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Questions for Instagram story polls

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August 2, 2020
We will offer ideas for stories on Instagram with questions, and explain how and why to conduct polls.

One way to increase engagement rates (ER) on Instagram is to use interactive publications. These include polls in stories. Let's take a look at some interesting examples of what you can ask your followers so that they don't “pass by.”

Why conduct polls on Instagram

Diversify Content
Thanks to the poll, you can “dilute” the standard content stories to make them more interesting and increase the engagement of your followers.
Learn opinions and preferences
With the help of polls, you can improve the interaction with subscribers by asking what interests them at the moment. For example: “Is the new blog section interesting?”, “What do you like more?” etc. Usually, users like to express their opinions on the Internet, and you need to take advantage of this.
Hidden motivation for action
Thanks to surveys, you find out what a user is interested in and push the user to purchase it. For example, a showroom may post a photo of two dresses and ask followers which they like best. And in the next stories, offer a discount on this product, thereby increasing the chances of them purchasing.
polls on instagram

How to create a poll on Instagram

A poll on Instagram can be carried out for all followers in stories or to attract a limited number of followers to an Internet shop.

Polls in Instagram stories
Go to stories and make / select a background photo for the survey. It is better that the photo fits the theme of the survey and attracts attention. Next, click on the sticker with a smiley, select "Poll" and write the text of the questions. Two possible answers are allowed. You can leave “Yes / No” or write your own, you can also put emoticons instead of text. Followers who participated in the poll will be able to see the statistics of the responses of other voters.
polls on instagram

To understand the effectiveness of polls, create an account in LiveDune and track the reach and dynamics. If the coverage is growing, then you are on the right track.

Which questions to ask in Instagram polls? Ideas and examples

In order for a poll to include as many followers as possible, the question must be unique. For example: “Did you eat today?” - too boring and non interesting, making your followers not want to cast their vote. Questions can be compiled both on the subject of the account, and on separate topics.

General questions

This is the most popular type of questions (questions), which are relevant both for getting to know and researching your audience, and for a variety of content. Answers to such questions are most often limited (Yes / No), but you can use emoticons, numbers and add your own answers.
how to do a poll on instagram
Ideas for the best (Best) polls on Instagram (instagram):

- Is it a good morning?
- Sea or mountains?
- Is there life after death?
- Are you an early bird or a night owl?
- Have you tried ...?
- For Thanos or for the Avengers?”
- A book or a movie?
- Are you a romantic?
- Career or love?
- Do you believe in female friendship?
- Gym or sofa?
- Are you a villain or a positive hero?
- Heels or sneakers?
- Skiing or snowboarding?
- Upload more videos or photos?
- Which do you prefer on Friday night? (Answers: club or sleep)
- How do you feel about tattoos? (The answers are a smile and sad face or thumb up and down).

Survey evaluation

This is a type of poll, which allows you to "express" your followers' own opinions on a particular question (may be related to their experience). A survey-assessment is somewhat similar to a general poll, it all depends on the wording of the questions themselves.
how to make a poll on instagram
Ideas for questions on Instagram (instagram):

- Is my blog useful to you?
- Do you want to learn more about life hacks from other countries?
- If travel is a dream, what is your favourite place: (Answers: Asia or Europe; America or Canada, etc.).
- What hair color suits me better? (In the story, a collage of two photos is laid out, you can put numbers or arrows in the answers).
- Should I have a new fitness section on my blog?
- Do you like the design of my profile?
- What brand of car is more reliable? (Answer: Mercedes or Toyota).
- Which country should I devote the next video/stream to? (Answer: Greece or Sri Lanka).
- Is your dream to live in a small town or be a millionaire?
- Is the Hippo cat a positive character?

Questions can be with a touch of provocation. They always intend to cause an active reaction, but you need to know the right amount to use it and not to abuse it.

For example:

- Who is better at preparing / driving, a woman or a man?
- Cheating - is this normal?
- If you had a son, would you send him to the army?
- Should a man give his son to his wife?
- Is bodypositivivity the right trend?
- Do you cope with the need for an elevator?
- Are you looking for a new job at work?


This type of question is relevant for commercial accounts that want to increase the motivation to buy. Usually there are several polls on the same topic, which follow one after another.

Example 1 (promoting a sale):

We are launching the poll “Which model do you like more like No. 1 or No. 2?”. You can repeat 3-5 stories with different options. Next, select the models for which the majority voted, and announce SALE on them (launch of the sale).

Voters see the answers of other users and which product is "leading", so you should not give out another product for the survey participants, and instead focus on the most popular one.

Example 2 (for earning on advertising):

You ask whether it is interesting to post about a new topic. For example: "Want to know how I lost weight for the new year?" and add a motivating photo before and after. Or "Tell me, where did I get such a hairstyle / made such a cabinet?" etc.

If the majority answered “Yes”, in the next story you should post, for example, a photo of a miracle cure, product, person or company and a link to the advertised object.

Example 3 (to increase reach and subscriptions):

"Should I have a prize draw?" If the majority answered “Yes,” then continue to warm them up. Then ask: “What to give away?” (Answers: men's or women's sneakers; discount on course No. 1 or course No. 2, etc.) For most answers, you select a product and announce the start of the rally and conditions.

If the product is widely desired (since the majority voted for it), then the reach can be large-scale. The main thing to do is to write down the conditions of the drawing in detail: what your followers to do (subscribe, like, tag friends in the comments), dates of the raffle, etc.

To summarise

Surveys are a good opportunity to find out the opinions of followers, their attitude, and at the same time diversify your content. Followers enjoy polls, because they can express their opinion through simple voting. In addition, this gives a feeling of involvement in a certain audience of like-minded people (or vice versa - their uniqueness from the majority).

With this tool you can get useful feedback. For commercial accounts and bloggers, this is very relevant (whether subscribers are interested in this topic, what service is in greatest demand, etc.). Statistics will allow you to see the number of "Spectators" and "Voted" and even their answers. You should not wait for 100% of your audience to respond to the poll, as not even all followers will see this survey, but you will get a general objective picture of what is happening.

Surveys are an additional chance to talk to a “silent audience”. Not all subscribers are ready to immediately write their opinion in the comments or in the direct. The poll in story allows you to achieve at least some reaction and make the subscriber one step closer to a full-fledged conversation.

The main rule to which it is recommended to adhere is to know how often to use polls. It is better to periodically resort to surveys than to use them daily. If you publish polls constantly, then activity will gradually decrease, and when you need to find out an opinion on a really important issue, it will be difficult to get the necessary reaction.

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