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Content quality analysis using ratings

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April 15, 2020
Rating will help to objectively assess the quality of content within 3 hours of publication.
Post ratings allow you to identify the most high-quality content both among your posts and among competitors. You do not need to compare any quantitative ratings manually, these ratings are delivered to you clearly and concisely using LiveDune:
analysis content
The assessment is based not on the number of likes, but on the speed of their attainment relative to other posts published over the past half year.

Displayed 3 hours after publication, our rating allows you to quickly evaluate the reaction of the audience to the new content. For example, if you publish a post and after 2 days it has the largest ER among the rest, the post can be launched for a promotion. If your audience liked it, then other Instagram users will most probably like it, right? The situation is similar with ratings, but unlike ER, you will see a high rating on this post after only 3 hours and you can immediately start promoting it, and getting a large quality coverage as a result, a scattering of likes and a low promotion cost.

Additionally, on Instagram, ER is affected by paid promotion. In LiveDune, the ratings are put together only on the basis of organic likes and comments. Therefore, the analysis will be more accurate.

What are the grades

Imagine that you published 100 posts in half a year, each of them has a set calculated speed of likes. Next, we sort them by that speed: the fastest on top, and the slowest ones at the bottom. Only posts with a higher speed of attaining likes than the other 95% of posts will receive an A + rating. In this example, there will be only 5 such posts. As well as this, half of all posts with the lowest speed will receive a D rating.

More details in the table:
The detailed analysis of content will also help you in finding ideas from competitors If you notice that the competitor's new post was well-received, you can study their post and take on the idea. You could hurry up and make a similar quality post at home, and it could reach your audience better than usual.


We recommend promoting posts with A + and A ratings in your accounts in order to get maximum coverage for minimal spending.
Posts rated A +, A, and B should be analyzed to see why they worked better than others? How do they differ from posts rated D?
Analyze competitor posts rated A +, A, and B. How good are they? How to use it for your own gain? For quick analysis, you can use the standard method for analyzing top posts by likes, but the bulk of likes on some posts could be obtained by promotion or by advertising with social media leaders.
Add accounts of key competitors to the Dashboard so that their scores can be calculated quickly and easily.
To make the ratings of your posts as effective as possible, publish your content at the optimal time.

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common questions
What value present posts ratings?
They allow you to identify high-quality content among your posts and your competitors'.
How do I compare posts ratings?
You don't need to do it manually. LiveDune delivers you the assessment that is based on the speed of their attainment in comparison with other posts published over the half past year.
Why do I need to conduct posts ratings analysis?
It allows you to quickly evaluate the reaction of your followers to the new content. LiveDune displays posts ratings 3 hours after publication and you can start promoting the post and getting a large quality coverage.