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Official Icons of Popular Social Media: Instagram, YouTube and Others

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September 15, 2020
Some social networks don't recommend, and others even completely prohibit downloading icons from third-party websites and changing them to fit the design of your website. Every social media has its own brand book, which describes the rules for the use of logos, links for downloading icons, and recommendations to help avoid gross mistakes.

Instagram icon

According to the rules of the social network, you can only use the Instagram icon for your website that is presented on the official website. All other options of the logos are illegal. It is allowed to use a multicoloured version and a black logo on a white background.
social media icons
The minimum size of an Instagram icon should not be less than 29x29 pixels. The free space around the icon should be half of the logo from all sides. This will keep the icon legible and isolate it from other social media icons placed side by side.
social media icons
It is not allowed to change the Instagram icon, to rotate it, or mirror. For example:
social media icons"
Download Instagram icons from the official website.
When downloading, specify the type "Online" if you plan to use the icon on the website. In other cases, for example, printing a logo on packaging or using it on the TV or in the movie, you must request additional permission from the social network.

IGTV, Boomerang, Hyperlapse and Layout Icons

social media icons
The same size and space rules that apply to the Instagram logo, also apply to derivative social media products.

Facebook icon

The standard colour of the icon that Facebook encourages to use on websites is blue with a white letter F, and if for some reason you can't use the standard colour of the icon, the social network allows you to use black and white, and grey options.
facebook icon
Facebook has no specific rules when it comes to the minimal size of the icon. However, the recommendations state that it's better to place the logo so that it is legible and the same size as adjacent icons. The free space should be at least ¼ of the logo.
facebook icon download
According to Facebook rules, it is not allowed to change the F logo. Any corrections of shape, proportions, and design are prohibited. Also, it is not allowed to animate the icon. For example:
facebook icons
Also, the social network strictly prohibits creating any modifications with the logo. For example, combine it with other logos, create derivatives from the form, etc. For example:
social media icons
Before downloading, check the box to prove that you're aware of all the conditions for using the logo and are ready to comply with them.

YouTube icon

Before using any elements of the YouTube brand, the social network requires you to obtain permission by filling out a special form. However, if you fulfill all the conditions for using the logo, the company doesn't make a claim.

According to the rules of the social network, you can use two versions of the logo: a full one - with the inscription YouTube, and an abbreviated one - only an icon. You can choose the colour only out of 4 colour options, standard logo on white and black background, and two monochrome options - white and black.
social media icons
youtube icon
The minimum height of the YouTube icon on the website must be at least 24 pixels for both logo and icon. The free space around the logo should be at least half the width of the icon.
youtube icons
It is not allowed to change the YouTube icon in any way: use a different font, change its shape and size, replace the corporate color scheme, also, you can't mirror the icon. It is prohibited to change the letter spacing in the word "YouTube", as well as the distance between the word "YouTube" and the icon. The use of any visual effects is also prohibited, for example, gradient, shadow, or adding volume. It is forbidden to combine the YouTube logo with other icons and logos, inscriptions, and patterns. Examples of how you can't change the YouTube icon:
youtube icons
Icon colours:

Red: HEX - # FF0000; RGB - 255.0.0; CMYK -

White: HEX - #FFFFFF; RGB - 255.255.255; CMYK -

Black: HEX - # 282828; RGB - 40.40.40; CMYK -

Twitter icon

Twitter is a more flexible social network that allows you to change the icon in the variations you want to see it. For example, you can use the logo with a bird both, separately, and in a container. Besides, variations with the container can also be different: in a circle, in a square, or in a square with rounded corners. The only nuance is that you can use only corporate colours, blue or white. The use of black colour is not allowed, Twitter can make an exception and allow you to use a black variation, but you need to request permission from the social network to do this.
twitter icons
A Twitter icon can be combined with an account name or hashtag. In this case, the color of the icon should be blue or white, but the social network recommends making it black. The size of the label should be the same size as the icon.
twitter icon
The minimum size for a Twitter icon must be at least 16 pixels. And the free space around the logo should be at least half the width of the icon.
twitter icon
The social network doesn't allow changing the shape of the icon, animating, mirroring, and otherwise changing the logo. You can't add other elements to the icon, like birds or speech bubbles. Examples of how you can't use Twitter icon:
twitter icons
Icon colours:

Blue: HEX - # 1DA1F2; RGB - 29 161 242; CMYK - 69 26 0 0; PANTONE - 2382 C.

White: HEX - #FFFFFF; RGB - 255 255 255; CMYK - 0 0 0 0

Font characteristics:

For the username - Helvetica Neue Regular.

For hashtag - Helvetica Neue Bold.

The social network also allows you to use the font as you like and based on the design of the website.

General guidelines for using social media icons

To ensure that all social media icons fit in the same style, you should follow the recommendation and choose one design option, color, or monochrome. All icons must be of the same size and spaced equally from each other.
Choose the optimal number of social media icons that you will place on your website. Don't chase after quantity. Choose only those social networks where you post regularly, and where your target audience is.
Place social media logos on the website from the most important to the least significant, from right to left.
Always keep your social media icons up to date. It will help you not to break the rules and not to give customers the impression that you fell behind time.
Most social networks allow you to use their logo on the website without the need to request additional permissions. But if you want to print an icon, or use it in a TV commercial, then according to the rules, you must approve this with the social network.

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Answers on the most
common questions
Where can I download Facebook social media icons?
You can download it from the official website.
Do I have to put all the social media icons on my website?
No, it's important to put the ones where you post regularly, and where your target audience is.
What if I put social media icons with the old design on my website?
It is better to avoid such a thing, seeing as visitors can get the impression that you fell behind time.