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How to Recover Permanently Deleted Instagram Account in 2020

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August 31, 2020

How to get back your Instagram account

Before diving into the process of how to recover your profile after the thoughtless decision to delete it, or maybe it was an accident, let's look at some of the general stuff about this app. It is a social network where you can connect with people from any part of the world simply by following them or writing a message. With this app to contact your favorite brand or a celebrity is no longer a dream.

If you're at the point of launching your business, you can follow an example of some aspiring designers who try their luck by writing to celebs asking them to model their clothes. And while this, of course, should not be your only tactic, it is an amazing opportunity that can turn out as a big success for your brand.

The usage of this app is pretty similar to Twitter, after setting up a profile, you'll have a personal news feed that will be based on the content that you've shown your interest in as well as other pages that you follow. Although, according to recent updates, the app expands its feed. After you have reached the end of it, there'll show up posts suggested by the social network.

Also, you can choose whether your page is gonna be private or public.

So how to reactivate a temporarily disabled profile? If you decide to temporarily disable your profile, you can easily reactivate it at any time. Although, you should keep in mind that if you plan to reactivate your page later, the app allows you to disable it only for a week. Here's your guide on how to reactivate your profile, you should follow a couple of simple steps:

  • Open the app

  • Log in to your profile

  • Enter your username and password

As you can see, it's not that difficult, and if you've followed all of the rules and entered data correctly, then your profile should be active again.

Also, if for some reason it didn't help you to reactivate your account, try resetting your password. This tactic is also really helpful in case you simply forgot your password. In order to do that, you should click on the button "forgot your password" below the "log in", and enter your email address or username. Then you'll receive an email with instruction of your further steps on how to recover it.

However, there is a difference between a disabled profile and a deleted one. How to recover an Instagram profile if you decided to delete it for some reason, or it happened by accident? You should keep in mind that it may not be that easy to get back your profile. According to Instagram policy, if there was a deletion of the profile, you can create a new one with the same email address, but you may not be able to reactivate your account or recover the username you used before. So, how to get back your social network page in case of accidental deletion, or if you decide to delete it, and then change your mind? Here are the steps you should follow:

  • Go to the login page of the app

  • Enter the username to your account and click on "get help in signing in", then you should click on the button "need more help"

  • Then the app asks you to enter the email address that you've used when signing up on the app, and an additional contact email address if you've specified one; by the way, having used an additional email address may help you in getting access to your profile

  • Choose the type of profile you're trying to get back after deletion, whether it was personal or business

  • Then you should click on the button "the account was hacked", the app will ask you for "any additional details" but this step isn't necessary so you can skip it

  • Click "request support" and wait for an email with further instructions

  • In the email you'll be asked to fill in some things (username, full name, verification code, and a picture of you) to verify that you're the owner of this profile; check if your profile has at least one picture with you because it's necessary for identification

deleted instagram account

The great value of an Instagram account for entrepreneurs

According to various studies and statistics, the number of daily active Instagram users at the beginning of 2020 counted over 500 million all over the world. The platform that is being owned by Facebook is growing with lightning speed.
instagram account deleted
The app maintains a perfect balance between business and fun. It is a wonderful place for people whose top priority is visual content. Although it is not just a social media platform that is used for entertainment, it can also help you immensely in growing your business.

The app has lots of amazing features that can serve creative tools when developing a marketing strategy, like Stories, photographs, and video posts, ability to chat with followers in direct messages, and the recent feature is video chatting. What makes this social media so popular and attractive among users is its user-friendly interface and the opportunity to express yourself in any way you want to.

If you're an entrepreneur you may want to consider creating an Instagram business account seeing as it can help you spread brand's awareness and build a trusting relationship with your customers along with boosting engagement. Using the promotional tools that are offered by the app, you can achieve these great results.

After setting up a business page, you are free to choose a theme of your business, whether you're a photographer, author, fitness trainer, nail artist, or an influencer. Adopting a theme makes your profile look unique and highly improves your bio description, along with helping your followers to understand from the first glance who you are and what you are talking about on your social media. Also, setting up a business page allows you to use a "promote" button that helps in reaching more of the targeted audience.

When it comes to your posting strategy, you can use a photo or video content in your posts, Stories, and IGTV. But keep in mind that the usage of Stories and IGTV can bring you more engagement seeing as according to statistics, the number of daily active Stories users in 2020 count over 500 million people worldwide.

A relevant reason to consider Instagram your main business platform can be the fact that the app beats Facebook and Twitter in popularity and dominates the market. Also, more than 80% (and counting) of the well-known, top brands have Instagram profiles. People spend more of their time on social media rather than checking a brand's website, and that's why it's the perfect place to announce a new collection, collaboration, sale, and any other news.

Here people are engaging with brands more than on any other social media platform. Besides, various social media challenges that are so popular lately can help your page trending which impacts the process of reaching more of the targeted audience significantly.

Instagram and entertainment

If the purpose of your social media presence is solely for fun and entertainment, this app is an amazing place to be. You can follow your favorite celebrities or meme pages, keep up with all the updates in the world of entertainment, fashion, beauty, medicine, and more, create fan accounts. If you're an aspiring artist, you can create a personal blog and express yourself by posting your artworks, or if you already have lots of followers, this is the platform where you can sell your art.
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With this platform, you are able to discover interesting people and topics as well as get discovered yourself. There are a huge number of young talented individuals who are drawing, singing, dancing, cooking, making stand up comedy, and they were discovered through their personal social media pages.

The app allows you to easily find any topic that interests you, thanks to using hashtags. Overall, you can get a fun and pleasant experience of using the app by joining the topics of your interest.

In Conclusion

At this point, it is extremely obvious that Instagram is an essential part of our daily routine. Pretty much every day while having their morning coffee, most people are holding the cup in one hand and a phone in the other, checking the app's feed.

All it takes to create an account is following a few easy steps. You have to sign up by entering the requested information, like your first and last name, gender, age, etc. And then you have to sign in for the first time by entering your email address or username, and the password.

The importance of this social network as a place of entertainment or a business platform is equally high. You can enjoy and share with friends funny memes, and if you are a business owner, this network will help you grow your business. When you're developing a marketing strategy, Instagram with its promoting tools and possible engagement rate is exactly what your brand needs for its awareness to skyrocket.

Also, as it was already previously stated, reactivating a temporarily disabled profile is possible and not at all difficult with the condition that it was disabled just for a week. On the other hand, the recovery of a page that you decided to delete earlier may take you a bit more effort, and it may not be possible to get back your previous username. All in all, you should read Instagram community guidelines carefully and do not violate them so you won't have to deal with consequences.

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common questions

How can I recover an Instagram account after an accidental deletion?
You can get back your profile by following a set of rules but you may not be able to use it with a previous username.
Why can an Instagram account be disabled without a warning?
It means that you probably violated some of the community guidelines but you can reactivate it if it was banned for just one week.
How to reactivate an Instagram page after it's been deleted?
You can't do that. Terms of use allow you to restore a social media profile on the app only if it was banned.