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Instagram account analysis

Instagram account analytics tool — LiveDune offers detailed profile statistics.

Instagram account analysis
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Connect up to 300 accounts and analyze your performance against 50+ metrics.

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  • Analyzing Instagram followers over any period

    Insightful charts will show you how quickly followers come to a profile. Learn how many people followed the account a week or a month ago. The "Follow/Unfollow" chart displays how the audience has refreshed over a specific period. If there is a huge number of new followers, it makes sense to make content relevant to newcomers.

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    Instagram follower analysis tool
  • Instagram post statistics in your or your competitors' accounts

    LiveDune's Instagram account analytics tool will help you compile a rating of best and worst performing posts using filters, sorting, or combinations of indicators. Analyze content by rating and category, post type, number of likes, comments, saves, views, reach, engagement (RR, ER, ERR), etc. This will help you find out what to publish and answer the question "How to promote an Instagram profile."

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    Instagram sponsored post check and performance analysis
  • Analyzing Instagram audience activity

    LiveDune offers two metrics for analyzing audience activity on Instagram: ER and ERR. The higher the level of interaction, the more active your audience is. We will not just analyze audience activity for you, but will also compare it with other accounts from your category with a similar number of followers.

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    Instagram audience activity analytics
  • Analyzing Instagram profile audience

    Enjoy detailed Instagram account statistics and analyze the change over a specific period. For instance, you can check from which cities most people followed you last month. The data is presented in charts or can be exported to Excel.

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    Instagram audience analytics and in-depth statistics on a desktop
  • Online users

    It no longer makes sense to remember common activity peaks (e. g., 9 AM, 12:30 PM, 5 PM, 9 PM). It makes sense to air a post when most of your followers are active. We will show in a table when your followers are online, and recommend the best hours for publishing your posts.

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    Instagram activity statistics tool, analysis in Russian
  • Analyzing Instagram hashtags

    Check out the top hashtags that saw the greatest response (likes, comments, saves). Or you can find out which hashtags your competitors use most often (without collecting this data manually). Hashtags are monitored both in post bodies and comments.

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    Real-time Instagram account analytics

Need to export data?

On average, it takes 8 hours to compile a report. In LiveDune, you can set up weekly and monthly reports in various formats (PDF, email, Excel, Google Slides) in 5 minutes. Spend that saved time on testing hypotheses and finding new ideas instead.

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Analyze your content strategy and keep track of your competitors' performance.

Account statistics

Account statistics

Hourly assessment of your and your competitors' accounts for in-depth analysis and finding new growth points.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why can't I see the statistics of my Instagram post?

    Post statistics, as well as other statistics, are only available with professional accounts: Corporate or Author.

  • What do reached accounts mean in statistics?

    Reach is a number of users who saw certain content on your profile. It can be a post, a story, your blog, or an ad. This parameter only counts unique users: repeated activity of the same user will be ignored. For example, if one user saw your post three times, it will be counted as 1 reached account and 3 views. The number of views is always higher than reach.

  • How do I view the statistics of another user's Instagram profile?

    After signing up, add another user's account to your Dashboard and review their statistics. You can analyze other users' statistics on posts, audience activity, and follower growth rate. Instagram profile analysis is only available with the Corporate or Author plan.

  • How do I view the statistics of an Instagram profile?

    To view real-time Instagram profile statistics, sign up for LiveDune and add an account to your Dashboard. Get 7 days free. Reviewing statistics is only available with professional accounts: Corporate or Author.

  • What does audience activity on Instagram mean in statistics?

    The engagement rate is the number of active users divided by the total number of followers.

  • How do I view story statistics?

    Sign up and add an Instagram account to your Dashboard. Go to the "Stories" tab.
    You can only use this feature for accounts you manage.

  • How do I view hashtag statistics?

    Sign up and add an Instagram account to your Dashboard. Go to the "Posts" tab. At the end, you will find three charts that will help you analyze hashtag performance. Hashtag statistics are only available for new posts.

Benefits of cooperating with us

Benefits of cooperating with us
  • Security

    Your accounts are secure. We collaborate with social networks officially never request any passwords.

  • Transparent charts

    There is a description for every chart and every number—you will easily understand what the metrics mean.

  • Teamwork

    Invite your colleagues, set up access for them, and improve your social media accounts together.

  • Integrations

    Our API will pass along the statistics on all your LiveDune profiles to your internal systems.



Camila Almedia

When I discovered LiveDune I was surprised by the service, support and, above all, the platform. Finally, a tool developed to optimize Social Media Management activities with excellent usability and completeness.

Camila Almedia

Camila Almedia

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