How to Sell Products on Instagram?

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September 5, 2020

How to sell on Instagram: list of things to know

1. Sell your product with confidence

Lots of different sources state that it's highly important for businesses to show a "human side". And while it is true, recent studies and statistics show that people follow brands on social media to see the product. This app is all about visual content. So give people what they want!

It doesn't matter if you sell stylish clothes, cosmetics, kitchenware or sports cars, users need to be able to look at the picture to have a chance to fall in love with what you offer.

2. Put your best offer right on the photo

Why do you think people create Instagram accounts? That's right, to share pictures and express themselves. So what do you think catches the eye while you're scrolling through the feed? Of course, it is a photo, this is what makes your social media sell. The answer to how to make your account shoppable is not to put the pressure on your caption.

Nowadays people are busy and the world is fast. That's why if you have something to say, make it quick, be short, and crystal clear. Don't expect people to click on your page if the visuals you present are boring or they have to put in an extra effort to figure out what the deal is.

When you're having a sale, put a big bright title of it on your photo. The same goes for the news about an exciting collaboration with the other brand or long-awaited new collection of stuff. Imagine scrolling through the feed, and then seeing that your favorite brand is having a sale because all the needed information is right there, on the picture. Sure thing you're gonna click on it to find out the details and make a purchase.

The message you're sending has to be succinct and to the point. And then if you've managed to interest people, they will read a caption, click on your page, and chances are high of them buying your product.
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3. Instagram sales app is a thing

There are apps that can help make your feed shoppable. If you've been wondering for a hot minute how to make your page sell, you don't have to wonder anymore. Because thanks to the shopping app people can shop real looks from influencers, stylists, celebrities, and more.

So, how exactly does this work? This app is synced with Instagram, and when your followers who signed up for the app like the post in your feed that has a link or tag with on it, they will receive an email with a list of shoppable items captured on the photo. This way the app gives your followers access to shop stuff featured on your pictures.
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Soldsie and Like2Buy are two similar apps that help businesses sell their products on Instagram and Facebook through the links in their bios, posts, and comments.

4. User-generated content is a social proof of you being the best

User-generated content has a great value to your business and definitely can help make your Instagram account shoppable. What can serve better proof of your products being of high quality than spontaneous praise from other clients?

Besides, sharing user-generated content makes you closer to your followers, seeing as they will be flattered because of you giving them a shout out and considering their photo or video as worthy of reposting. So if after browsing on the app you've stumbled upon terrific content that features your products, why not ask the owner's permission for posting it on your page, and use it in your favor.

Here's a tremendous photograph shot on an iPhone that an Apple account noticed and decided to share on their page, making their follower happy and showing off the phone's camera ability to capture remarkable moments at the same time.

5. How to use Instagram advertising

This way you can boost traffic and engagement by reaching a larger targeted audience. Also, it'll be useful to take a look at all the ads aka sponsored posts that appear in your feed, and learn how to sell by observing how other businesses make their pages shoppable, present their brand, what posts get more likes, comments, and reposts. This will help you to create a successful ad campaign that will stand out and get more positive feedback.

You can choose how your ad is gonna be looking, whether it'll be a photo, video, Stories, slideshow, or maybe you want to place the ad in the Explore section of the app. Also, you can decide on the price of the ad, and its duration.
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Things you don't want to do when selling on Instagram

1. Forget about the visual content

Instagram definitely stands out among other social networks thanks to its main focus that is dedicated to the visuals. To figure out how to make your page sell you should take your time while creating photos and videos, they need to be not just good-looking but eye-catching. Make sure they're high-quality, perfectly sized, customized, and beautifully edited shots or vids, make them shoppable.

While written content is without any doubts relevant, you should realize that what makes this app so special is that visual content always steals the spot. The app users see the image first, and then decide whether the caption is worthy of their time and detailed consideration. For your social media account being shoppable, your content has to sell straight out of the gate.

2. Dedicate all your attention to the app's hyperlink "issue"

We all are well aware that Instagram doesn't allow you to insert tappable links in the photo caption. So how to act in this situation? First of all, don't think of it as a problem, try to look at it from another perspective. That's an opportunity for you to learn how to use the only place on the app's page where you can add the clickable link to your website - your account's bio.

So, basically you can promote your products in your posts, and if you see that people start wondering where they can buy it, just refer them to your website's link in bio. Also, Stories can help you with growing your business and making your Instagram shoppable as well as increasing traffic. If your account has 10k+ followers, it means you can add links to your Stories. Take a photo or a video for Stories, add a link by clicking on the chain icon, and include an explanation of where this link leads to, and watch the magic happen.

You should make sure that the link is always updated respectively. When you're posting a new product you want to promote on your page, make sure the link in your bio is correct.

This is an example of how to use social media shown by Pharrell Williams and various other artists who insert promotional links to their profiles to advertise their singles.
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3. Leave people in the dark regarding a time-limited sale

Yes, it's still true that most people on Instagram don't like to read. Although let's be honest, once they see that one of their favorite brands is having a sale, they will want to click on a post to find out the details. Hence better tactic would be to foresee the potential questions from your customers and provide them with detailed answers of what kinds of products are on sale, the sale's conditions, and the dates (when it'll start, and how long it'll last).

Also, give a clear explanation as to where the sale is gonna be, online, in stores, or both. And if there's a certain promotion code your customers should use to get a discount, tell them what the code is.

4. Keep your Instagram account in secret

Cross-promote your Instagram sale on all your other social media platforms to let your audience know about it. Maybe it'll be a push for the people to check out your Instagram page and start following you there as well in case they didn't. Cross-promotion of your social media is always a good idea of how to reach more of your targeted audience.

Don't forget about the value of email marketing as well if you want to create a shoppable social media page. Send your customers engaging letters updating them on the latest news and telling about your sale. This is a great chance to boost your sales and increase the number of followers on your social media account.

5. Ignore the rest of your sales funnel

Probably by now, you're focused on the idea of how to make your account sell and inspired to try new approaches. It's worth remembering that the main Instagram strengths are spreading a brand's awareness along with boosting its visibility, increasing engagement by building friendly relationships between business and customers, and analyzing the market.

Also, by setting up a business account you can utilize marketing tools provided by this social media platform. The app offers you the opportunity to learn Instagram insights where you can explore your engagement rate, learn more about your audience. A business account lets you promote your posts or Stories, and add beneficial information to your profile, like a website link, email address, phone number, location, etc.

According to the statistics, this app has earned its honorable place in the e-commerce sphere by being one of the most used apps among people all over the world. The platform lets its users feel closer to the things and people they love. It is a place where people not only get inspired and express themselves but also discover brands, influencers, small businesses, and shop products they like.

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