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How to make a Facebook (fb) cover video 2020

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October 23, 2020

Why Is the Facebook Video Cover So Important?

Facebook cover videos are the tool the platform launched to help users better express their online identities. When it comes to the business' online appearance on the platform, it is a very powerful marketing tool that can help to draw the audience's attention to the company.

Facebook moving photos occupy the space at the top of your page the same way as the profile photo does. Basically, it starts playing on the loop whenever someone visits your profile. The viewer can decide whether to unmute the clip, expand it, and watch in full-screen mode, etc.

Why should you consider the opportunity to change your Fb cover format from a photo to a clip? The answer is plain simple. Nowadays, social media users consume more and more video content on a daily basis. Moreover, this kind of visual content draws the attention of the audience to your company like no other.

Thanks to the clip format, you can convey the message quickly and in an extremely convenient way. Besides, this format helps to make the process of digesting the information much easier due to the opportunity to include graphics, animated photos, subtitles. As a result, video content heavily impacts the decision-making process when people consider making a purchase.

Your Facebook account's (and any other social media account) appearance influences the perception of your company in the eyes of people. Making an animated Facebook cover format can help you to tell the brand's story, show off your creative side, and create an interaction with followers.

Facebook Cover Video Format

To change your Facebook profile's appearance and create a looping clip, go to your page. In the bottom right corner of your cover picture, tap on the Edit button. Select the option to Upload a Photo or a Video, and choose the needed clip. After uploading, you can reposition the video the way you like, and then click on the Next, select the thumbnail, and Save the changes.

Format details:
  • The minimal size of your Fb cover clip should be at least 820 x 312 pixels
  • The social media platform recommends the optimal size: 820 x 462 pixels
  • The length of the clips can vary from 20 to 90 seconds
When it comes to Facebook cover video, you should take into consideration the specs of its placement. If the clip isn't designed specifically for this purpose, social media will simply crop it to the optimal size. Also, keep in mind that the allowed length is 20-90 seconds, and the clip should have a resolution of 1080p.

Think through how to seamlessly blend the beginning and the end of your animated clip because it starts playing automatically, and you definitely want to avoid any clumsiness. This clip usually plays on the loop, but you can opt-out of this option.

By the way, if you want to set up an amazing animated photo on your personal profile to better express yourself, you are out of luck. The feature isn't available for personal accounts as of yet, but you can still get the advantage of using it on the business page.

Cover Video Format Examples

To create an interaction with your audience and encourage them to engage with the brand's Facebook page more, you need to deliver high-quality content. And a creative Fb animated clip can assist you with that.

  • Easil
Easil is the drag-and-drop design maker tool that can help you to create jaw-dropping visuals for the brand. Actions speak louder than words. That's why the Easil's team showcases the design maker app in action.
facebook cover videos
  • Walt Disney World
Disney World is all about experience and positive emotions. What better way to tell of a magical place than give people a glimpse? This is what Disney World's social media team does with the Halloween-themed clip. This kind of content helps in creating a strong emotional connection with the audience.
facebook cover videos
  • Honda
"Made to perform and built to last", claims the Honda team on their Fb page. The page's looping clip makes you feel the thrill of driving the car and feeling powerful.
facebook cover videos
  • Kim Winey
To demonstrate your work previously done for clients is a good idea for the animated clip. This way, you get the chance to persuade the visitors of your Fb profile that you're the best without even saying a word.
  • Kimpton Hotel Allegro
The niche of your business is your first clue on how to use the photo or video cover effectively. If you're the hotel's owner, the animated clip is the perfect format for you to showcase the place from the best angles.
facebook cover video format

Tools to Create Facebook Cover Videos

To create an amazing looping clip, you might need to use specific design maker tools to succeed. Here are some of the best design maker apps:

Adobe Spark

It's a tool that can help you to create stunning designs and edit your projects. This design maker app has got you covered with a guide in case you don't know where to start.

Final Cut Pro

It's a video editing software that runs on Mac computers. This app can help you edit like a pro.


It's a tool that helps make the editing process smooth even for the newbies.


Is a slideshow maker tool. The app lets you add music over clips by choosing your own music or recording it.

How to Upload a Facebook Cover Clip

To upload an animated clip, you need to hover over the current photo on your Fb page, and click on the Change, or Edit the image. And then select from the menu the option to Upload. After these simple steps, you can choose the file you want to see in your profile.

Note that the file you select has to meet the recommended format, size, and length. If you're having difficulties with uploading the file, you might want to check whether you followed the requirements.

Once you upload the clip, you can reposition it, pick the thumbnail, and then click on the Save the changes. Basically, you're allowed to edit the clip like any other content you upload on social media, add subtitles, a call-to-action, etc.

Final Tips

The thing about these clips is that they will remain muted unless a viewer decides to turn on the sound. That's why you need to plan out this beforehand.

You have a couple of options that will help you to deal with this small inconvenience. First, you can always add the subtitles or captions to the clip, so the person who watches it would be able to get the idea of your brand and the video even without sound. And the second option is rather a little trick - you can show a talking person at the beginning of the clip, which will be a signal to the viewer to turn on the sound to find out what's going on. Also, don't forget to check out the final result to make sure that your clip is playing smoothly on any device, be it a desktop or mobile phone.

Don't be reluctant to let loose a little, be creative. If you have a bold idea about the shooting or editing, try it out. You never know, it may seem silly when you imagine things in your head, but the outcome can turn out impressive. But it's worth mentioning that you should always stay on-brand. And pay attention to what your followers say, what they like and don't like because you come up with ideas to connect with the targeted audience and create an interaction.

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Why is Facebook video cover format better than a photo?
Animated clips can help you better express the brand's identity and demonstrate it from the best angles.
What are the best tools to create a Facebook video cover?
Some of the best design maker apps are Adobe Spark, Final Cut Pro, Wave, and Flipagram.
What should I add in the Facebook video cover?
Your first clue on how to use this Fb feature is the niche of your business. You need to introduce your brand to the audience and highlight the things you're proud of.