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Instagram analytics

Know your profile inside out and keep an eye on competitors with full statistics designed to help you improve your content and increase engagement.
What should I be writing about? When is the best time to post? Which hashtags are the best for getting my content noticed? Google isn't the best place to find answers in this case - your statistical insights can tell you so much more.

The Instagram app offers minimal opportunity for statistical research as it only stores data for two years on regular posts and just 14 days for stories. LiveDune, however, stores data from the very first day your account was created, allowing you to deep dive into a range of metrics, from best-performing hashtags to most-liked posts.

Let's take a closer look at what LiveDune has to offer for Instagram profile statistics.
LiveDune operates using the official Instagram API. This is completely safe for your account and means no penalties for using illicit services.
Add your account to the dashboard and once your data has fully synced, it will update every hour.

Fanbase growth over time

If you're keen to boost your fanbase growth, it's essential to evaluate when you are losing or gaining followers, and how much your content is holding their engagement. LiveDune's graphs provide vital insights into the impact your posts have on the size of your audience. For example, a sudden decline on the 'subscriber dynamics for the period' graph would be your first signal that something isn't quite right with your content. Your next step would be to troubleshoot the issue and adjust your posting.
LiveDune's Instagram analytics feature is capable of processing crucial indicators. For instance, you may notice a large influx of new followers in a short period of time. The 'subscribed/unsubscribed' chart can tell you exactly when this occurred, giving you super valuable hints as to which activities have driven your growth or decline in fans. If you've noted a recent surge in followers, it usually makes sense to adapt your content for newcomers.

Instagram post statistics

This graph reflects the likes and comments on any particular post accrued within three days after publishing. Additional charts also help to paint a picture of engagement across the entire account, offering a broader scope, including data like the total and average number of likes over a week or a month, for example.

Optimum text length

Do your followers prefer snappy content or something slightly longer-form? The 'post length' chart is the perfect tool for finding out the right amount of text you should be using for your Instagram captions. Pinpoint the optimum length for maximum engagement with your audience.

Engagement rate

With LiveDune, your engagement rate can be measured using two metrics: ER (engagement rate) or ERR (engagement rate reach). The formula is simple - the higher your engagement rate, the more active your audience. We use the wealth of data at our disposal to gauge your ER, comparing it against other accounts connected to LiveDune with roughly the same number of followers as you.

It's vital to track engagement over time to determine whether your impact is growing or falling. For instance, if your number of subscribers increases but ER remains at the same level, you should be pretty pleased with yourself, as ER tends to drop off as your fan base grows.

Post ranking

LiveDune automatically brings up your most popular Instagram posts based on the number of likes and comments over a certain time frame. It's not just your finest moments that you can re-visit, however, with LiveDune you can check out detailed statistics for every single post you make.

We can also present rankings for your posts derived from data on reach, engagement rate, savings and date indicators. You can even customise your own top list with the variety of filters and metrics available - something that Instagram doesn't offer their users.

Post assessment

At LiveDune we understand that it's all relative. Our post ranking system allows you to identify your own high-performing content as well that of your competitors. The rating is based on the pace the post accrues likes compared to others published over the last six months. The result is displayed three hours after posting, which enables you to assess the reaction of the audience almost instantly.

Content categories

Categorisation is so integral to learning about your audience and fine-tuning your content plan. LiveDune allows you to place your posts under different topic headings and then follow through by evaluating the effectiveness of each category. There are huge learnings to be had here - if a certain theme isn't such a hit with your audience, you should steer clear of similar posts in the future, tailoring to the preferences of those consuming your content. Check out our 'categorisation of posts' article for more details.

Post types

Just like with your content categories, some post formats might be more engaging for your followers than others. With the help of this handy graph, you can analyse data from your account and determine which types of post work best for you and your followers. You may even feel inspired to change up your style for the following month, taking a whole new format for a test drive.

Follower analysis

If you've ever wanted to get to know your audience better, look no further than LiveDune. In addition to the 'subscriber countries' and 'gender and age' charts, we also offer data on languages and top city locations. If your account is attracting fewer than 70% of English-speaking subscribers, you may want to think about why that is and if this makes sense for your business. Our 'top cities' graph, whilst similar to the in-app version you'll find on Instagram, is a fantastic tool for locating your fanbase.

LiveDune gives you more:

  1. You're not just able to view the 10 cities where your followers live (as with Instagram) but the top 45 cities, which is the highest possible indicator you can get for this metric.

  2. LiveDune leaves nothing to the imagination, offering exact numbers of subscribers per city in addition to percentages.

  3. If some of your subscribers live outside of your top 45 cities, or even if their location is unknown, LiveDune can still provide useful statistics on these users.

Paid posts

LiveDune considers the proportion of likes, comments and reach you receive from promoting posts through the Instagram app or Ads Manager. We'll help you distinguish between your organic likes and those from paid promotions, saving you precious time. LiveDune has everything you need in one convenient dashboard and you can download the full advertising statistics to an Excel sheet. In contrast, once you delete a promoted post from Instagram, it's impossible to retrieve those statistics.

Active users

Sometimes great content gets lost in the noise of primetime. Whilst posting during a social traffic rush hour (9am, 12:30pm, 5pm, 9pm) used to make sense with a chronological feed, now marketers need to adopt a new technique to make an impact. Keep an eye out for the window of opportunity when you can reach most of your fanbase. The pink colour below highlights the first two hours of the twelve-hour period when most of your followers are active online. This is the sweet spot for posting.

Hashtag analysis

We haven't forgotten about the all-important hashtag. LiveDune collects all the frequently used hashtags from your account, presenting them in an easily digestible cloud with varying font sizes depending on how often they have been used.

The histogram displays the top hashtags with the most interactions. Meanwhile, you can also see the top 30 hashtags by the average coverage of posts for any selected period. Before you know it, you'll have hacked hashtags, ensuring each of your posts reaches the right people.

Account reach

Our 'reach and views' graph offers statistics on your total Instagram views for the past 28 days. Monthly reach rate is just as important as engagement rate, however your reach over the month, unlike engagement rate should increase steadily.

Keep an eye on this chart and strive to improve over time, making sure to reassess your content strategy if you notice a decline. Posting less frequently and incorrect usage of hashtags are some more commonplace causes for a dropoff in coverage. Read more about Instagram hashtags here.
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Story statistics

Although LiveDune can't retrieve data from your old stories, we'll begin storing data as soon as your account is linked to our platform. Not only that, but we'll upload your stories to our servers on a weekly basis, so you'll always be able to access them. Historical data from your Instagram profile can tell you a lot about the reach and coverage of your stories, the percentage of stories viewed until the end and the top stories by responses and engagements.

Instagram mentions

We collect a list of each time your account is mentioned in comments or other posts, so you always know when someone is referring to you. To make it even more convenient, you can filter the list to remove mentions in your own posts or to display unique posts only. Clicking on a post preview or its publication date will open the post on Instagram. You can also view the ratio of references in the text of the post and comments and the frequency of mentions for the selected period.

An average social media report takes a full, eight-hour working day to complete. LiveDune allows you to set up weekly and monthly reports in formats ranging from email and Excel to PDF and PowerPoint in just five minutes. Save heaps of time and energy with LiveDune and thank us later.
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