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Social Media Engagement Tool

LiveDune can analyze and compare performance of posts in your or your competitors' profiles against 50+ metrics

Social Media 
Engagement Tool
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All social media statistics in one place

We bring the statistics from all social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, VK, OK) to one place, presenting all data in one format. With LiveDune, you'll access not only basic metrics (that social media provide by default) but also a variety of advanced indicators. For example, analyze a post based on how quickly it receives likes, assess content performance by category, etc.

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Analyze your content strategy and keep track of your competitors' performance.


Customize the tool your way from the very first day with LiveDune. You can choose whether to include sponsored likes in ER or which metrics to use when analyzing social media content.

Real-time data

Enjoy unbiased analysis of any indicator. Set and manage KPIs for each account.

Save time on reporting

In LiveDune, you can export reports in any of the following formats: PDF, Excel, Google Slides, or email message. Edit reports, hide sheets, add comments, and design reports for a specific brand.

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Make informed & data-driven strategic decisions. Find and test hypotheses.

Comparing with competitors

Quickly compare several accounts against 7 metrics: number of followers and growth over a period, number of posts, number of likes/shares/comments, reach, and engagement (ER).

Quick account statistics comparison for various periods

Compare your account's performance in each month of the year. You will see 12 lines that will help you evaluate the changes in absolute or relative values. Or you can compare your account to a group of competitors.

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Influencer analysis

A quick check for fake Instagram followers and likes before ordering promotion will protect you from buying ads from unfair bloggers and wasting your precious budget.

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Intuitive interface

Helpful hints will guide you through all the social media analytics features. Every chart has a description that explains what data is shows and what insights it will help you find.


Gives you a wider time frame than the platform can allow: up to 5 years. Compare statistics of one account for different periods. After you connect your account, we will store the stories and statistics on our side. Your information won't go anywhere or disappear.


Invite colleagues and grant access rights so you can improve your accounts together.

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Analyze your content strategy and keep track of your competitors' performance.

NewInstagram DM

Instagram DM

Operators, tags, notes, conversation statuses, statistics, and other functions will help you optimize your DM.


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I start every day with LiveDune. This is pretty telling. No other social media analytics tool could provide me with as many as insights as LiveDune, from understanding how a post performed to deep user behavior analysis. Thank you for your project.

Kristina Aidumova

Kristina Aidumova

Head of SMM @ Dodo Pizza

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