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Сompare your instagram account to others in the same category

April 30, 2020
Comparing the statistics of your account with similar accounts posting in the same business category as you helps to objectively assess your quality of promotion.

How to сompare instagram profiles ?

When promoting your Instagram account, you want to understand how well your techniques are working. Comparing this with other accounts will help you understand what works better and what is worse.

You can collect all Instagram profiles similar to yours in a long and laborious way and compare them by hand. Or you can get a better, quicker, and more detailed analysis in LiveDune.
compare instagram accounts
Different business account categories on Instagram
The category is displayed in the header of your Instagram account and is selected when a business account is connected. If the category doesn't correspond to the theme of the blog or your business, you can change it on Facebook. To do this on the Facebook page with which the Instagram profile is connected, open the settings and select "Page Information" in the menu on the left. Next, in the "Category" section, delete the old and add a new one. You can also change the category of an account in the Instagram application, but according to our experience, it is not as reliable at making a permanent change.

LiveDune itself will automatically collect Instagram profiles in the same category as yours, make a comparison according to 7 criteria and give them an overall rating. You can find the "Category Comparison" rating on the "Summary" tab.
compare instagram profiles
We collect all Instagram profiles of your category linked to LiveDune by ourselves. Next, we calculate the average values for the shared business category by looking at the following indicators:

  • Number of subscribers
  • Engagement rate
  • Engagement rate reach
  • Reach rate
  • Number of posts per week
  • Number of stories per day
  • The percentage of story viewers

Lastly, our service compares the average performance of the business category with your own and gives a rating. All data for the last 30 days is considered. This comparison will help you to understand the potential of your account and motivate you to reach new highs in your success.

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