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Social Media Reports in PDF in 5 Minutes

6 min read
July 28, 2020
There is nothing more boring than collecting a report on social networks. It is much more interesting and important to carefully analyze the data of a ready-made report, because it will help you find insights, make recommendations for improvement for the next month, and conquer new heights. According to our surveys, on average, it takes 8 hours to manually compile a monthly report on instagram or other social networks. This takes 5 minutes in LiveDune. Supported social networks include:

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Twitter

Report contents for social media sites

In the automatically generated reports, LiveDune presents graphs showing:

  • Followers dynamics / follower dynamics for the specified time period.
  • The dynamics of outgoing followers.
  • Engagement dynamics (ER and ERR).
  • Best and worst posts by interactions and reach.
  • Best and worst interactions by stories.
  • The average reach of stories depending on their type: image or video.
  • Followers' activity - average number of interactions on a post depending on the time of its publication.
  • Online users - the time in which the largest number of followers of the account in the last week is active.
  • The dynamics of reach and views.
  • The effectiveness of different types of posts: images, carousel, video.
  • The effectiveness of the hashtags used.
  • The effectiveness of the length of the text posts.

The data in the reports of different social networks may vary.

View an example of a PDF report of an account on Instagram
View an example of an Excel account report on Instagram
In order to export summaries monthly, the account must be monitored in LiveDune. Otherwise, the analytics data will not be collected in the service, and at the end of the month you will receive an empty result.

Report customization

Now when the account is being monitored, you can download the report. Open the account for which you want to export the document, and click on the red button “Export report to PDF”.
reports instagram
A separate page will open with the generated report, as well as a small panel that allows you to make some changes to the document before saving: change the time period, select the grouping type for some graphs, change the color of the sheet heading, and add the name of your organization/company there.
reports followers analytics for instagram
On the main page of the report, there is a large logo for the social network account, so as not to confuse reports if you have a brand name and your accounts are called the same across all platforms. The most common report period for displaying analytics is a month. Therefore, if you choose this time period, then instead of “from February 1, 2019 to February 28, 2019” on the first sheet, you will see “February 2019”.
report an instagram account
On each sheet there is an eye icon on top, and when you click on it you can hide this page for saving in PDF. At any time, you can display the page back again. This may be necessary if you do not need any particular pages from the document. At the same time, the numbering of the pages will not go wrong, as it will be counted as if there was no hidden page.
insta reports
reports followers analytics for instagram

Saving and exporting reports

To save the report, click “Save as PDF”, then print mode will open. If on the left side in the column “Printer” something other than “Save as PDF” is indicated, then click on the “Change” button. This feature works best in the Google Chrome browser.
reports instagram
Next, click the blue “Save” button, specify the save path and that’s it - the report is ready. In addition to the PDF document, you can still download it in Excel or export to Google Slides to make comments for a boss / client.

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How to collect a report on an Instagram account?
To compile a monthly report on Insta in 5 minutes, you can use LiveDune. Supported social networks also include Facebook, YouTube, Twitter.
Where can I create a report for social media?
LiveDune presents graphs showing followers dynamics, engagement dynamics, the dynamics of reach and views, the effectiveness of hashtags, analytics of content performance, and more.
How can I create customized PDF reports for social media accounts?
LiveDune allows you to download the report for a monitored account. Before saving it, you can change the time period, select the grouping type for some graphs, change the color of the sheet heading, and add the name of your organization/company there.