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TOP Apps For Instagram Stories in 2020

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July 29, 2020
Stories format has proved to be a really popular and efficient way to connect to your audience and bring the traffic to your profile. Statistics show that 500 million users now use Insta Stories every day.

The usual format of the talking head in Stories has become boring and, alas, no one else clings to it. You can achieve the desired effect by mixing cool quality content and adding a piece of soul and energetic mood. Then enjoy the result for 24 hours.

So, do you want to make an Instagram story? Then there is a great range of tools to help you with that task.

What's the difference between all of those apps? Some of them can help you edit video and create engaging and cinematic clips to post. Some focus on photo enchantment and offer a wide choice of editing templates.

There are also apps to play with frames, stickers, animation and fonts – in case you would like to create Stories that people are going to want to interact with.

There are different pricing options as well. You can easily find a free app to create amazing stuff but you can also download some with subscription formats.

If you're wondering on how to create a story on Instagram you came to the right place. In this article, we decided to show a list of the best stories applications of 2020.

Before you start working with any of these - here is our advice: never pay for subscriptions on the day of registration. Test basic functions first, check the result, look for alternative free options.

If you understand that you cannot do without the paid version, give preference to an annual subscription, rather than a monthly one. With constant use, this option will be more beneficial.

Apps for Insta Stories

1. StoryArt
Download: iOS, Android
This application includes a huge selection of templates for every taste. More than 1,000 design options are available in the gallery and a built-in image editor: correction of the light, colour, vignette.

Another important function is the creation of covers for relevant Stories. You can choose designs for timeless stories from 120 templates in the collection. It is possible to configure quick access to frequently used templates in the Favorites section.

What is also great about this app is integration with Instagram, it is possible to publish directly from the application.
2. InShot
Download: iOS, Android
InShot is an application for professional video editing. It allows you to process video fragments and combine them into full-fledged clips with musical accompaniment and special effects. No special skills are required to work in the application, anyone can create cool videos here.

There is a collection of special effects, a function to blur the background on the video. Gallery of audio recordings for musical accompaniment, the ability to trim video and audio files. The app offers a video speed control: speed up or slow down videos and the ability to overlay text and stickers.
3. Unfold
Download: iOS, Android
Unfold AppUnfold AppUnfold App
The application has been released since 2017 and ii's still in the top: people love stylish templates for photos and videos. A total of 25 free, concise white-backed layouts and 75 premium designs are available, ranging from torn edges to analogue film frames.

The developers have added the ability to change the background color in individual templates (white, black, beige, pastel pink, green and yellow shades).

Unfold can be downloaded for users of devices on both iOS and Android.
4. Canva
Download: iOS, Android
Canva is a powerful tool for creating stories and posts with graphics. There are hundreds of ready-made graphic templates, collages, banners that can be customized. All layouts are divided into categories and sizes ("Summer", "Business", "Beauty", "Minimalism" and others).

Edit photos, combine different text styles and add animated design elements for unique content.

Basic Canva is available for free on two platforms: iOS and Android. To be able to create animated posts, you need a premium subscription for $12.95 per month. You can also make in-app purchases, for example, purchase additional sets of templates in different categories (Marketing, Travel, Business and others).

It's also a good thing that Canva has a PC version, in case you need it. We mentioned that platform in another article on what tools can help you create beautiful images for social media.
5. Instories
Download: iOS, Android
Instories app is just a godsend for creating beautiful stories.

With it, you can add dynamics to them, because all templates are animated. There are nine collections for templates in the app. One of them - Minimal - is free and contains 14 different variations, the rest are available by subscription. Each template can be customized to suit your taste, from background colours to animation effects. You can upload both photos and videos to templates.
6. Adobe Spark Post
Download: iOS, Android
The application can be used not only for Stories, but also for creating animated advertising posts, intros on a YouTube channel, memes, graphics, etc. Supports all formats of social networks.

You can change the colour scheme of any template. There is a built-in gallery of high-quality stock images. The app supports text effects and animation styles. There is a function of saving the publication to the cloud.
7. Hype Text
Download: Android
Hype Text Hype Text
This useful application can create animated titles for your stories. Works with both photos and videos.

Users can adjust the speed of the animation of the text. You can edit existing templates - change colours and sizes.

There are over 200 text animated layouts available. Creating attractive text content has never been easier!
8. Over
Download: iOS, Android
Over was not designed specifically for creating Instagram stories, but you can create unique layouts of your own using fonts and stickers, add logos.

Users have access to various graphic elements, frames for photos and videos, more than 30 types of fonts.

The application is available by subscription per month or year. There is a seven-day trial period. Over is available for iOS and Android users.
9. AppForType
Download: iOS, Android
AppForType AppForType AppForType
Many people know this application for its cool adding captions to photos. But in fact, it still has convenient functionality for creating collages, posters and layouts.

It offers more than 50 different fonts. Many text stickers are free, and you can create your own labels for an additional fee.
10. 8mm
Download: iOS
Who doesn't like a bit of retro? Old videos with scratches, cracks and discolouration can be mesmerizing, can't they?

With the 8mm app, you can capture today's events, and it will make them look like the events of the last century.

Unfortunately, only on the iPhone.
11. Magisto
Download: iOS, Android
Magisto Magisto Magisto
The work of this application has already been appreciated by 90 million users around the world.

It's free and works for both iOS and Android. Magisto is built to create stories from photos that are in no way inferior to regular videos. The application interface is intuitive and videos are created and edited in three simple steps.
12. StoryChic
Download: iOS, Android
StoryChic StoryChic StoryChic
Another popular app for creating stories with high ratings and positive reviews.

It is often used by influencers and brand marketers to create unusual content.

It features animated templates for photos and videos. Video templates let you turn videos into professional video clips.

There is a library of more than 500 templates, 50 themes and 40 fonts to choose from. The editing features have the ability to blur photos or download a finished story in high quality.

Cool thing is that premium templates are available in a free trial, so you can try everything before buying.
13. Splice
Download: iOS
The GoPro creators know that vertical videos are the trend. Therefore, they developed a dedicated vertical video editing application.

The app makes it easy to crop, change speed, add effects, titles, animations, and more.

It's a simple and easy tool to create Instagram Stories for those who want to create dynamic and stylish content.

Splice app offers a week of free trial and different versions on subscription.
14. Glitche
Download: iOS, Android
Glitche Glitche Glitche
Glitche adds broken pixels or TV noise to your photos and videos. To do this, just upload your file and move your fingers across the screen, manually choosing the effect that you like. And the names of the filters speak for themselves: Glitch, Scan, LCD, Datamosh, VHS, Gradient.

Glitche can save high-resolution images with a paid subscription. Therefore, content from there can not only be posted in stories but also used in printing.
15. Highlight Cover Maker
Download: iOS, Android
Highlight Cover Maker Highlight Cover Maker
With Highlight Cover Maker, you can design cool covers for your Highlights section.

There are many icons, backgrounds, fonts that you can edit, change colours and position as you want.

There are also many different templates in the application, which are divided into categories: Metal, Text, Wreaths, Marble, Watercolor and others.
16. Mojo
Download: iOS, Android
With over 30,000 positive reviews on the App Store with an overall rating of 4.9 stars, Mojo is one of the most popular animation and video storytelling apps today.

This app features more than 50 animated story templates, full customization of the template, which allows you to create unique content, animated text.

There is a tool for adding music to Stories from iTunes or ready-made samples for countries where Instagram music is not yet available.

Mojo is a very popular Instagram Stories app that is a must-try for anyone looking for something special.
17. Foodie
Download: iOS, Android
This app was created especially for people who like to share photos of their food: there are more than 30 filters that make the dishes in the pictures appetizing.

The program can edit photos and create videos up to 60 seconds long. The main focus is on your plate of food.

The app will be appreciated by food bloggers, chefs and cooks and people who build restaurant brands or food vendors.
18. Legend
Download: Android
Legend AppLegend App
With the help of Legend, you can turn text into beautiful animation in a couple of clicks.

A total of 20 options are available. Add emojis to your lettering, choose your background, or download images from Flickr.

Notice that images are only saved in a square as 6 second videos or GIFs. But you can put the finished video in a frame from the first list of Stories design applications and post in the desired 9: 16 format.

Some of the basic functions are open for free, but most of the templates are available by subscription. Now only Android users can download Legend, the application has been removed from the App Store.
19. Storybeat
Download: iOS, Android
Storybeat is designed to easily bring stories to life with music and zoom effects for photos or videos. The application allows you to add built-in sound effects, load your favourite tracks, record your voice and make a slideshow with moving images.

The program can be downloaded for free in the App Store and Google Play.
20. StoriesEdit
Download: iOS, Android
This application is full of minimalist solutions for Storytellers. It's very rich in terms of functionality: backgrounds, a palette for fonts, tabulation of text, etc. are available here.

There is a built-in function for changing the colour of templates. Also, the basic functions of working with text are available (alignment, size, bold/italic highlighting).

It can upload the finished publication directly to Instagram. Same functionality on Android and iOS.
21. Nichi
Download: iOS, Android
This application creates multi-layered stories. Contains collections of stickers, filters, backgrounds, fonts. The application is easy to use and has wide functionality.

Many features are available in the free version. It is possible to create your templates from built-in elements.

It has built-in backgrounds with different textures, the ability to create collages.
Overall our advice is - don't look for a one-size-fits-all solution that will solve all your problems. It is better to have 3-5 different specialized applications in stock and create Stories in them step by step. For example, in one - to overlay presets on pictures, in another - to create a photo collage, in the third - to overlay text. In most cases, this will be several times cheaper (or even free) than paying for a multifunctional application.

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What is Instagram Stories?
It's a feature within the Instagram app where users can capture and post related images and video content in a slideshow format in a portrait format. Stories content is available for only 24 hours from the time of posting.
How to create an Instagram Story?
  • Open the Instagram app and go to your news feed. Then click on the camera icon in the upper left corner.
  • To create a story click on the camera icon.
  • The mode for creating and editing stories will open. A new story can be taken right now (using the camera) or made from an existing photo or video.
  • In Stories, you can use a photo or video or post content that you have made earlier.
  • After you've made a story, choose whether you want to send it to the feed, save it to your phone, or forward it to some of your friends.
  • You can add additional elements to your story: pictures, stickers, widgets, gifs or captions.
  • You can use a variety of Stories editing apps and templates to create a beautiful content.
What are Stories Highlights?
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