How to publish videos in IGTV

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June 18, 2020
In June 2018, Instagram announced the launch of IGTV, but a year later only very few companies and bloggers use this feature. Which is a shame, because this is an additional way to engage subscribers, an opportunity to develop content and a way to stand out from competitors. Let's look at how to add video to IGTV from your phone and computer, and also offer 9 ideas for your content for IGTV.

How to upload video to IGTV

Before uploading videos to IGTV, it is important to know a few technical features. Firstly, you can’t shoot films in IGTV, for this you must first shoot the video on your phone or camera. You can upload your content in both horizontal and vertical formats. Secondly, the duration of video for IGTV, uploaded from a mobile phone, should be from 1 to 15 minutes. If uploaded from a computer, the limit increases - up to 60 minutes. You can select a cover for the content from the clip or upload the photo separately.

The title of the video should briefly convey the meaning of the content or intrigue with an interesting question. The optimal length of the header is 20-25 characters. In the description, expand the topic, and highlight the issues that will appear in the film.

To reach as many people as possible, publish a video in the stream (see below for how to do this) and additionally include your IGTV clips on your Facebook page. To do this, you need to link your account with the page on Facebook.

Only your subscribers will see videos in private accounts, and all Instagram users in public accounts.

How to upload IGTV videos from your phone

Open the Recommended & Search section and open IGTV. Next, click on + and select a video from your gallery. Add a cover. Come up with a title and description for the film, and add hashtags.

IGTV videos can be published in stories. To do this, the sliding button opposite “Post a preview” must be in the active state. Next, click on “Edit preview” and select the clip that you want to upload to stories (up to 15 seconds), then click save.

The “Add to series” option allows you to split videos into categories, especially useful they have several parts. In the "Series" you can add previously downloaded videos. The advantage of this option is that when watching a video, an “add video” tag is added, by clicking on which the user goes to a separate tab with the linked video. If you do not want to post the video in a series format, then just skip this option.

After the publication of the clip is completed, you will have a separate tab in your account with your videos (between the tab with your posts and tagged photos) and a post of it will be published in the feed.

How to upload IGTV video from a computer

If you want to upload video to IGTV with a length of up to 60 minutes, use the web version of Instagram on your computer. Go to and go to your profile. Click on IGTV (between the tabs with your posts and tags). Upload chosen video to IGTV, then select a cover and add a description and header.
how to upload to igtv
If you want the video to appear in your feed, tick the "Publish preview" checkbox. You can publish a preview in the Instagram Feed and your profile, or share it on the Facebook Page. If you decide to publish a preview, you can tap “Edit profile cover” to choose the IGTV cover photo in your profile grid.

Content ideas for IGTV

According to a survey conducted by Preview, as of February 2019, only 17.8% of Instagram users watch videos on IGTV. But as you recall from a previous article, stories have been gaining momentum for a long time, and they are one of the most popular types of content on Instagram. Yes, it is difficult to judge how promising the IGTV channel will be, but if you need reviews, viral or training videos to attract and retain customers, then you should include IGTV in your content plan.
Your own show. Recipes, music show, business coaching, educational guide.
Vlog. You can shoot a vlog or travel video, start a blog about beauty (make up, nail, beauty treatments, fitness exercises, etc.).
Reviews and guidance. This type of content can be tied to almost every topic: an overview of technology, new product launches (for example, for a showroom), an overview of cosmetics, new movies, games, and more. Can include guidelines for using the product or ordering a service.
Humor and challenges. For bloggers, IGTV is a great way to share long videos with your vines or pranks. You can also arrange challenges, for example, for hairdressers - make a hairstyle in 2 minutes, or for makeup artists - create a complex makeup look in 5 minutes.
News and trends. You can cover the latest news and evaluate them through providing your opinion or experience.
Answers to questions. A great idea for both commercial accounts and bloggers. You can compile TOP 5 of the main questions from customers / subscribers and answer them in detail.
Reviews. In order to develop trust and enhance their reputation, companies can upload video reviews of their product to their IGTV channel. For example, after unpacking the product and sharing their first impression, the blogger makes a review and shares their impression of the quality of the product or demonstrates its use.
Live broadcasts. If your subscribers are accustomed to the live broadcast format in stories, you can upload them and duplicate them in the IGTV channel. This way you can save some useful content, and users can easily find past streams.
For their image and reputation, a company can shoot interviews with the director of the company, or an expert in one area or another, who will touch on the main questions and concerns of clients. This includes collaborations with bloggers - perhaps a joint discussion of some relevant topic.


The videos on IGTV are now mostly used by creators posting clips with humour/pranks and bloggers posting reviews. For commercial accounts, this is only a growing feature. But in any case, IGTV has its own audience, so it is worth using it and standing out among similar competitors on Instagram.

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You need to shoot a video on your phone or camera first. Its duration should be from 1 to 15 minutes. If uploaded from a computer, the limit increases up to 60 minutes.
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The title should briefly convey the meaning of content and intrigue. Publish a clip in the stream and include your clips to the Facebook page linked with your Instagram account.
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