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Schedule Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, VK, and OK posts for a month ahead. We will post your content, collect comments, and harvest the statistics.


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Publisher features

With Publisher, you can create and post on Instagram, VK, Telegram, OK, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Use a single calendar to keep your entire content plan for all accounts, track your metrics and save your time with LiveDune.

  • Post on several social mediaPost on several social media

    Post on several social media

    Schedule your posts for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, VK, and OK. LiveDune officially cooperates with all social media via API. It's completely safe: you won't get banned or be asked to enter your username or password.

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  • Post calendarPost calendar

    Post calendar

    See your scheduled posts in the calendar (broken down by week or month). The calendar features a grid imitating Instagram layout.

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  • DraftDraft


    Save drafts to further refine them and post.

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5 steps to schedule a post

Create the post
Move the slider and look at the finished post
Move the slider and look at the finished post

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Export analytics

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Publisher is a convenient tool for you to manage content and automatically post on Telegram channels as well as other social media and online platforms. This function is available both on the platforms where you post your content and also offered by such dedicated online services as LiveDune. With predefined settings, your followers on Telegram or other social media and platforms will get your posts without you being involved.

Publisher advantages

Publisher simplifies your content management, automates routine operations, and also features the following functions:

  • — It reduces the time and effort needed from the account owner. It helps when you need to publish posts in several groups or on different social media. You do not need to manually post on each specific platform. Just prepare it, configure the service, and the program will post at the exact time on its own.
  • — Planned posting ensures regular content within a timeline users got used to. This approach keeps the audience interested in new, regular, and timed posts.
  • — This is a helpful SMM tool to deliver promotions and special offers and move your brand forward. All messages will be posted automatically. The service is also good for crossposting.

Getting started

To start working with Publisher, please add your accounts to the Dashboard. For Telegram, you will need a separate setting; this option is available right in the Publisher section. The system supports the following popular social media and platforms:

• Instagram

• VK

• Telegram

• OK

As for Instagram and VK, you can configure both posts and stories.

LiveDune scope


  • — You can work with several posts in a single window. Use a single calendar to save the posting data.
  • — Adjust your posts to each social media.
  • — On all the platforms available for Publisher, you can not only automatically post but also conduct analytics and assess their performance.
  • — Publisher is available on any plan, while its options are always unlimited.
  • — 7-day free trial.

LiveDune Publisher makes account management convenient and easy, freeing up your time and resources. Automatic posting adds to the effect of your content. Posting can now always take place during high user traffic, when more people will view your post. With LiveDune at hand, you additionally get access to a whole range of the best analytical tools featuring rich functionality.

7- day trial

Schedule posts, interact with your audience, respond to comments and messages—all in one place. One tool for the whole team.

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Our products

Analyze your content strategy and keep track of your competitors

Account statistics
Account statistics

Assess your and your competitors' accounts every hour for in-depth analysis and new growth areas.

NewInstagram DM
Instagram DM

Optimize your DM with operators, tags, notes, chat statuses, statistics, and other functions.


Manage comments, messages, and mentions in a single window, in line with analyzing managers’ tone of voice and response time.

NewExpress Instagram audit
Express Instagram audit

Regular express Instagram audit with transparent takeaways and promotion tips.


Export reports to PDF, Excel, and Google Slides, get weekly and monthly reports via email.


Set KPIs for every account and monitor them in real time. No more daunting Excel calculations.


Schedule posts on all your profiles for a month ahead, in one place. Takes just 5 minutes. We will post your content, collect comments, and harvest the statistics.

Blogger checker
Blogger checker

Spend your budget wisely. We will help you pick influencers with an active audience and no fake likes.


What is LiveDune?

A service for professional social media management, complete with all necessary tools. Since its start in 2014, LiveDune has been continuously evolving and embracing new helpful functions, from generating reports to KPI. According to SimilarWeb, LiveDune is the most popular service in the CIS that provides social media statistics, engagement with comments, and Publisher.

10years in the market
900,000+monthly visitors
10,000+active users
600,000+social media accounts connected to LiveDune


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