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Royalty Free Music for Instagram Video

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September 16, 2020

Why does Instagram delete publications with music

Lots of people are familiar with the situation when you edit a video for Instagram, take your time choosing the track that perfectly fits, put in a lot of effort, and all that just for the social network to block your content. This is very unpleasant, but that is the way Instagram complies with copyright law.

Every piece of music has its own type of license. There are tracks that are free to use. And there are music pieces that require your compliance with the copyright because the author has imposed a partial (for example, for use in some countries) or a complete ban on its distribution.
free music for instagram videos
Source: help.instagram.com
Users often don't pay attention to these things, they don't study the type of the license, and simply select a track coming from their personal taste. But illegal use of a piece of music can result in legal liability and fines, especially if you used the track for commercial purposes. And since Instagram selectively blocks publications with music, the problem with the law can be quite real and serious. Also, in the case of systematic violations, Instagram can completely block the account of a malicious violator.

Therefore, in order to avoid legal trouble and not lose your Instagram account, use music without copyright, or rather, with a free Creative Commons license.

What is a royalty free license

In total, Creative Commons has 6 types of licenses, and each one has its own nuances. For example, you can easily use one track for an advertising layout, while the other one is available for use only for personal purposes, like adding music to Instagram Stories. The license types are arranged in a hierarchy from the free one to the most restrictive license.
To make it easier to navigate, we have collected in a table short designations of icons that will help you when searching for the required music piece.
You must give credit to the author, add a link to the license and indicate if changes were made.
You may not use the material for commercial purposes.

Where to download free music without copyright for Instagram?

We made a selection of popular websites where you can download and use music for Instagram for free. The easiest way is to go to the official record library from Facebook and YouTube. Unfortunately, you will not find fresh releases there, but at least you will not have to deal with the license issue.
Below you can see the compilation of 10 websites where you find more fresh compositions. But before using the track, make sure to check the type of the license because copyright gives the author the right to change the terms and impose restrictions. The type of license is usually placed in the description for each individual composition. Some websites provide the opportunity to set up filters by the license, which makes it easier to find something specific, for example, music for a commercial project.

Important things

Always check the license type before using a track. If you want to protect yourself and your account as much as possible, give preference to a CC BY license.
If your purpose is to buy a track and use it for your Instagram publication, you can do it here: Audiojungle or Audiosocket. If Instagram blocked your publication with a purchased composition, go to the details of the deleted post and select - Appeal. After that, to unblock the publication with the track, you need to confirm with an electronic signature that you have the right to upload this piece of music to Instagram, and then the app will restore the publication.
free music for instagram videoscopyright free music for instagram
You can't use music that you bought from iTunes on Instagram because you bought it for listening purposes, not for distribution. Moreover, you can't use it for any commercial purposes.
Don't even waste your time trying to come up with the tricks, like recording a track on voice memos or editing it by slowing down or speeding up the playback. There's no guarantee that these methods will work out, which can put you at risk.

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Answers on the most
common questions
What is royalty-free music?
It's when you pay for the license only once but can use the song as long as you need it.
Where to download royalty-free music for Instagram videos for free?
You can get it on websites, like the Free Music Archive, Incompetech, Jamendo, etc.
How to post music on Instagram with compliance to copyright?
Instagram is strict about respecting intellectual property rights, and you should always give proper credit to the owners.