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The best Social Media Analytics Tools (Platform, Websites) in 2020

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September 30, 2020

Websites for analytics on social media

1. LiveDune

LiveDune is a multi-purpose social media management platform designed to consolidate analytics from across your social networks and make life that little bit easier. Not only that, but using official APIs, LiveDune is completely secure for every account.
LiveDune was launched in 2014, and now it serves thousands of clients from creators and small e-shops to big agencies and brands.
the best analytics tool for social media
Pros: Cross-network analytics tool that collects aggregated data across all your accounts in all social media in one simple dashboard. You can also do a competitors' analysis and track performance data for your competitors and partners.

User-friendly graphs, descriptive guides and intuitive controls will help you to understand every metric on interface. With the report builder feature you will find the insights you need and tailor your strategy accordingly.

LiveDune is known for the best pricing options among competitors - 10x cheaper than some other services.

Cons: Come on. We don't have any.

$5-$99 per month.

2. Agorapulse

Agorapulse is easy to use a social media analytics tool that can help your brand's team get to the core of users' needs along with identifying your best content, publications that get the most engagement and reactions. Managing your company's presence on social media takes a lot of time. It also requires putting in a serious effort. But with Agorapulse you can take a breather.

This particular tool is a real timesaver for social media marketers that helps with content analysis, so you wouldn't post stuff that doesn't perform well. You can create and save customized reports to conduct an analysis later. Or you can set the automated send of reports to your colleagues on a weekly or monthly basis.
platform for social media
Pros: It is very convenient to use this tool, seeing as you can manage all your assignments and collect social network metrics in one place.

You can also easily track conversion on your content, how it ties to CTR (click-through rate), conversion, and revenue.

Also, the tool allows scheduling posting to social media by storing unlimited posts tied to particular themes in queue categories.

Cons: When it comes to social listening, Agorapulse lets you extract the most relevant conversations on social networks, like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, but if you're planning on tracking social media, like LinkedIn and Pinterest, you'll have to look for another tool.

$79-$399 per month.

3. BrandMentions

BrandMentions is one of the best tools to manage your brand's reputation, build relationships with customers, and gather the essential analytics on the brand's performance across the web.

The tool provides you with all possibly needed features to help you get ahead of the game and be the best. It allows you to make an analysis of your competitors' strategy performance, gain insights on any brand, manage your company's reputation, and maintain a positive public image.

The website helps you to stay aware of your brand's mentions on social networks and collect all the needed analytical data that can come in handy when modifying your company's strategy.
analytical websites
Besides, you receive notifications every time your website gets a backlink, or somebody mentions it across social networks.

Pros: The tool is very convenient for small businesses, and it is easy to use.

Cons: If you don't choose a compilation of keywords for the mentions, you might get results that include lots of spam.

Price: $49-$299 per month for each user.

4. Meltwater

Meltwater is one of the best social media tools you need if you want to stay on top of your digital strategy, while also monitoring all the opinions people express about your brand and the industry online.

This analytics on social media can also help you to discover and connect with the right influencers for your brand.

With Meltwater, you are able to manage influencer relationships and measure the ROI of your campaigns.

Also, Meltwater, the same way as other analytical tools, provides relevant email notifications along with the opportunity to create reports.
tools best brands
Pros: The website offers more than 1 million influencer accounts you can sort through and choose those that fit your company the most.

Cons: Meltwater can't offer an unlimited number of users, and you'll have to pay if you want to add more users.

Price: Contact Meltwater for pricing.

5. Tapinfluence

Nowadays, influencer marketing serves as one of the best ways to reach a larger audience. Good content is not just a nice picture, but the thing that draws customers' attention and inspires action, which is visiting the website or making a purchase.

But to find the right influencers can be quite a challenge. That's why Tapinfluence helps you discover the influencers that are able to positively impact your business. You can explore influencers' content, analytics, and audience data to ensure that they are a match to your campaign.

Besides, Tapinfluence helps significantly in measuring reaches, views, conversions, and ROI.
best tools brand
Pros: Tapinfluence lets you create, schedule, and manage campaigns, track the influencer's impact as well as examine engagement analytics on your campaigns.

Cons: The process is not fully automated.

Price: Contact Tapinfluence for pricing.

6. Rival IQ

The Rival IQ social media analytics tool helps you with tracking your online performance. The reason why you should choose Rival IQ, among others, is that it strengthens your marketing strategy by offering a competitive and publications' analysis.

Rival IQ sends you notifications when your brand's competitors publish content that has a good performance.

Also, this analytical tool is useful in discovering content that gets the most engagement from your audience and finding fresh ideas for content strategy.
analytics for social media
Pros: The website allows you to carry out effective competitor analysis easily because of notifications and in-depth analytics on every channel.

Cons: Rival IQ on a tiered-like structure, and if you're planning on getting additional data, it can get expensive.

Price: $199-$499 per month.

7. Social Studio

Social Studio is an analytical tool from the Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

It helps significantly with social listening, content posting, and audience engagement. And the best thing is that you can manage all these processes in one place.

Also, you can create theme categories based on what users are saying online, and then conduct an analysis of their comments.

Social Studio's website integrates with your CRM, and you get a detailed view of each user, which helps you to personalize the responses.
social media analytics
Pros: If you're already familiar with and using Salesforce, Social Studio's website will just be a huge benefit, seeing as it integrates with your CRM and helps you to personalize your responses.

Cons: For small businesses that are more budget-oriented, Social Studio's website may seem less useful.

Price: Starts from $1,000 per month.

8. Brand24

Brand24 helps you to discover what people say about your brand on social media in real-time with customized alerts. You can convert all the collected data into PDF reports, .xls files, and infographics to use outside the Brand24.

You can filter all the results and narrow them down to focus on what's relevant for your brand. It is possible to filter by mention source, comment, number of visits, etc.
analytics in social media
Pros: Brand24 analytical tool has an appealing and user-friendly interface. It is very convenient to use.

Cons: When you exceed data quotas, the prices tend to go up.

Price: $49-$399 per month.

9. Mention

Mention is a quite popular website that lots of brands use to track specific mentions about them on social media. This option is very helpful when it comes to understanding how people perceive your brand.

The tool monitors social media to collect mentions of your competitors and their products, as well as your company and products, important hashtags, and more.

With Mention, it is easier to build and improve an online presence strategy because the data is based on audience insights around the key topics.

This analytical tool provides the feature that enables the opportunity to see the different languages through which people mention you or your competitors. It includes relevant timeframes and locations. Also, you get to distinguish content that performs the best.
analytics on social media
Pros: Mention gives you the best data to conduct analysis because it engages with both customers and employees.

Cons: Mention only showcases data after setting it up, so if you want to check the previous activity, you won't be able to do it.

Price: Free-$450+ per month.

10. Reputology

Reputology is the analytical platform that helps with monitoring and conducting an analysis of the reviews people leave about your brand on social media.

One bad review from an annoyed customer can impact the way other customers perceive you. That's why Reputology helps you with tracking negative commentary and presenting analytics before they cause harm to your business.

This analytics platform is the best choice for companies that have multiple reviews across multiple platforms because Reputology lets you manage all your data in one place.
analysis of social media
Pros: You don't have to waste your precious time because of visiting every review-source because you can respond to the reviews right from the platform's dashboard.

Cons: At the time being, you don't have an opportunity to leave responses to Yelp reviews within this software.

Price: $180-$2500 per month.

11. NetBase

If you wonder what people think about your brand, you might want to consider trying the marketing analytical platform NetBase.

NetBase provides social media analytics for brands. The platform lets you understand the public perception of your business, track online conversations, and conduct an analysis with your competitors' results. NetBase collects analytical data and analyses commentary about your brand across websites, forums, blogs.

It helps you with getting to know your and your competitors' audience better and discover campaigns that perform the best.
tools to manage social media
Pros: NetBase allows you to know which sources bring you positive or negative sentiments, which gives you an opportunity to manage it and come up with the best idea to attract more customers.

To figure out how all the available dashboard templates work may take some time.

Price: Contact NetBase for a demo.

12. Socialbakers

Socialbakers allow you to measure your network performance, compare your analytics to your competitors' and report all your online activities.

Also, you can use this platform to post publications, manage your online communities, generate analytics, and more to create well-performing content.

Socialbakers' website uses artificial intelligence to discover your perfect target audience, the content they are more likely to engage with, and the influencers they fancy. All this makes digital marketing and running all the processes much more effective for your business.
tools for managing social media
Pros: The website presents you with an analysis of your popular content, the most suitable posting time. Socialbakers also provide analytics of the influencers' performance, as well as the benefit of discovering new content.

Cons: Lower-tier tariffs offer just a few months of history.

Price: Starts at $200 per month.

13. Sprout Social

Sprout Social allows you to create network calendars, schedule your posts, listen to what people are talking about your business online, and gather the relevant analytics all in one place.

Sprout Social is an analytical instrument that helps you to understand and reach your audience, engage your community, and conduct an analysis of your website's performance.
platform for social media
Pros: Sprout Social is very convenient to use because you get to collect rich data to conduct a proper online performance analysis, which drives strategic decision making.

Cons: If you want to gather more analytical data, you'll have to pay more money.

Price: $99-$249 per month.

Specific platforms for social media

14. Iconosquare (Facebook and Instagram)

Iconosquare helps you with measuring reaches and impressions of your Facebook and Instagram publications and Stories. This way, the platform provides you with detailed analytics, which helps you to come up with the best decisions on boosting your social media performance.

The platform allows you to see when your customers are online, so you could decide on the best posting time to get the most engagement. With Iconosquare, it's easy to manage and respond to the comments, and then you can mark them as "read" to not get confused.
analytical websites
Pros: User-friendly interface. It doesn't take much time to figure out how things work.

Cons: The tool doesn't separate organic publications analytics from paid publications.

Price: $29/mo - custom pricing.

15. TweetReach (Twitter)

You can use the TweetReach tool for collecting Twitter analytics.

The platform showcases the number of reaches and impressions, and any form of engagement your tweets get from the audience. This way, analytical data helps you to understand who your top influencers are. You also get to manage Twitter analytics in real-time, which benefits your marketing strategy because the process of conducting data analysis and decision making gets faster.
tools best brands
Pros: You are able to build analytical reports quickly based on keywords or relevant hashtags and export them as PDF or XLS files.

Cons: There's no option available to compare two different Twitter campaigns against each other.

Price: $49-$199 per month.

16. Tailwind (Pinterest and Instagram)

Tailwind platform for social media lets you manage and conduct an analysis of your Instagram and Pinterest metrics to get the best results.

This platform is probably one of the best, seeing as you are able to discover content that performs the best, manage media conversations, boost reaches and conduct an analysis of your brand's media performance on Pinterest and Instagram all with one tool.
best tools brand
Pros: The tool's analytics impress. Analytical data showcases how many follows, likes, re-pins your media page got.

Cons: The website's dashboard may seem confusing because of lots of capabilities.

Price: $9.99 per month -custom pricing.

17. Falcon.io platform

This tool allows you to create organic and paid posts for all your brand's social media on one platform.

The Falcon tool will help you understand what content performs the best, and what publications get you the most reach.
analytics for social media
Pros: With this platform, it is not that difficult to manage multiple social media simultaneously. All the analytics you can merge with your CRM for a 360-degree customer review.

Cons: Every time you set up ad campaigns, you'll have to create an audience from scratch.

Price: Request a demo with Falcon.

18. Snaplytics (Snapchat and Instagram)

The best way to measure your brand's performance on social media is to use this platform.

This platform lets you see how much engagement your publications get on these social media. The tool also provides analytics to help you focus on the content that shows the best performance on Snapchat and Instagram.
social media analytics
Pros: The tool lets you schedule your posts. It provides analytics to help you focus on the most relevant things and manage your social media in the best way.

Cons: There's no free trial available.

Price: Contact Snaplytics for pricing.

19. Audience Connect (Twitter)

It's a great platform that helps you get a detailed audience review, discover the right influencers for your business, and make smart social media marketing decisions.
analytics in social media
Pros: Audience Connect platform collects essential analytics to help you understand what your audience is up to on Twitter. The advanced analytical reporting is very convenient for creating hashtags.

Cons: Limited number of features is available for lower-tier users. To access more, you'll have to pay more money.

Price: Free-$686 per month.

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Answers on the most
common questions
How can I collect analytics from my social media channels?
For that, you can use social media platforms, like LiveDune, Reputology, NetBase, Rival IQ.
How do I know if people mention my brand online?
BrandMentions tool can help you with that. You'll receive notifications every time somebody mentions your website on the web.
Can I collect rich data on my brand's online performance through multiple channels in one place?
Yes, you can. Tools like Falcon.io will help you with this task. It allows you to manage your activity on multiple online channels simultaneously in one place.