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Increasing ER with Instagram quizzes

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June 2, 2020
Can taking advantage of competitive spirit increase user engagement on Instagram? Games have always attracted the audience and still inspire their genuine interest. When playing games, we all subconsciously wish to receive a reward. It doesn’t matter if the reward is confirmation of our intelligence (when we answer the question correctly) or a cash prize.

So how do we use it? - make games and quizzes, and encourage your subscribers to participate in the activity. We’ll tell you how to do this using the “Quiz” sticker for Instagram stories.

Secrets of successful Instagram quizzes

Simple but unique questions, instant results, and a desire to excel - these are exactly the criteria that encourage subscribers to participate. And if some prize is added for correct answers or highest performers, then this is also an additional incentive.
People subconsciously want to win and test themselves. If the conditions for entering the game are simple and do not require anything in return, then it is easy to involve your followers and come up with interesting questions for the Quiz.

Types of quizzes for Instagram

This game option can be applied in different ways. Quizzes can be divided into account types: personal (for bloggers) and commercial.

Longer quiz
It consists of several test questions that follow each other (3-5 is optimal so that the user is not tired and does not lose their score).
instagram quiz
Before launching the quiz, it is recommended to make an announcement - tell users that a game is being held, on what topics, and what awaits them in the end (test their knowledge, receive a prize, etc.).

How well do you know me?

In this quiz format you ask questions about yourself (or about your company). With this option, you can allow users to get to know you better, and users can test their knowledge or intuition.

Example questions for bloggers:

  • Guess how I spend Friday evening: a duck bath, club and tequila, spa and relaxation, a bike ride.
  • What is my favorite book / movie / flower / brand, etc.
  • What musical instrument did I learn in my childhood?
  • Let the followers guess what topic the future post / article on the blog will be.
  • Ask subscribers to guess which country you are going on vacation to.
instagram story quiz
Example questions for companies:

  • When was our company founded?
  • What is our CEO’s favorite dish?
  • What do you think is the most popular product among our customers? (This is also an additional way to talk about the demand for your product and make a short review of other products).
  • What is most important for you in our service: quality, low price, etc. Here it’s rational to add the option “All of the above” (in this way you will better know the preferences and the main deciding factors of the order for your users).

After the quiz, be sure to explain the correct answer. For example, why do you spend the evening like this and not otherwise.

Preferences of your followers

Quizzes can also be used as a survey, but explain in advance that the correct answer is the one you choose. With this option, you will better analyse your audience and encourage them to engage with your company. Subscribers with genuine desire to participate in such a quiz usually do so because they want to show their uniqueness and find out the author’s answer.


  • What would you take to a desert island: shampoo, knife, book, phone.
  • How the series ends: they kill John Snow, the dragon becomes the king, etc.
  • What would you buy if you had a million: buy an apartment / cottage, a car, go on a trip, donate to charity.
  • If you could have any of these animals, which one would you pick: skunk, ferret, raccoon, no higher level animal.

An example for commercial accounts is the story series option: the first shows feedback from your client that the package has arrived to the customer. In the following stories, you suggest your followers guess what kind of product this is. Thus, we work with the image: show brand responsibility and positive customer feedback on the product.

Integrating stories for the purpose of expanding your audience

A blogger can profit from collaboration with a brand, and quiz, in this case, can be a tool for advertising on Instagram. For example, a blogger uploads photos of cosmetics or perfumes that they bought on their last trip. In the quiz, users are asked to guess the value of a product. After the quizzes, the blogger shares his impressions of the use of the product and provides links to these products.
For companies, the Quiz feature can be a collaboration tool. For example, an Apple Appliance account posts stories with multi-colored cases for AirPods and asks followers to guess which color the head of the company chose for themselves. In the following stories, the company explains the choice (for example, the director bought a blue case, to match the color of his wife’s eyes), and then a link is published so viewers buy any color they like.

Content for entertainment

Quizzes are often used to diversify content. And followers enjoy this option because they want to get distracted, relax, etc.

Quizzes for humour.

Ask a question and offer comedic answers:

What to bring to a husband as a present from the resort: yourself, horns, an empty wallet.
It is raining: the cloud has urinated itself, someone is taking a shower from above, I forgot to close the tap.
What law existed in Idaho: drinking without eating, itching with a gun, making a herbarium of marijuana, fishing on a camel (✓).

Educational questions are also relevant:

  • Ask where the word is properly stressed and figure out your most erudite subscribers.
  • Suggest a traffic situation and ask about the correct maneuver.
  • Which country has never been a British colony, or suggest guessing which country a flag belongs to.
  • Ask how the word is translated or which spelling is correct (relevant for bloggers teaching foreign languages).

Another option is the integration of quizzes into a game of "spot the difference."
quiz on instagram


Encourage followers to increase their activity and right answers. You can promise to give away the souvenirs from countries where the blogger is flying to the top 5 participants. Or put in stories the accounts of followers who have scored the maximum number of correct answers (in this way users will receive free advertising). You can also play for small cash prizes. The company can give a discount or free delivery of its goods.

To summarize, a few tips for creating a quizzes in stories on Instagram :
Questions should be simple and concise. A lot of text is inconvenient to read in stories, and sometimes it is completely unreadable. Complex issues should also be avoided, as followers will usually click through without participating.
It is better to come up with non-trivial questions. They should intrigue, arouse interest or a smile (playful questions).
Answers should also be short. Optimum 1-3 words per line. Instagram allows you to add a maximum of 4 answers.
Timing. You should not use the Quiz too often, otherwise users will get tired of this always being in stories and they will not participate in it.
Involve the quiz feature in a separate section of your content plan and publish it constantly. Subscribers will get used to it and will know that a prize draw happens periodically, for example on Tuesdays, and will actively monitor stories and answer questions.

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