Reposting stories and posts on Instagram

June 6, 2020
You can repost someone else's Instagram post in your stories if it is public and reposts are allowed by the owner.

To do this, open the desired post and click on the "paper airplane" symbol. In the window that opens, select "Add publication to your story" (on Android, a button with a plus sign). Then you can add it to a new story with text, stickers, gifs, and then publish the story.
how to repost a story on instagram
Under the photo or video you choose to repost, by default, a clickable link of the form @account name will appear, linking to the profile from which the repost came from. Then you can publish it into your story.

Reposting stories onto your main feed

Reposts on Instagram can be done not only from a post into Stories, but also vice versa. Photos and videos from your story can be shared as a post in your feed. To do this, open stories and tap the three dots in the lower right corner of the post. In the menu that opens, select "Share in publication." If you want to, you can edit the post, add text, hashtags, geolocation, and then publish.
how to repost an instagram story
If the “Share in publication” button is not in the menu, update the application. Or you can open stories and click on the view counter in the lower left corner, then find the “Share” icon and click on it.
how to share someone else's instagram story
The familiar Instagram window for editing a post will open. If desired, crop the photo (or video), add effects, filters, text, hashtags, geolocation, and then share it with your followers.

Stories of other Instagram users can only be reposted when you are tagged in them. If you were tagged in a story, a message with the link “Add to story” will come to your direct messages. By following the link, you can share the post to your story.

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