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The Best Ways to Get Instagram Followers for Your Business

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September 9, 2020

How to quickly get followers on Instagram

What do you think are the most popular and searchable Instagram-related topics? You may take a guess and say that it's definitely something fun like meme accounts or celebrity dramas, and you aren't wrong. But that's not it.

According to the stats provided by various keyword tools, lots of people are mercilessly browsing the network looking for ways to increase the number of followers. And if you still don't realize why it is that people fight over numbers on social media, then it's the right moment to start keeping up with the world.
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Fast ways to score up a bigger follower base

If this is what you're asking an almighty Google or YouTube to help you with, get ready to reveal not really a huge secret but pretty common tips like:

  • Follow popular users, and then unfollow them moments later
  • Use hashtags on your posts like #f4f (follow for follow)
  • Like lots of posts with a popular hashtag

How to get followers on Instagram easy

If these ways to increase Instagram follower base seem boring or simply not appealing, you can always try an app that'll help you automate this process. If you search for apps in Google Play Store or App Store, lots of various apps will pop up with the promise to be a key solution.
how to quickly get followers on instagram
Or if that's too much research and you're looking for ways to do it quickly without any extra efforts, you can simply shake your purse and buy the desired follower base.

These fast ways seem like easy-breezy, time to drop the bomb

Hold up! Sorry for interrupting your winner's dance, but we got a follower base to increase. First of all, there's nothing wrong with using an app to buy and quickly grow your social media following, but that's only if your goal is to see a nice number at the top of your page. Basically, you're investing real money on your Instagram, but what's the ROI on your efforts? You see, all these videos, articles, and even an app don't mention a word about the quality of your follower base. Don't get me wrong, they do their job, which is to quickly increase the number of subscribers but what you really need is to focus on getting targeted followers.

Let's say you've managed to gain or rather buy 13,000 Instagram followers in a bit more than a week, using the app, how many of them do you think will even bother to check the page of your beauty salon in New York or a vegan restaurant in London? Exactly.

You can't count on lucky streak hoping that your newly gained Instagram followers will like you enough to like, comment, repost or share your page with friends. At this point, questions like, "This Instagram account has like 35k followers, then why does it get only 70 likes per post?" seem painfully obvious and inevitable.

Smart and efficient ways to increase follower base

Let's find out what the fuss is all about.

Below you can read about 5 methods that will surely take you more time and cost you more effort but definitely help in stepping up your Instagram game. But if you're planning on boosting traffic and engagement from your business page while increasing the number of loyal followers, grab your cup of tea, make yourself comfortable and read on. Because the targeted audience is those users who will grant you the results you expect from an effective Instagram marketing strategy.

1. Regularly post Instagram content

The rate of engagement and follower growth get affected by posting frequency. The truth is, the more often you post, the more likes, comments, and followers you get. But of course, it doesn't mean you should post whatever comes to mind. To increase brand awareness and boost product sales, you need to come up with a thoughtful Instagram (marketing) strategy. Your business should be perceived as valuable, and the ways to achieve it are by consistently sharing captivating fun photos and videos.

Keep in mind that your posts have to stand out and be easily recognizable, which is why it's important to use targeted hashtags to help followers who might be interested in what you offer quickly find your account. And one more thing, Instagram Stories are a goldmine of traffic.

You can always use social media management tools to create a schedule for your posts.
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2. Run and co-sponsor Instagram contests

Hosting or partnering up with another Instagram account in your niche in social media contests can help you quickly increase the follower base in case the entry process requires people to follow your business page and leave a comment along with tagging a friend.
best ways to get more instagram followers
The tagged friends will receive a notification, see the post, and may choose to start following your business page. When choosing accounts to collaborate with, it's important to look for business partners in your niche because while most people will follow you to try and win a prize, there's a great chance of them actually checking and liking your content.

3. Check out a hashtag in your niche to get a good look at the potential followers

A permanent monitoring of Instagram hashtags will let you learn and understand market trends as well as analyze your competitors. And most importantly, you'll find people who are likely to join the ranks of your loyal follower base.
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When scrolling through the Instagram feed you stumble on a post you want to open, click on the user's bio and check if it fits the image of your targeted audience. And if we have a match, follow them, and you'll most likely get a follow in response.

You can leave a comment if you want to, just don't be annoying and don't make it about yourself, instead focus on a person.

4. Share user-generated content

If your business is already kind of a big deal, you won't be surprised when while monitoring Instagram hashtags in your niche, you find lots of content related to your products or services. Most social media users will be happy to let you share their posts on your business page. Lots of popular brands use the strategy of picking true gems out of the pile of user-generated content and then featuring it on the company's official page while giving credit to the original owner.
how to increase followers on instagram for business
By the way, besides increasing your follower base, sharing user-generated content increases the chances of an Instagram follower becoming a customer.

5. Promote your business' account, duh

The best way to increase the number of your following base is to boost your brand's visibility, to find you on social media should be a no-brainer. If you've already built a massive following base on other social media, then tell the audience about your Instagram account. Share a link and fuel the desire in your followers to visit the page.

Also, if you have a tangible product, it'd be a great idea to add inside your packaging a customized card with your business' social media info.
how to increase followers on instagram for business

Let's summarize what we've learned

Building an effective social media presence strategy is not the easiest task, you have to be willing to invest both your time and money. But the hard work always pays off. At first, figuring out how to get followers on the app seems tough, but once your following base has surpassed first imposing numbers, it'll fuel your passion to continue doing the work. Because social media is the platform, where you as a company decide, in which way you want to be perceived by customers. Nowadays, social media is not all about fun and entertainment, it's like an official document, your chance to create an idea, a story with beautiful packaging. And if your product is of high quality and matches the packaging, consider yourself close to being successful.

Sharing user-generated content not only creates a special bond between your brand and a social media user but raises engagement on your posts, boosts your following base (because who won't tell their friends about something like that), and turns followers into customers.

It seems so much easier to just buy a follower base and not have a care in the world, but we already know it won't work, and you might just as well throw your money in a trash can. You can't buy a loyal and supportive audience because you gotta earn their trust by engaging with them, making them feel seen, heard, and cared about.

Contests and giveaways are great but don't rely on them too much. Yeah, you can gain thousands of new followers in a couple of days, but don't forget that a prize is what they're interested in, not your content. And while some of them might take the time to learn about you, it is not their biggest concern.

Although to try and buy new followers using money is not the most brilliant idea, to win over their hearts by creating engaging content for social media is definitely worth your time plus, it raises the brand's awareness and enhances its visibility.

Promote your brand's social media account any chance you have. If your audience on Facebook or Twitter is much bigger, tell them about your Instagram account. And while some people will click the link and start following you, some of them you gotta convince that it's worth it. You can throw a giveaway or encourage them with the help of special discounts for the new followers. Perfect your content and make them feel the need to follow your account.

Get inspired, learn, create, and grow your following base!

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