified page will always be at the top of related search results, which is an obvious benefit for the brand's presence on social media. That's why you should seriously think about how to get this free but beneficial blue badge.
how do you get verified on instagram
  • Increase in Reach and Brand Performance
You can increase the overall reach of your Ig account if you verify it. This way, people will click straight on your page after seeing a blue verification badge.

How to Request an Instagram Verification Badge for Free?

How to get a verification checkmark? To request an Instagram verification is actually not that difficult, and the process is completely free. But before you follow the steps that will guide you through the process, ensure that you logged in to the right account. If you want to verify your brand's account, check if you didn't log in to your personal profile by accident.

Here are the steps that will help you to figure out how to get a free, but well-deserved blue checkmark:

  • Go to your Instagram profile
  • Tap on the menu icon and choose Settings
  • In the Settings menu, you should select Account
  • Scroll down and then click on Request verification
how to be verified on instagram
  • After that, the form will appear on your screen. Submit the required data
how to become verified on instagram
  • Then click on a Choose File to attach a photo of your ID, driver's license, passport. If you're trying to verify your brand's account, you can use any official document, like a tax filing. At this point, you have a couple of options: upload a pre-existing photo or open your camera and take a high-quality photo of the document. Keep in mind that the picture's quality can impact the decision of Instagram. If the photo is unclear and unreadable, your application can be denied.

  • Submit the application

The reviewing process of your application takes time. It could be weeks, so you need to be patient. As soon as the Insta authorities have made the decision, you will receive a notification.

If your application is denied, don't give up. After 30 days, you can try again and submit a new request. You can spend this time making sure your profile meets all the eligibility standards.

Being a Public Figure

Lots of people mistake public figures' accounts with the verified ones. But those are two completely different things. The public figure is really like a business category you choose when setting up a business account. It is not something exclusive, and everybody can do it by simply switching to a business profile.

How Long Does it Take to Get Verified on Instagram in 2020

Since the option of requesting a free verification badge became available, the platform's rules and eligibility standards are more transparent and publicly stated on Ig's help center.

A lot of Instagram users think that you need to have a huge following base to verify your profile. But that's not the case. Having millions of followers isn't the most important thing, nor the requirement to get the page verified.

For the platform to deem you worthy of receiving a verification badge, you need to demonstrate a presence worthy of the attention of the public.

So, here's what you need to do to verify your profile:

  • Follow Community Guidelines
If you don't follow the platform's Terms of Use, you can forget about the dreams of seeing your Insta profile with a blue badge. And not only that, but the social network can also ban or temporarily suspend your page. This is not the issue you want to deal with.

  • Be Real
Considering the fact that the platform asks you to attach the picture of your ID or a passport, it is obvious that they are serious about verification. Your profile needs to represent a real person or business through the content you publish. Restrain from providing false or misleading information so as not to risk having your verification badge removed or receiving a permanent ban.

  • Be Unique
Your brand can have only one verified account. The exception can be made if your company has a presence in different regions worldwide or in different markets.

  • Be Outstanding
As it was already stated above, Instagram doesn't give out verification badges just to anybody. You or your brand have to be popular and well-known to the general public. It's a wonderful thing if you or your brand are featured in multiple news sources and highly-searched on Instagram and other social networks. If people Google you or your company often, mentions of you or your brand pop up in the news, you have good chances to verify your profile.

However, you should keep in mind that the platform doesn't regard paid advertisements and promotional content as a perceptible presence in the eyes of the general public.

  • Make Sure You Finished Setting Up the Profile and Be Public
The platform won't verify your profile if the process of setting up isn't completed. Make sure you include all the relevant information, such as filling out the bio, adding a profile picture, and your page should have at least one publication.

By the way, your profile should not contain links to follow your profiles on other social networks. Otherwise, the verification will be denied.

Also, open your page's settings and check if you didn't forget to make a page public. It is a necessary condition for the profile to get verified. The whole point of verification is for you to demonstrate that you have public influence, but how can you show that if the public can't easily access your social media.

How to Get Verified on Ig: Is It Worth the Struggle?

For most people, a verification badge on the platform is just a nice touch that makes them feel special. But in all honesty, the blue checkmark is capable of benefiting your brand. So, if you know how to get verified and you're aware that you meet the eligibility standards, don't worry about how long it takes to receive a badge. Apply for it. Besides, it's free.

First of all, this way, you get to prove that your activity has a significant impact, and you're newsworthy. The badge symbolizes your uniqueness. It means that you don't have to pay to appear in media outlets and have a certain influence in a particular field. Also, it's a clear indication of how great you are that people try to copy and imitate you.

Second of all, the blue checkmark prevents you from being mistaken with copycats. Probably the best thing about a verification badge is that people searching for you or your brand on social media will know that your profile is the real one. Basically, the badge grants that you won't lose your following base to impersonators.

And lastly, the verification badge can improve your SEO metrics. If you want to boost your profile's ranking on the platform, and appear at the top of the search results, fill out the application. Verified profiles always appear first for the same Instagram search.

So far, receiving a blue badge looks highly beneficial. It's free and gifts lots of advantages for your brand. Yes, you don't know how long the consideration of the application will take, but this checkmark is totally worth the struggle.

How to Get a Blue Checkmark if the Platform denies the request

Having a verified profile is great for the business and for the brand's reputation, and maybe even a bit for your self-confidence. But what if you've got hyped up, tried several times, carefully filled out applications, but the platform just won't verify your page. Receiving a verification badge is free, but nobody ever said that it's easy. It can happen due to various reasons, but how to act in this particular situation?

You can choose to wait for however long it takes until your brand becomes more relevant and newsworthy in the eyes of the public and Ig moderators. Then, you can try and fill out the application again as long as it's been 30 days since the last verification request.

But remember that promotional or paid articles won't help you to get the desired win.

The main point of verification is to prove your profile's authenticity, and for your followers to be sure that they're following the real person or brand. But if the platform denies your request, there are other options for you to ensure the audience that it's really you.

You can link to your Instagram profile on the company's website and other social media profiles, such as Facebook and Twitter. These methods ensure people that after clicking the link, they will be referred to your page.

Also, one of the most important things, in this case, is keeping a similar tone in your writing and make sure your brand's aesthetic stays on-brand. Your publications are supposed to have one color scheme, lighting, style. You can come up with branded hashtags.

All these elements will help you to ensure your followers in your uniqueness without saying a word or having a verification badge.

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How to get a free verification badge for the Instagram account?
You need to be a celebrity or a famous brand that is at risk of being impersonated to verify your Insta profile. If people Google you or your company often, mentions of you or your brand pop up in the news, you have good chances to verify your profile.
How to get verified on Instagram?
Go to your profile. Tap on the menu icon and choose Settings. In the Settings menu, you should select an Account. Scroll down and then click on Request verification. After that, fill out the form, attach a photo of your ID or passport, and submit the application.
How long does it take to verify an Instagram account?
To verify an Insta profile can take weeks. It's up to the Ig moderators and how quickly they review your application.