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7 Amazing Places to Find Low Budget Background Music for Your Video

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June 29, 2020
Nowadays social media campaigns cannot be successful without such elements as videos. According to Cisco, an average Internet user watches around 2.5 hours of video content per day, so it’s one of the most popular forms of digital content. A good marketing video consists of many components, and one of them is audio tracks. Their importance to the overall perception is hard to overestimate.

It might be problematic for a marketer to find affordable background music for a video, but we are here to help. We present you with a compilation of digital resources where you can find low budget audio tracks of high quality. However, we first would like to debrief you about the process of its licensing.

Free and royalty - free audio

There is a significant difference between free and royalty - free audio. To get a legal right to use free music you won’t have to pay for anything. However, the status of royalty-free simply indicates that no royalties will be demanded from you by the rights owner upon its distribution, but you will need to make a one-time purchase.

Creative Commons

Creative Commons licenses are the licenses for the distribution of digital content. Some resources use it, but others may choose to use their own license. You will need to check the type of license applied to a particular audio track to fully understand your legal rights.

Public Domain

Certain creative works do not belong to anyone in particular and therefore considered as public domain. This kind of content is available for everyone without any copyright restrictions and payments. There is a difference though between Internet content and the public domain: just because something may be found online it does not necessarily mean it’s free to use. In most cases, to legally use digital content you will need to purchase the right to use it. However, with our compilation of the best low-budget resources, this should be no problem for your wallet.

1. Audio Jungle

Find the perfect music for any budget

AudioJungle is a part of Envato Market service for digital content distribution. On AudioJungle you may find various tracks for your background. However, you will need to purchase the right to use the items from the stock.
Audio Jungle
What is important, you may define the search for the music according to the budget. The pricing starts from only 1$, so you can actually find and download good tracks for a decent cost. AudioJungle also offers packs and kits, so there’s plenty of options in the service library for any preferences.
Audio Jungle

2. Freeplay Music

Music service made for marketing campaigns

Freeplay Music is specifically designed to make your web videos, events, films, or advertisements unique and pleasant for a viewer. It is possible to refine your search online by the scene, the genre, and the mood, so you may adjust it just for yourself.
Freeplay Music
Freeplay Music uses a subscription model of perpetuity or 1 year. Depending on your goal and format, the prices for access to the library of the service library may vary, but it is quite affordable. The pricing starts with 25$. And if you intend to get the background music for your personal use on YouTube solely, it won’t cost you anything!
Freeplay Music

3. Epidemic Sound

Choose a suitable option for music licensing

Epidemic Sound gives you access to tracks and sound effects for the videos distributed via social media, online platforms, and websites. The library of the service is quite large, so you will definitely have something to pick your match from. All of the audio from the stock is royalty-free.
Epidemic Sound
Epidemic Sound offers you two types of obtaining the rights to use certain audio tracks. You may purchase a subscription of personal and commercial use for 15$ and 49$ per month respectively. Moreover, you can also purchase a lifetime-long license for a single track starting from 99$.
Epidemic Sound

4. Soundotcom

Same price for each track

On the website of Soundotcom you can purchase royalty-free audio from several categories online. Every track from the stock is personalized: it has a description including the genre, the tempo, and the length. You can also download a preview before the purchase.
Soundotcom offers you a single fixed price for every track - 25$ with no hidden fees. For this money, you can download and use it for commercial and non-commercial purposes in every type of media for a lifetime. It is also possible to buy pre-selected music packs and save some money on collections.

5. Artlist

One license covering all marketing projects

Artlist has 2 types of content in the website library: background music and sound effects. You can customize your online search by necessary mood, video theme, genre, instrument, tempo, and duration. It is also possible to see the lyrics of a song.
A website of Artlist offers 3 types of subscription: music only for 16.60$ per month, SFX only for 12.41$ per month, and the combined package for a cheaper price of 25$ per month. The downloads are unlimited. The good news is that every audio track you download from the stock within the active period of your subscription is yours to keep and use as you wish.

6. PremiumBeat

Make the most of exclusive music

On PremiumBeat you can find many pieces of fine background audio tracks online. All of the content represented in the website library is royalty-free and service-exclusive. You can add tracks from the stock of the website to the favorites, create playlists, and download previews.
PremiumBeat has two types of audio track licensing. You can purchase standard licensing for 49$ per month or premium licensing with some additional possibilities for 199$ per month. For both cases, the package includes full song, loops, and short clips.

7. SoundStripe

New content every month

SoundStripe has a large library of background tracks and sound effects available for you to download. The items offered by SoundStripe are of high quality and follow modern trends. Moreover, the website’s song search system with its tags and filtering is really helpful for any creator looking for a nice piece of audio in the stock.
The library of SoundStripe is constantly updated. According to the resource, every month more than 200 new audio tracks are getting added, so you will always have something to enhance your project with. For $11.25, $21 and $66.25 per month SoundStripe offers standard, premium, and business plans respectively (given that you are billed yearly). It’s also possible to purchase a single track for $39.95.

Improve your video

Even though the background audio part of the movie project might not be considered important, it is vital to find suitable items to make a good impression on the audience. With many resources financially suitable for anyone it’s easy to download the tracks from the stocks and make your video sound awesome!

Control your marketing campaign performance

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Royalty-free music is a music not requiring any royalty for its use.
What is a public domain?
Public domain is a content free of cost and copyright for its usage.
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The pricing on AudioJungle starts with 1$.