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Instagram Story Ideas for Business: Best Friends List for Marketing

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September 12, 2020

Fresh idea on how to create a list of close friends on Instagram

The "Close friends" list is a feature that allows you to limit the number of users who can view your stories. You can set up this list in the settings, in the "Close friends" section. There you will see a list of recommended accounts, that is, those who you frequently interact with. You can find the other followers if you use the search bar. Just click on "Add" next to the desired account, and you will include it in the list of best friends on Instagram.
instagram stories for business
To publish stories just for this list of people, click on the "Close Friends" button below when posting, and publish. People you add to this list will see stories in a green ring around your profile photo with the label Close Friends. If you remove somebody from this list, the user won't know about it, or rather, people will think that you just don't publish more stories for your Close Friends list on Instagram.

How to use your Instagram close friends list for business goals?

1. Sales. For example, if you're selling educational content, offer a free lesson to your followers. But they need to leave a request in order for them to receive a link to a lesson/material. They can do it using the "Poll" sticker or leaving a reaction on your stories. Add everyone who left requests to a "Close Friends" list and publish stories with a link to the material. After a couple of days, publish stories, and ask your followers if the material was helpful to them. Remove from the list those who didn't like it, and continue to warm up the interest of others. You can tell what awaits them if they decide to buy the full course, how useful it'll be for them, and so on.

2. Marathon. You should add only followers who have paid for the participation to the list of Close Friends. This is very convenient if the number of participants is small, otherwise adding everyone manually to the list of "Close Friends" will take a lot of your time.

3. Closed VIP clients club. You can use it to announce promotions only for this customer segment by adding customers to this list after they purchase services for a certain amount.

4. Closed club. Club members have access to closed sales or get access to them first. You can add the most active followers to this club as a form of reward for their activity on your social media.

5. Contest with several stages. The contest can be simply a quiz or a more difficult competition. For example, the first step includes the task for your followers to post stories and tag your account. And then you can add everybody who completes the task to the "Close Friends" list and announce the next steps of the competition for them.

The number of options for using the "Close Friends" list is unlimited. Think out of the box, and look for new opportunities to promote your business or personal blog in every Instagram feature.

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How to use Instagram stories to promote your company?
If you need to announce a new product, promotions, the opening of a new store, this is a perfect feature. Also, you can create different polls and ask your followers' opinions on things.
What are the best Instagram stories ideas for business?
For example, you can throw a contest and ask your followers to repost your story and tag you, which can draw the attention of other people to your contest and account.
How to use the "Close friends" list for Instagram stories?
It helps you to limit the number of people who can see what you post. For example, if you want to announce promotions only for the VIP clients, in this case, you should create the "Close Friends" list.