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How to promote YouTube channel in 2020

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August 24, 2020
Video is a very popular format which dominates in the social media industry. According to Cisco, 84% of the respondents decide to buy a product or order a service after watching a video about it.

However, creating the content is not enough to grab the most of the audience's attention. You also need to think about the views you can potentially get and the improvement of your content.

The biggest platform for sharing videos is YouTube, so we will take a look at the ways of promotion on this platform. We have composed for you the list of advice which will help you to promote your YouTube channel in the most effective way. With this advice, you will be able to successfully advertise your videos and increase the metrics of your success.

1. Make engaging titles

One of the most important aspects is the first impression, which can be improved by creating an engaging title. You need to let the audience know that your YouTube product is worth watching and to do that, the title is the best option. It is necessary to grab the audience's attention and at the same time to not use clickbait titles, which purposely disorient the viewers by providing seemingly meaningful information without actually sharing it in the video.

You can create a good-looking and engaging title by using certain keywords. Spend some time choosing carefully what kind of keywords you title will have. It makes sense to include in your title such words as "best", "how to" and "must see". You also need to think about the length of the title - not too short, not too long, but just fine to describe the product. This way, you will be able to successfully advertise and promote it.
promoting on youtube

2. Improve your SEO

Speaking of keywords, ideally, they should be present not only in the title, but also in the description. If you want to attract more people and promote the product, you need to improve your SEO (search engine optimization) to make your videos show up in the search results. Choose thematically related keywords according to the general trends and the result will be worth it.

However, use the keywords only when it is appropriate. Nobody would be interested in the video if its description doesn't make any sense and is composed only of keywords. Instead, you may use such tools as tags and categories to improve the SEO and advertise the content. Remember: your main goal is to let the search engine understand what your YouTube clip is about and match you with a potential viewer. Do your best to increase the number of matches!

3. Personalize the thumbnails

The title is accompanied by a thumbnail. These two things help to motivate the audience to watch the video even before they start to play it. If you don't interfere, YouTube will select the thumbnail for your upload automatically by taking a screenshot from the video. It saves you some time, but if you show the audience that you are actually able to spend some time on thumbnail customisation, the viewers appreciate it and you will be able to successfully advertise your channel.

You can create an appealing thumbnail using many image editors. It is possible to take a screenshot from the video and edit it manually or make a brand new thumbnail for the scratch. Use different fonts, styles and graphic effects for the thumbnail and be sure it will pay off when you promote your product.
promote youtube videos

4. Interact with the YouTube community

Sometimes it is very important to show your audience that you are a real human being and you can engage into the conversation with the people interested by your video content. You may show that you care about the viewers' opinion by replying to some decent commentaries using the account of your channel and by doing so increase the social activity of your community and advertise the product within and outside the audience

It is also a very good way to show that you take the feedback into the account. For example, if an audience member suggests an idea for your future projects, you may take it into consideration by replying. You can even ask the audience directly about how you can improve your future videos and get a loft of suggestions absolutely for free. Besides, it feels really good for a viewer to get a reply from an actual content publisher.

5. Schedule your content

The audience will feel a lot more comfortable about your channel when you start scheduling your content. By doing so, you give them information in advance and make them anticipate the content at a certain point in time. For example, if you want to release a video every Thursday, it becomes easier for the viewers to expect its release since they already know about your schedule. It helps you to advertise your product in a more effective way.

When you release your content all of a sudden, it may reach the audience. However, a scheduled video is more likely to attract additional people and increase the number of views. This method is oriented mostly on the subscribers of your YouTube channel rather than on someone new, so it is more about keeping your already existing audience satisfied.

6. Use live streaming

Another way of interacting with the community in a more personalised way is live streaming. YouTube offers the creators an option to make their videos live and let the subscribers see the author in a slightly more informal way. It is very easy to create a live stream on YouTube, one should have no problem with it.

What is important, you can notify your subscribers about the upcoming livestream and by doing so engage the community into watching it. Even though live streaming is a relatively new feature for YouTube, it has already established itself as a very useful tool to advertise a brand. Give it a try to increase the number of views!
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7. Create video series

Sometimes if you want to explore a certain topic, one clip might not be enough. You can create a YouTube series of videos which will be connected conceptually, thematically and perhaps even narratively. It can also save you some creativity, since one idea can be shared via different videos. It is a good tool to promote your channel and increase the amount of people following you!

It is also beneficial for the audience. For example, if a regular person browsing YouTube watches the video you made and then discovers you have a whole series of such content, you will get a new subscriber. As long as you can provide something which interests the audience, they will have the reason to watch it. The best way to advertise your product is to provide quality content.
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8. Generate the playlists

If you already have a certain amount of publications on your YouTube channel, it would be wise to generate the playlists in order to organise the content for the audience. The more structured it appears for the viewers, the easier it gets for the viewers to navigate throughout the whole content you have on your YouTube channel.

You can divide the content into several categories choosing different approaches and criterias. For example, you can create a playlist of the videos of the same series or a playlist of the most viewed pieces. It is up to you how to structure the information, but it surely is a very good way to promote and advertise your YouTube videos.
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9. Join forces with others

You can successfully advertise your YouTube channel and increase the number of views by collaborating with other content creators. If you choose your partner wisely, everybody has benefits from the collaboration: the audiences of both channels grow and the content becomes more diverse.

You can join forces with other channels using two options. The first one is to invite a guest creator to your Youtube channel to make a video thematically related to his domain. The other one is to become a guest yourself. A lot of creators use these options from time to time to promote their channels, diversify the content and make it more interesting for the audience.

10. Apply social media

Once you publish your video on YouTube, it would be useful to advertise it by notifying your subscribers in social media. It is important to let the audience know about your content by any possible means to increase the number of views. You can also update your social media accounts with some informational posts to raise awareness about your Youtube channel and promote it.

It would be beneficial for you to create as many social media accounts for your brand as possible and constantly maintain them. A huge amount of people might come for your YouTube video directly from social media, so don't underestimate the importance of these tools when you promote the channel.

11. Organise a contest

To increase the audience's social activity, you can try to organise a contest with a certain reward. For example, you can promise a prize for the best commentary below the video. This way your audience feels engaged and actually has a motivation for generating original content. People may start to advertise your channel themselves!

However, it might be not enough to organise a contest just for the sake of it. If you want to give away the prize, make sure it is related to the brand of your YouTube channel in some way. It is effective marketing, which helps to promote your product, attracts more people and actually engages them into some kind of communication with you.

12. Analyse the metrics

After you publish some content, it makes sense to analyse it. You can use certain metrics to look at the data of the viewers and try to improve your content according to the needs of your audience. It makes sense to look at the channels of your market competitors and discover what kind of videos get the most views. This will help you to establish your own content management and improve the level of social interaction.

One of the tools you may use is YouTube Analytics. It may show you the audience's demographics, location, engagement level, and many other helpful information. If you analyze this data and subsequently deliver to the viewers the content they want, your promotion level significantly increases and you are able to advertise your brand on a brand new level.
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13. Organise the marketing campaign

You always have an option of promoting your YouTube channel through the advertisements. This platform has several types of ads you can use: display ads, overlay ads, video ads, bumper ads and sponsored cards. It's up to you to choose what means you would use to advertise your channel and who exactly will be your marketing partner to promote your product.

It is better for your YouTube channel to use several types of advertisements in order to draw bigger attention. However, always keep in mind that in every advertisement you need to show how exactly the content on your channel is beneficial for the audience. You have to not only sell the viewers the idea, but also convince them that spending time on your channel is worth their while. This way you will be able to promote your product in a social way.
We have presented to you a compilation of advice using which you may significantly increase the number of the viewers.

It is not mandatory to use all of the above, but if you want to promote your YouTube channel, some of the tips might actually help you.

Select the ones that suit you and make your videos stand out! It is not a short process of making your channel successful, but if you apply the right means and advertise your product in a smart way, it is a goal within your reach.

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