Categories and Their Benefits

March 27, 2020
Category analysis reveals the best themes for publication.
Content categories were designed to evaluate effectiveness of the themes used in your posts. The opportunity to place posts under different headings and then measure the impact of each group allows you to fine-tune your content plan. Steer clear of posts that draw little interaction and focus on those that match the preferences of your audience.

Assign categories in the second column of the list:
Analysis of the categories
Let's take the IKEA community on Instagram, for example. Simply set the content categories, and you'll end up with the chart below:

Analysis of the categories
Based on the data, we can undertake the following analysis:
    There are only 3 posts in this category but it is the most effective one.
    The "COVID-19" and "caring for the planet" categories perform the worst. It makes sense to thoroughly analyse the posts in these 2 categories.
    These straightforward analysis provides you with hints on how to adjust your content planning in order to increase engagement rate - an essential goal. When it comes to Instagram, you need to take care to include the right hashtags on your posts to achieve the best possible outcome.

    Likewise, you can also analyse your competitors' accounts to find out what is working for them. Discover the content your competitor's audience likes the most, and strive to deliver the same type of top-scoring material from your own account.

    Setting up categories

    Categories can only be assigned for accounts added to the dashboard. Once you have created a category for one account, it appears across all your accounts. Click on the little circle in the second column and select 'Add a category'. Just type in the name and hashtag and select a colour, and you will have set up your very first category.
    Analysis of the categories
    Furthermore, when publishing a post, if you indicate the hashtag corresponding to a certain category, the service will automatically select it. You can also manually assign any number of previously created categories to any post:
    Analysis of the categories
    Selected categories are checked

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