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How to Recover a Facebook Account in 2020

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August 3, 2020
Facebook is the most popular social network in the whole world and this popularity might lead to undesirable consequences. You can forget a password to your Facebook account or it might be hacked. What to do in this situation? We are ready to present you with a step-by-step guide with several options on what to do if you lost access to your Facebook account.

Restore access through the Facebook website

The simplest way to log into your Facebook account is to use the official Facebook website. Go to the Facebook page and click on «Forgotten account» writing located in the top right corner below the «Password» field.
how do i retrieve my facebook account
In order to restore access, you need to click on «Forgotten password». After that, you will see a page offering you several options including the usage of different data.
i lost my facebook account how to recover

a) E-mail

If you happen to remember an e-mail associated with your account, put it into the field search. The system will send a confirmation code to your mailbox, which you will need to enter.
recover my account fb
After you enter the security code, you will be successfully able to change your password.
recover my account fb

b) Phone number

If you have a phone number linked to your Facebook account, you may use it to restore access. On the page «Reset Your Password» choose the option «Send code via SMS» and wait for it to arrive.
recover my account fb
After you receive a message sent on your phone number, enter the security code from it. Then you will be able to reset your password.
how to get your old facebook account back

c) Google Account

You also have another option to restore access to your Facebook account. On the page «Reset Your Password» simply choose «Use my Google account» and log into it.
how do i get back to my old facebook account
Then, you will be able to reset your Facebook password using the data of your Google account.
forgot account facebook

d) Name and Surname

If you don't remember an e-mail or the phone number, there is a way to get access by entering your name and surname. Put it into the search bar on the page «Find your account», and then you will see the list of the people matching these criteria. You should select your profile by pressing «This is my account» on the right from the profile.
forgot facebook login
After you select your profile, you will be given several options to restore access to the account.
how do i retrieve my facebook account

Confirm your identity with Facebook

If you have problems accessing your account, you may try to use the Facebook identity verification service. Go to the corresponding Facebook help centre page and attach a copy of your government-issued ID. Facebook accepts several types of ID, such as birth certificate, driver license, passport, and a few other options. After submitting a request for identity verification, you should wait a couple of days for a response.
how do i retrieve my facebook account

Improve your security

After you successfully restore access to the Facebook account, you should think about securing it. For example, you may enable a two-factor verification or create a list of authorized devices. This will help to reduce the risk of your account being hacked.

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How to restore access to my Facebook account?
You may use your e-mail, phone number, Google account, or name and surname.
How to confirm identity for Facebook?
You should go to this page and submit your valid ID.
How can I protect my Facebook account?
You can enable two-factor authentification.