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How to make watermarks and why you should protect your content from being copied

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July 30, 2020
When a lot of effort and money is spent on creating unique content, it’s sad to know that it was copied and used without your knowledge. To prevent image theft, it is recommended that you use a watermark. We will tell you how to make one in order to protect your photos in social networks and to emphasize the brand.

Why should businesses protect their content?

Imagine: a blogger bought expensive equipment, studied video editing and professional photography for a long time. All this in order to shoot beautiful content for their culinary blog. Then it was copied and posted in another blog without credit to the original creator. Or a store of accessories for smartphones ordered special boards to make flatlay images on a beautiful background, and another store copied the images and used it for their own purposes. That is, complete strangers popularise their accounts at someone else's expense - an unpleasant situation. Therefore, in order to preserve their own content and maintain authorship, creators came up with a watermark. This is not a 100% guarantee that your image will not be copied, but it will certainly complicate the life of dishonest businessmen.

How to create your own watermark and not ruin the aesthetic of your photos?

For a business selling in social networks, visual presentation is very important. Therefore, many are critical of watermarks, believing that they will ruin the image and make it unreadable. This is a common opinion that originates from stock photos.

However, a watermark can decorate a photo, add zest to it, and bring focus on the brand. The easiest way is to use the company logo or logo for your social network account. The background of the logo should be transparent (png format).

So that Watermark does not spoil the content, but decorates it, there are the following recommendations for its location:

The watermark should be of adequate size and monophonic, so as not to distract all attention to yourself (if this is not required).
Should not overlap with the main elements in the image.
It is not advisable to place it where it can be easily cut or rubbed.
The writing/logo should be readable (do not merge with the background).

Examples of how to not place a watermark in photos:
how to create a watermark logo
how to create a watermark logo
There are several ways to make a watermark:
On a computer using a special Watermark service or photo editors, for example, Photoshop.
On a mobile phone with the application PicsArt

An alternative to watermarking

To protect content from copying, you can use not only watermarks, but also other brand identifiers. For example, a business card or a box with a logo in the background. A win-win option is the logo on the product itself.
how to make a watermark for photos
how to make a watermark for photos
how to make a watermark for photos
The ability to place a beautifully crafted watermark on the image so that it complements, but does not spoil the aesthetic of the content is akin to art. If you are not ready to spend time every time thinking about where to place a watermark, it is better to use alternative methods of protecting content.

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Why should you create watermarks on your content?
It helps you to preserve your content and maintain authorship.
How to create a watermark without ruining the photo's aesthetic?
The thought that it ruins the aesthetic is a myth. In fact, this way, you can decorate a photo and bring a focus on the brand by using your logo.
How to make a watermark for photography?
You can do it on the computer using a special Watermark service or photo editors, for example, Photoshop. If you're using a mobile device, then try the application PicsArt. You can also use a business card or a box with a logo as a brand identifier.