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The Best Apps To Create Collages For Instagram

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September 28, 2020
One of the coolest Instagram trends is collaging.

Images and videos are not enough to blow up your social media. You really need to let loose, and add more creativity, fun, and bright colors to your business' page. Both your feed and Stories are probably full of bright and beautifully designed collages that help brands in creating a unique style for the company's social media presence.

With an amazing variety of apps, everybody, from regular Instagram users to brands and influencers, can get creative and easily combine together photos and videos, adding fun backgrounds, stickers, and more.

Collages are not only fun to create, but they also dilute your social media with bright colors, help with creating on-brand content, and grab the attention of your followers. Collaging is also a great way to demonstrate more pictures and videos without spamming Instagram feed and taking off less space.

Here's the compilation of 8 of the best apps for creating amazing collaging for your Instagram Stories and feed for your consideration.

The Reason Why Instagram Collages are Trending

Influencers are the trendsetters for most, if not all, popular trends on Instagram. This is because they are constantly looking for new ways and opportunities to express themselves. To attract new followers, you have to show off your uniqueness.

The Instagram collaging trend started out with Stories, but now lots of businesses confidently incorporate it in their feeds as well.

But the collages are far from being average, seeing as the number of apps is growing with the lightning speed to help you in creating customized designs, and use this trend in a unique way for your brand's style.

One of the most well-known apps for Insta Stories, Unfold, offers an amazing chance for brands to showcase their products. If you're a clothing brand, you can demonstrate your looks in fewer slides while staying creative and deliberate.

The Instagram collaging trend is popular enough to inspire successful brands, like Tommy Hilfiger, to partner up with apps, like Unfold, to create and release their own branded collage templates.
The Instagram collaging
Collages started coming in hot in Insta Stories, but soon the trend expanded to the news feeds and IGTV as well.
apps for insta collage
Incorporating the hottest trends in your content strategy is always a great idea to boost engagement and reach a larger audience.

How to Make an Instagram Collage

Let's be honest people are getting tired if you constantly flood them with content. If you post too many Stories, there's a huge possibility that people are never going to open them. And that's why collaging is your magic trick. This way, you get to share more content while your followers don't have to do thousands of clicks. To showcase all the details of your product from different angles, let's say a jewelry piece, you don't have to take dozens of pictures.
collage for instagram apps
Both businesses and influencers tend to create a mix of photos, videos, and various textures while making collages. All this, to create stunning, one-of-a-kind, eye-catching experiences and invoke the followers' desire to get to know a brand better.
apps collages instagram download
And don't forget about other Instagram features, like photo carousel, which you can use to demonstrate more of your photo collages by creating a scroll effect.
what does reach mean on instagram
Probably, the most important part of Instagram collaging is the way you edit and combine your photos. You can express your artsy side in whichever way you find the most appealing. Lots of brands mix black & white pictures with colorful photos, combine photos and videos in one publication, add animation effects, etc.
what does reach mean on instagram
Remember to dedicate your attention to brand aesthetics because it's very important for your collages to fit perfectly with the aesthetics of your brand, to create a harmonious image.

Minimalist Collaging of Your Instagram Stories With Unfold

Unfold is, undoubtedly, one of the most popular and favorite among Insta influencers apps for creating stylish and unique Instagram Stories. It is the perfect toolkit for storytellers. Unfold offers 200+ gorgeous templates from Film Frames, Ripped Paper collections, and others. So you could tell an amazing story with your visuals.
templates for instagram
Unfold regularly updates their templates library, adding new templates for special occasions or seasons.
templates for instagram
One of the best characteristics of this app is that Unfold lets you preview your Insta Story before you post it, so you could make sure your content looks the way you intended and fits the brand aesthetics.

If you're looking for easy to use apps and fresh ideas for the content, try the Unfold, and you'll fall in love with the app!

You can also choose to join Unfold+. This membership enables you access to all application features and helps to reach your creative potential. With Unfold+, you'll get access to all templates and fonts, early access to new collections, exclusive releases, and designs, and of course, you can cancel membership anytime.
Download: iOS, Android

How to Make an Instagram Collage With Storyluxe

Storyluxe offers over 500 Instagram Story templates that are capable of catching your followers' attention from the first moments. The app is full of dynamic collage templates, like neon, polaroid, instant film, and many more.

The Storyluxe will not only make your Insta Story pop but also add a splash of bright colors to your feed, seeing as it has an Insta Portrait option for each collage. Storyluxe's unique filters let your content shine by adding a vintage film look.
The Storyluxe app
Choose a template from the offered options, customize it, add photos and videos. You can also boost your Stories or publication by adding unique filters, Storyluxe's backdrop textures, and colors to create the content that aligns with the brand aesthetics.
The Storyluxe app
Download: iOS

Panoramic Collaging With SCRL

The SCRL app helps you to express yourself by designing and creating layered collages with pictures and videos that fit perfectly to your feed. SCRL's design tools include fonts, various templates, rich Unsplash stock photo library, and more.
scrl app instagram
For example, the Cupid Killer clothing brand created a horizontal collage that takes off a couple of pictures in a carousel. As you swipe left for more, the next image continues into the next.
cupidkiller app instagram
This is an amazing opportunity to allure your followers and to encourage them to scroll through every picture to see the whole story. A continued picture experience makes your followers want to see every part of the publication, and the chances are high that they will actually press on the like button.

Also, carousel posts benefit your post-performance, seeing as this way, users spend more time on your post while scrolling and swiping through the pictures.

One of the amazing features of the SCRL's application is a freeform canvas. You can add up to 10 frames to get the max of your layout. View your project all at once by zooming out, or up close by zooming in.
Download: iOS

Make On-Brand Collaging For Instagram With PicMonkey

A PicMonkey app is an amazing tool for creating designs, ads, and vibrant collages for Insta without sweating too much. You can create it from scratch. Choose a colored background, add your own photos and videos, add graphics, and make your social media blow up.
picmonkey app instagram
PicMonkey inspires you to create stunning designs by offering a variety of customizable options. You can add your own photos or graphics to the background, play with colors, and more. Step up your social media game with PicMonkey by making perfect shots of your products without any special equipment.
picmonkey app instagram
Download: iOS, Android

Fun and Colorful Instagram Collaging With Tezza

Tezza app will help your pictures and videos pop with gorgeous presets and easy to use editing tools.

Collage templates are available in the mobile application. They are totally customizable and let you create by changing colors, selecting fonts for the text. Recently Tezza application introduced a new feature - Glitter & Prism, so you could make glowy and glittery content for your social media. With Tezza, your content will shine bright like a diamond, stealing the spotlight.
tezza app instagram
Download: iOS

Create Video Collaging With Mojo

Mojo app is the perfect application for creating animated video Stories. Two hottest Insta trends - collages and animation for your social media with one app, looks like a pretty great deal!
mojo app instagram
Mojo offers hundreds of beautiful templates for your consideration from different styles. Also, there are more than 100 text styles to choose from. You'll definitely be able to discover things that fit your brand's aesthetics. And of course, Mojo's templates are customizable, so you can crop it the way you want, add text, animation, change colors, etc., to create stunning collaging for your social media.
mojo app instagram
Download: iOS

Customize Your Instagram Collaging With Over

The Over application is your ace in the sleeve. It helps you with designing jaw-dropping content to make it quick and effortless. Over unlocks your creativity by offering you lots of templates for creating stunning, on-brand collaging. Also, the application allows you to edit your images and add captions. Over has everything you need to build your brand's social media presence while creating impactful content.

The application is full of gorgeous templates that you can customize to fit your Insta aesthetics and demonstrate your business from the best angles. And all you need is your phone!
over app instagram
Select a template for your ad, post, or anything else, or start from scratch. Then start creating by changing colors of your font, editing your photo or video, adding graphics, and posting to social media.
Download: iOS, Android

Multi-Media Collaging With A Design Kit

If you're planning on showing off your artsy side, A Design Kit is a perfect choice. The application lets you add modern, colorful designs to your collages, like graphics and paint strokes.
design kit app instagram
A Design Kit is your answer on how to create eye-catching content while having fun.

A Design Kit is packed with tons of stickers, modern fonts, various backgrounds and textures, and different designs to fit your profile's aesthetics.
design kit app instagram
This application is a great choice for creating unique social media content that represents your brand. Your followers will like it.
Download: iOS

How To Blend In Collaging Into Your Feed

If you're still thinking about collages as something that does not belong to the modern world and your business' social media page, you're thinking wrong. Lots of successful brands all over the world incorporate collaging in their feed and getting so much feedback and engagement from their followers. Taking pictures and shooting videos is great, but they are not the only key components for high-quality content. Nowadays, you have all the needed opportunities to create unique content with all the features that various applications are offering.

Also, you should remember about the importance of creating a fitting aesthetics for your business' feed to attract more followers to your Insta page and boost engagement. Of course, you need to develop a posting strategy and come up with a schedule, but don't be scared trying out something new and experimenting with the content.

You can always edit your pictures ahead of time and preview what your feed will look like. This way, you ensure that everything looks the way you planned, and publications fit together harmoniously.

For that, you can use applications, like Later visual planner. All you need to do is drag your pictures there, rearrange them to see what the final look on your feed is going to be, and save to schedule the posting.

There is a huge variety of editing apps that are so convenient and helpful in creating high-quality, engaging content for your Insta, so don't hesitate and add more bright colors to your feed.

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Why do I need to incorporate collaging in my Instagram feed?
You should incorporate it because it is one of the hottest social media trends along with animation. So if you want to boost engagement on your page, you should follow suit.
How to create an Instagram collage?
There are lots of different apps, like Unfold and Tezza, that can help you with that. Also, this is a great way to demonstrate your product from different angles by taking off less space.
What app should I use to create an Instagram collage?
There are a lot of amazing apps, it's difficult to choose just one, but Unfold is probably the most popular and favorite among influencers.